Deltana V - The Ritual

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Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Deltana V - The Ritual

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“Doesn’t matter,” he said as he came over and grabbed the pirate as he lifted him up to the Captain’s door as he pressed the man up against the panel to open up the Captain’s room before dropping the man on the ground as the impact knocked him out.

Creed, XO/CIO

“Come,” a voice called from the interior of the room. Entering the room Jack would see a modern and plush office. Behind the desk on a communicator was a many flamboyantly dressed much like the captain from Disney’s Peter Pan complete with a hook for a hand and large black handlebar mustache.

Celina Rodriguez CTO

Jack stopped for a second as he looked at the man then over at Celina. “Okay… I don’t know what I expected… but this wasn’t it.” he said as he walked over the body of the man as he reached over the desk as he pulled the man over as he put his hand directly over his neck as he began to put pressure down. “Okay… the only time I am going to ask… where are we and how the hell do I get off this ship?” he asked waited to hear what the pirate captain would say.

Creed, XO

“You don’t,” the man said as he felt not only his hat but also his wig slide of his head. The long dark curls tipped forward brushing Jack’s hand as the man hastily shoved it back on his head.

“Jack,” Celina rushed in holding the door jambs with both hand out of breath. Any other time, Ardashir might had busted out laughing seeing his fiancee with her hair askewed blowing in the breeze as her skirt whipped around her legs. The image would have been out of some dime store holonovel where the heroine was finally reaching her lover and he was about to sweep her into his arms for a kiss at sunset. Today however, her lover was not glistening with the sweat of a hard one truimph, shirt slightly torn, and a roguish look on his face. Today Jack just looked pissed. His shirt was gone but only due to him removing it to defend himself against the hordes of men stopping them from reaching here. The glistening chest of the dime story hero was replaced with grime, sweat, and dirt creating a patchwork of dark streaks on his body. Of all the things not matching the image was a thin trickle of blood from his split lip that had dribbled onto his chin. Someone had gotten in a lucky punch which would have annoyed Jack more than anything.

“Oh my god put that man down,” she moved into the room. Reaching out she braced the man half dangling from Jack’s grip that was more concerned about his head ware over the man about to make his day go from fantastic to an urban legend.

The scrabbling of his footsteps on the deck created a squeaking and scraping sound that was more comical than terrifying. “Thank you my young sea nymph,” he replied in a jaunty tone looking up at Celina. Jack still hadn’t released the man as Celina grunted trying to support the man trying to stand and pushing Jack back.

“Yeah I’d drop the sea nymph thing,” she looked up at Jack blowing a lock of hair out of her eyes as she looked back at Jack.

“Really,” the man looked Celina in the eye with a confused expression. “I thought it added to the fun and spice of the situation. You know helping everyone slide into the roles they have been assigned and should embrace. It’s not like you really have a choice. I mean look at him,” the man stopped struggling a bit and gazed up at Jack. “Those rippling muscles, well defined chest, that god like chisled chin,” the man with the bag wig and pirate hat had an almost dreamy, admiring quality to his voice.

“That’s it I’m drowning him…” Jack said as he walked past the man as he opened up the window hatch behind him.

Celina blinked twice and shook her head listening to the description of Jack from the man’s point of view. “I don’t think he is really in the mood and if you refer to him as Poseiden or Neptune I think he might actually kill you.” Ardashir Jack Creed had a fabulous sense of humor. In his personal life, those that knew him might even call the officer gregarious and fun, yet when on duty the man was as serious as a judge as her Abuelo called it. Right now Jack was way past serious and moving into the jury phase.

“We Persians killed the greeks cause we didn’t like Posideon, and Neptune is just the Roman’s rip-off… very unoriginal people… but I do feel like testing this theory of finding out if those blessed by Posideon can float…”

“Jack, babe can you um,” she gestured with her head for him to release the grip he had on the man and the turning to the man continued to speak. “And how about you answer whatever the hell he asked you before I got here. Jack is generally not the type to repeat himself....especially when he is in a mood like this.” Celina pushed a chunk of hair out of her eyes grunting slightly as she stood up adjusting her shirt. Jack would know the tone intimately. It was the tone she took when Celina thought Jack was over reacting to something or sightly annoying her with his present course of action.

“Oh…oh of course,” the man took the time to straighten himself up before standing proudly in front of Jack with his hands on his hips and a jaunty grin over his face. “You were chartered to be given the Shangai Delight Experience.” The tone in the man’s voice was full of pride as his face beamed with the expression of someone happy and excited.

Any other time the term Shangai Delight Experience would have sparked interest, curiosity, and a slightly veiled smile as her mind contemplated what that experience actually was for an individual; however, right now there was only one thing to do in response. Raising her hand to the chest she tapped her chest, tummy, then shoulder to shoulder before clasping her hands to say a prayer to Erasmus of Formia. Glancing at Jack she rolled her eyes and waved him off. “Don’t start. It’s to Erasmus of Form who is the patron saint of sailors and abdominal pain. You might know him as St. Elmo and we got nothing but sailors and stomachs,” she crossed her arms annoyed.

Celina Rodriguez....not a sea nymph

“Look, I’m tired… my fists hurt… and I am pretty sure I got Gorn blood on me and I feel like it might be acidic…” Jack said as he grabbed the Captain’s shirts as he began to pull him close to wipe some of them off. “What the hell is the Shanghai Delight Experience? Don’t make me angry…” he said as he threw the man to the ground with a scowl. “And why the hell are we on a boat? Who pirates on boats? What is this black sails?” he said as he took a deep breath as he sat on top of the pool table as he looked around at the room. “Is Jack Sparrow gonna pop out next?” he said as he looked over at Celina.

It was at this moment Jack felt the weight of the room and the crawling, whimpering, and crying people whom he had just attacked to free them didn’t come off quite as menacing as they had when he had woken up from his drugged state. “Cesar…” he said as he looked over at Celina. “I swear to Allah if this is Cesar’s doing I will drown him instead I swear.” he said as he looked over at the Captain.

“Does the name Cesar Rodriguez ring a bell? Medium height, slightly pudgy… won’t shut up despite how often you threaten to kill him?” he asked as he got off the table as he began to help up the Gorn woman he had knocked out from before who just seemed to be waking. He dusted her off as he mimed sorry as looked behind him finding some smooshed cake on the table that he had used to throw at someone as he offered it to her.

Creed, XO




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