Counselor's Quarters - Picnic and Stars

Posted April 16, 2021, 2:53 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in Counselor’s Quarters - Picnic and Stars

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Counselor’s Quarters - Picnic and Stars
It had been a long couple of weeks. Between work and unexpected situations and the random alert here and there, Alex realized that he hadn’t actually been able to spend time with Zef in a while. Not that hadn’t seen each other, but it was either in passing or when one arrived at night and they were both just exhausted and simply fell asleep with little really meaningful interaction.

So, in order to make up for time lost, he had come up with an idea. First, he checked their respective calendars. They were both free that night and she was, according to the computer, in her quarters. Alex went to his, changed into a nice pair of faded gray jeans and a dark blue shirt with a v-neck, combed his hair, put on a touch of cologne, and picked up the picnic basket he replicated that afternoon. Chef Harv had provided some food and Alex the wine… and off he went.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes before he stood at Zef’s door, basket in hand, and pressed the chime.


She’d been home long enough to get a shower, wash her hair and change into a sky blue Komak with silver beads sewn onto it. A matching belt cinched in her waist, but her feet were bare.

Headed toward her desk to see if maybe she and Alex were both free, the chime sounded and caused her to change directions. “Please don’t be an emergency…” Zef whispered as she sidled up to the door.

When it slid open, Alex was standing there and she couldn’t stop herself from melting into him and planting a lengthy kiss on his lips. “You’re just the person I was hoping to see tonight!” Voice a little breathy from an immediate rush of desire, Zef took a step backward and pulled him inside with her.


Alex smiled as she kissed him and kissed her back, wrapping an arm around her as they half-stepped, half-stumbled into her quarters. “Same here. It seems like it’s been ages. But tonight! Tonight is you and I… some finger foods… some wine… and a special treat.” and he patted the basket. “And if you ask very nicely, maybe I will stay the night.” and he winked at her and then smiled. “Or maybe if I beg just right you will let me…” and he pulled her to him and kissed her long and deep.


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