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Cochrane looked back at the Second Minister and then moved quickly to her side, sitting down with her . He put his arm around her and looked her in the eyes. “Minister… you have to tell us how to proceed. I know you are in pain, but a choice has to be made. Do you stay as you are, or do you take your next step? I do not know what will happen either way, but if you don’t tell us what you wish, we will be forced to make the choice in order to save your people and this ship. Please… Maree… tell us what to do.”

Cochrane, CO

Maree was looking wide eyed, but a touch of a smirk crossed her features. “Captain, if Tov and I were there we’d be on opposite sides of the spectrum. He was always the optimistic one, but then he is young. I’m old.” She chuckled, but it came out more gurgly. “Not as old as Acosta mind you.” The Second Minister paused and took a deep breath. “He would want to push on. Change. I’m old and as you know, a cynical woman. I’d say we aren’t ready for the next season fashions much less a ..” she seemed to have trouble with the concept of a ‘evolution’. “.. startling change.”
- Maree

Cochrane looked over at Wyatt. “Lieutenant, you have the conn.” and he tapped his badge. =/\= Bridge to Transporter room. Point-to-point transport on my signal. Two to sickbay. Energize. =/\= and he and Maree disappeared in a shower of gold and blue lights.

Cochrane, CO

A few moments later, the Captain’s voice came over the comms. =/\= Cochrane to Bridge. Open a channel between Sickbay and the Away Team. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

=^= Channel open Captain,=^= Walker said as he added sickbay to the open comm channel with the Away Team.

WO Darach - COO

A few moments later, the Captain’s voice came over the comms. =/\= Mr. Wyatt, time to impact please. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

At the current rate, just under four minutes …

At the Captain’s question, Walker brought an overlay of their projected course in the system on the viewscreen. He put a countdown clock up on the screen as well.

“Just under 4 minutes el tee,” Walker sounded off .

WO Darach - COO

Cochrane’s voice could be heard on the Bridge and by the Away Team through the comms. =/\= Now is the time. We don’t know how long after the decision is made the effects will take to release the ship, or even if it will… but we have to try. Please… for the sakes of all of our people… Do you want to speak to Dia? Get her perspective? I think she can hear you. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

The ship started to feel an increase in turbulence, starting with just an imperceptible shudder and then gaining (if slowly) in intensity to which, as the time ticked on it felt like they were riding more in a ground vehicle on a road than gliding through space.
- Wookiee

As the ship started to shake, Walker tried not to think of all the ways this could go badly. “That is of course if we don’t shake apart first,” he said out loud to no one in particular.

WO Darach - COO

Nothing spectacular happened. Or did it?
A sudden flash of light emitted from the atmosphere overwhelming the screen display for some moments.
The ship lurched, jerking, then the feeling came even as the screen began to clear ..
“Temporal field is gone,” came a report from an aft station of the bridge.

The problem arising was that the Manhattan was almost on top of the atmosphere and barreling in quickly …
- Wookiee

Cochrane stepped onto the bridge less than thirty seconds later and looked at the view screen and the readout Darach had up. “Impulse engines full reverse! Bow up ninety degrees! As soon as we are angled away from the planet, impulse engines to full!”

He moved to the center chair and looked at Darach’s station. “Shields to full power, Mr. Darach. If we can’t miss the planet, we may need to bounce off the atmosphere.” Cochrane gritted his teeth and waited for the ship to answer their call for aid.

Cochrane, CO

The ship strained, nearly at the atmosphere when it was in full brake and adjusting course - touching on the atmosphere was inevitable …

The inertial dampers were hard pressed; the ship feeling the drag on the atmosphere. About the main viewscreen the image was flecked with flame as shields met the friction of the atmosphere. Landscape could be seen below and above, the three moons just passing an eclipse stage that sent an eerie fiery, if shadowy glow about the surface of the world.

For too many long seconds the ship fought the pull of the world before the circle of the atmosphere could again be seen and the ship had pulled out … clear of Graven.


Pretha’s voice came over the comms. It was clear, but shaking. =^=Pretha to the bridge. Status update? The entities here are gone. We’ve been told to tell Maree that her daughter loves her and will see her again in time. Is the ship safe?=^= She was going to be subtle, but whatever was going on wasn’t a subtle thing. She had to know the Captain and the ship and crew were going to be all right.


=/\= Manhattan to Away Team. =/\= Cochrane said after looking at Darach and pretending to pry his fingers from the arm of his chair. =/\= Everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you? =/\= he asked and let out a big sigh. “Mr. Darach, stand us down from red alert and get us a damage assessment. Helm, place us in standard orbit.” and he looked around the bridge. “Well done, everyone. Very well done.”

Cochrane, CO

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