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Posted May 4, 2021, 7:46 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

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Zef was in her quarters enjoying a holo novel when the console at her desk beeped signalling an incoming message. The temptation to keep reading was strong as the protagonist had just announced that ‘the game is afoot’, and she was invested in seeing how the story unfolded. Deciding she’d like a cup of tea, Zef got up from the couch and headed toward the replicator by way of her desk to check the message.

The communique was from the Alpha quadrant and marked ‘personal’. With raised brows, Zef sat and brought it up.

At the touch of a button, a familiar sight filled the screen. It was an image of her and her childhood best friend, Anisara, at a festival on Baj. They had been so excited to take part in the *Raha Do’” together, a celebration of womanhood and fertility. Zef hadn’t qualified the year before but had aged into her cycles three months later. She was filled with remembered happiness as she looked at the face of Anisara. A letter accompanied the image.

“Darling Zef,

I have missed you terribly, my friend. First, let me apologize for the months of silence since we last spoke. The last two years have been quite eventful. While you have been living the life of an adventurer among the stars, I have been courted by the most amazing man! In the beginning, we kept our courtship a secret because he is a man of consequence who could be adversely affected if it were known he was actively seeking a wife However, in the last few months, we have been seen out in public together and have announced our betrothal. His name is Brom Ghelfi, the owner of Ghelfi Industrial Technology.

I have attached images to this communication so you can see us at different times in our relationship. Zef, he is so kind and loving and generous to a fault—at least with me. The wedding will be held on Baj in three days. I apologize for not telling you sooner, but its just going to be a small affair—less than 60 people.
I contacted Ganro Fleg and asked him where you were, hoping you would be able to stand up with me, but he said you were in the Delta quadrant on a long mission. I don’t need to tell you I was terribly disappointed, but I do understand, my friend. We all get to choose our own futures if we are lucky, and you and I are that, in spades.
There are many things I want to talk with you about, but for now I will leave you with this short note and the attached images. I will be in touch again after the mating ritual with more pictures and information.

Much love to you,


Over the following weeks, the two women had been in contact many times. They’d shared memories, vids and photos with each other and caught up on their lives. It was plain to each of them that they were both happy with their lives and the separation of the last two years melted away. Anasara couldn’t be more insistent of how Brom Ghelfi was considerate of her every whim. “Well, he sounds like the kind of man you deserve. I’m very happy for you both.”

Anisara smiled. “Oh Zef, I love him completely and my family has welcomed him with open arms, which you know is no small feat. They’re usually suspicious of everyone, but not him. He was very careful to win over mother and father with his attention and manners.”

Sitting at the desk and watching her friend light years away, Zef sipped a cup of cooling tea and was overcome with the longing to be back on Baj for a little while. Traveling the stars was her own choice, but even so, it couldn’t stop her from being home sick occasionally. “So, how does it feel to be a mated woman?”

Anisara’s dark eyes lit up. “It’s the happiest I have ever been! We are living at his estate where everything is beautiful and clean and cared for. There are servants here too which takes a little getting used to, but they are very professional.”

Riding along on the good feelings for her friend, Zef pulled one leg up into the chair she sat in and chewed a small chunk of creamy cheese from a plate beside her cup. As she watched, Anisara’s face grew serious and the counselor knew the tone of their conversation was about to change dramatically.

“What is it? Why do you suddenly look so grave?”

The dark woman licked her lips and took a drink of blue liquid from an iced glass before taking a deep breath to continue. “Zef, there’s something I’d like to ask you.” The weight of the question could be heard in her voice and Zef’s brows furrowed as she bit at her bottom lip.

“Go ahead and ask—your reluctance is making me nervous.”

Anisara tried to smile. “I know this will be unexpected, but Brom and I have talked at length about it and well…we’d like to enter into a Degansa agreement with you…”

Rollo was speechless. There was no way she saw that coming. A moment later, she finally found her voice. “Anisara, that’s a huge honor for me. Are you sure?” Dark eyes fixed on the gray/blue of Zef’s. “Absolutely! Brom and I have talked abou tit at length. I’ve told him about out friendship over the years and shown him vids of the two of us in our youth. Even if you weren’t Azj’donta (white one (albino)) he would have agreed because he knows how much you mean to me. Actually, the fact that you are makes it even more special for us.” Her friend rushed on as if she were afraid to hear an answer before laying out the entire agreement.

“Brom wants to draw up documents that will establish a legal bond between your family and ours. In it he will agree to take care of them and lend his support financially or any other way that is necessary, for the next two generations.” She looked down for a moment as if the next words were difficult to say. “He will also see that you are protected from the Marrov’s.”

The offer was generous—very generous, but Zef would have to give it some serious thought. “I’m truly honored that you thought of me for the contract, but you know I need some time to think about it.”

“I know. It’s a lot to ask, but I have been to several healers and the answer is always the same. I cannot conceive a child.”


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