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Maree pursed her lips, hanging on to the edge of the biobed as the ship began shaking. She weathered it well; the feeling was not unlike riding in a ground vehicle which the Gravenians were quite used to. “Tov, how much knowledge have we lost of our lore and history? Does what you know of it include some kind of .. I don’t know, knowledge of what we have chosen in the past? This is a long time to wait for the next one.”

“Aunt, choosing yes doesn’t mean that we can’t find out then. But we need to remember.”

Dia was … gone, having disappeared

Maree shook her head. “It is utterly against my better judgment to leap without looking.” She touched Tov’s shoulder. “I am willing to take a step, but we need to take steps to not repeat this issue. That will be on you and your generation.”

She turned to the Captain. “I’m willing to say yes.”
- Maree and Tov

Cochrane nodded once and said “As you say, Minister.” and he turned his head to the side. =/\= Away Team, this is the Captain. The Gravien delegation has chosen yes to move forward. Make the choice immediately. I repeat. The answer for the Gravien people is ‘Yes’. Confirm, Away Team. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Jack looked pensively around the room. He was hopeful this path was a good one, looking over at Jasmine then back to the CO he did feel a knot. She had been worried of outcomes like this but it was risks these people wanted.

Creed, XO

=/\= Understood, Sir =/\= Naim replied promptly. Turning her head towards Williams and her voice still audible over the com, she said, “Now it’s your turn, Ensign, to say that the answer is yes. That the Gravians want to make the change.” She felt some of the tension leave her body. Despite the fact that the danger was far from over for all of them and that they had no idea what was actually going to happen once Williams said ‘Yes’.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Shon thought back to his night in the hospital researching some of the historical records of the Gravien people. He remembered finding accounts of sudden and massive death and destruction, events that happened seemingly without reason. He hoped beyond hope that the mysterious disasters had not been caused by people who made a similar choice to the one the Graviens were making now. If this choice did lead to some sort of crucible, he prayed that it would be a purely philosophical or emotional one, rather than a full-blown catastrophe.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Raye let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. The decision was made. Now the question was, was it in time?. Glancing at Maree and Tov, she smiled. “You have made a good choice. I think you will do fine since it is what you desire.” She had an idea, if they survived. Glancing at the Captain, she doubted he would like it. But it would cover several of the points that had arisen in the last couple days.


What felt like an eternity the ship suddenly jerked forward, then settled, the shuddering dying down.
Tov and Maree looked at one another. “Is that it?” Tov asked. Maree .. shrugged.
They each looked at the Captain.

“Wait here. I’m going to the Bridge.” Cochrane said to their questioning glances, and he stood up and ran for the turbo lift. Entering, he said “Bridge.” and the lift sped away.

Cochrane, CO

Raye watched him depart and smiled lightly. “I think we are going to be ok. And, given what has occurred, I believe you all will be just as fine as well.” She smiled warmly to the others. Whether the decision was a good or bad one probably wouldn’t be known till next time they were faced with the decision. But right now, she could feel the tension in the room start to ease and hoped it wasn’t just because they weren’t plummeting to their demise. “I have something I would like to discuss with you both if you will hear me out for just a moment,” she glanced around as the rest of the medical staff seemed to sense the tightness of the ship lessen and began to move about again instead of holding proverbial breaths waiting for the crash.


The next minutes were a strained, blind waiting as the ship careened toward the world, then, suddenly, the shaking stopped and the ship smoothed out. Maree, the Second Minister’s face was static, tight, holding on to her nephew’s hand. When the ship settled, she said to Raye, “I must apologize on behalf of our government. This was entirely unanticipated. We did not mean to drag you into more than a dull set of meetings and look at a few tedious concerns that we had.”
- Maree

Raye smiled and shook her head. “There is no need to apologize. Seeing a civilization turn a corner like this is an amazing thing. I, personally, feel honored that we could witness it. I am just sorry if we were the catalyst for it or a hinderance or change to how it should have naturally occurred.” She laughed lightly, but it was almost nervous in it’s slight sound. “I do have to say in all my years, this will go down as the most memorable since my time with the Klingon Empire. I do not expect an answer at this moment, I am sure there are many things that have to occur, first. But I would like permission to remain here with your people when the ship departs. I would like to be a delegate for our people till we can set up formal arrangements and a contingency can arrive from Earth with more appropriate representatives. I am very curious about your people and think that getting to know your people more will be something we, the Federation, could benefit from. And perhaps vice versa as well.”

She sighed a moment and glanced at the door. “I have not broached this with the Captain, yet. And I still need to send messages back to Earth. But I have permission to set up the foundations for an Embassy in almost any location. I’d like to see about one here on your planet. If you will allow it.” She knew it was a lot. And on the heels of a traumatic event. But she wanted to bring it up before they all parted ways. In less than forty eight hours, so much had occurred, she didn’t want this opportunity to pass them by.


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