Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum

Posted April 16, 2021, 8:48 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum

Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum


Kaia scampered over to Faye and wrapped her arms around Faye, giving her a hug. “Are you okay?” She asked, pulling away to look the other woman in the eyes. Despite being in her relative thirties, Kaia (and other Raka as well, although Faye might not know that) retained an almost childlike expressiveness.

Oof! All these people and their hugs! But as she had joked with Alex it was like a weird form of immersion therapy and it was starting to feel less invasive. “Okay? Well, depends on your definition I think,” Calloway said solemnly.

“I heard some weird stuff on the intercoms a few days ago. You were in the brig, then you were being commended for saving the ship??” She was confused, and Faye could probably tell she was absolutely brimming with questions.

Kaia, Eng

Inhaling deeply, Faye nodded. “It’s a long story, a lot of I can’t really share, but there was a threat to all of us and I came up with the idea of sort of using myself as bait. And it worked.” She spread her hands out to her sides and shrugged. Kaia didn’t know her very well and she wasn’t sure what the diminutive engineer knew about her. She gestured to her plot. “I’m just planting out some creeping flowers to form and edging. I can do that while you ask questions and I can answer what I’m able. And f you want to help plant, you’re more than welcome to.”

~Faye Calloway

“I can help with the planting, of course!” Kaia crouched down next to Faye, glancing over the plants. “Well, if it worked, I guess that’s all that’s really important, right?” she asked, giving Faye a small smile as she reached over and dug a small hole in the soil with a fingernail. “I feel like I’ve not made the effort to really be a friend to you and when all that stuff was happening, I got worried I’d missed the opportunity entirely..”

Kaia, Eng.

Calloway was quiet as she laid out the plugs for Kaia to plant, spacing them it appropriate intervals. “You haven’t been a bad friend. In fact, I always assumed it me who was the terrible friend, but as I’ve been sacked in the face with a lot lately nothing everything is cut and dry, one way or another. Sometimes it just… is. So you won’t get any blame or judgement form me. What matters is that you’re here now.”

Sitting back on her heels for a moment, Faye considered the Raka. “I’ve never been good at trusting people, Kaia. If they tried to get close, I would do just about anything I could to sabotage the situation, make it so that they proved my point. There are a lot of reasons for it all, but I think I’ve just gotten to a point where it’s too exhausting. It clearly wasn’t working out in my best interests and it wasn’t doing anyone else any good either, so I’ve decided I’m trying things differently. But expect it to be a bit… messy at times.”

~Faye Calloway

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