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Maree replied. =^= It seems that the last time this came about there was no one to make the choice and a mess was created. I can’t begin to explain how. But I know that any people must choose wisely in every day to advance and grow - not just in one .. do or die decision. One doesn’t just become more mature and right and noble at the snap of one’s fingers. If we do this ‘thing’ we’ll be the same - only what? With more power to make choices with potentially more devastating consequences? =^=

Tov chimed in. =^= Or better, more constructive choices. Why not take that responsibility? =^=
- Wookiee

The Captain’s voice came through, obviously speaking to the Graviens. =/\= Then it comes down to trust. Do you trust yourselves to make the next step? Do you trust in your people to do what they feel is right with new knowledge and new perspective? Or do you trust in your traditions and your practice more? Either way has it’s own inherent truths, and I am not here to tell you that you should choose one way or another. But traditions and history are not always the best judge of the future. It comes down to people.. individuals. “Do you, the caretakers, trust them -, the next generation, to know what is best for them and where they will take your species… and the others who are involved in this? Remember, this isn’t a choice about now. It is about your future. And either way you choose, the future remains unknown. But choose you must. And soon. =/\= As if to accentuate his words, a groaning of the ship could be heard.

Cochrane, CO

Pretha had been listening and shook her head. “I think that remaining as you are and learning what and who you are may be better than making that sudden change. It seems to me that the awareness that you have to make a choice is also an awareness that there is a decision to be made. And can you honestly move forward without truly understanding where you currently stand? Whether it’s the land or the water or something else, you are divided. And I think learning to live that way first is a wiser choice than leaping blindly into the next situation only to be twice as lost in the next 12000 years.” The desire to remain was strong but the voices in her mind had silenced. She could still sense a presence there and started to move around the ship they were under as if the answer would pop out in the form of an actual sign. She knew it wouldn’t, but it would have been a nice thing to happen. How does one argue a point for a species one didn’t understand?


Tov replied, “What is the difference between trying this step and trying the slow step? Who wouldn’t want a leg up on your potential?”

Maree added, “By your own knowledge of the past and by what we are learning here we’ve abandoned the old traditions or devotion or whatever you want to call it and it has been disastrous. Twenty four centuries of forgotten lore that utterly defines our people and directs our future? How can we rush ahead when we don’t even have our foundations right?”

Tov interjected, “Aunt, we can find that just as easily no matter what our state.” He frowned. “I would hope.”
- Tov/Maree

Kiama listened silently, but attentively. Ready to say or do something at a moment’s notice should she be needed as a mediator. But so far things seemed to go well and everyone was amicable. The only problem was: They were running out of time. And while she wanted to gently push the two Gravians on the Manhattan to make a decision one way or another, she was worried that trying to that would have the opposite effect. So for now she continued to keep her silence while not only listening, but also keeping a close tabs on the emotions of everyone present.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

“You don’t know. You will never truly know until you take the chance. It’s a risk, but existing at all comes with its own risks,” Faye said, She could feel the determination to make her point flooding through her. “You can’t expect to ever be fully ready or prepared for a change like this. If you tried you’d be waiting forever.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Cochrane’s voice could be heard on the Bridge and by the Away Team through the comms. =/\= Now is the time. We don’t know how long after the decision is made the effects will take to release the ship, or even if it will… but we have to try. Please… for the sakes of all of our people… Do you want to speak to Dia? Get her perspective? I think she can hear you. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Less than a minute later the Captain’s voice came through again. =/\= Away Team, this is the Captain. The Gravien delegation has chosen yes to move forward. Make the choice immediately. I repeat. The answer for the Gravien people is ‘Yes’. Confirm, Away Team. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=/\= Understood, Sir =/\= Naim replied promptly. Turning her head towards Williams, she said, “Now it’s your turn, Ensign, to say that the answer is yes. That the Gravians want to make the change.” She felt some of the tension leave her body. Despite the fact that the danger was far from over for all of them and that they had no idea what was actually going to happen once Williams said ‘Yes’.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Pretha was relieved though she sensed those who were prompting her negative response were disappointed. She looked towards William and nodded her head. “It’s all right. Just say that they choose to move forward in making the change. But say it out loud and quickly, please. The Manhattan is far too close to waste time with hesitation.” She hoped the young man would understand his role and merely speak the choice quickly. She feared for the ship and its occupants and she wasn’t aware of the stress causing her hands to ball to fists as she bit back the fear it was too late.


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The decision came and was spoken.
The voices about the cavern quieted after a final, almost in unison but still came out as a stuttered ‘It is spoken’.
The shadowed figures slowly faded leaving the cavern in a twilight, the sounds of dripping echoing throughout the cavern.
The only ‘new’ thing was that of the circular pool that began a rising pale moonlight glow throughout casting long shadows from the away team.

What had happened? Nothing? Everything?

Kiama held her breath as the decision was spoken. Her eyes focused on the pool and the pale moonlight glow emanating from it as she reached for her tricorder. She was still trying to sense those other beings and at the same time felt the need for more concrete data. Flipping the small device open, she scanned the pool and the cavern in general, looking for any changes no matter how minor they were.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

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