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Daggum smiled.

=/\= Faye, listen… I know you have challenges. I dont love you despite those challenges. I don’t love you because I think we can work through them and make you ‘better’. And I don’t love you because I think I can make you well. I love because you are you. Your challenges and wonderful brain are part of you, Faye. I love you… all of you. Every part. I know we will have struggles… with you and me both. But we will learn how to do us. And that’s all that matters… right? =/\=

Daggum Hammor, Ops Chief, USS Athena

What beautiful words! Her usual sort of response was to be dismissive, because she truly couldn’t believe them. Instead, Faye forced herself to gaze deeply at him and soak up what he was saying with how he was looking at her. Right now it was incredibly important that she create a mental file for Daggum that she could directly contrast how he was with her, with how others had been with her. She needed evidence. Yes, it would be nice to just welcome love for love’s sake, but because had been imprisoned, drugged and tossed into simulations that mimicked a piece of her life, and when (more recently) an imposter took the place of someone she trusted implicitly, than it only made sense to Faye that her mind was seeking confirmation. The difference this time? She wanted the confirmation to be about good things.

Her distant gaze shifted as she realized she had been thinking and not talking. She flushed. =/\=Sorry. I think you might find this funny though, because I was actually starting a mental file on you,=/\= she said with a grin as she leaned in. =/\=All the ways I know you to be different than others I’ve known. So that on the hard days, when the words you’ve just said seem harder to believe, I can call upon my file of evidence and remind myself what I already know to be true.=/\=

~Faye Calloway

Daggum snorted and said =/\= You wouldn’t be you unless you did that, Faye. Although I can say I’m slightly disappointed in the fact I didn’t rate a file in your brain before now. =/\= and he smiled at her. =/\= I’ve had on you for some time, you know…=/\=

Daggum Hammor, Ops Chief, USS Athena

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