Pikelsimer's Quarters- A Dinner Date

Posted May 5, 2021, 2:02 p.m. by Shara Calloway (Intel Liason) (Lindsay Bayes)

It had been a strange but wonderful sort of day. Though it certainly helped that she had been in a pretty damn good mood and there had been a particular person responsible for that.

Her cheeriness had not been missed by her daughter who had more than once given her a long assessing look while they had set up the basic program framework in Faye’s lab. When they moved to the holodeck to start tweaking the program to make it as real as they could (which including adding intentional idiosyncrasies and randomness so that it didn’t feel so manufactured) Faye had just stared at Shara and shaken her head.

“What?” Shara had finally asked, though there had been a grin on her face.
“I am trying to get you” Faye said with an air of curiosity
“How’s that working for ya?”
“Dubious results thus far. I might try a different experimental approach.”
Shara grinned. Though they were a lot older, there was an ease to their banter that felt natural and like not all that much had changed. It was nice.

“I know enough not to ask about you and and your very good mood this morning,” Faye added as she modified one variable.
“For the best I think,” Shara said. “Hey, can you skim this section for me and make sure I don’t have anything off in there?”
“Sure,” Faye said, leaning over their impromptu holographic console. It was weird programming on a simulated console that was actually functional, but Faye was decidedly used to weird these days.

Shara watched her daughter sweep through a large section of the program at a speed that would leave many shocked by and not for the first time was she just ever so slightly awed by the woman standing next to her. It was the sneaking suspicion that even as she had watched Faye grow up and knew she was going to need something more than what Tracken could provide, the reality of Faye now in all her intellectual magnificence was something else to behold. And it made Shara feel ever so slightly like she had failed Faye. Or Edward had. Either way, she acknowledged those complicated feelings and set them aside to be dealt with later.

“What?” Faye asked and Shara realized she had been caught staring.

To say something or not. Now was not the time though- they were on a time crunch, after all. “Later? But not tonight. I’ve got a dinner date,” she said with a tiny smirk.

Faye held up a hand. “Nope. Don’t say more. Forget I asked,” she said, shaking her head slightly, though Shara could see the barest hint of a smile on her face.

Hours later and the program was superficially done. It needed a few tweaks, but both women agreed that they wanted to mull it over a little bit first. Final tweaks could come tomorrow before they put it into place.

And Shara had been secretly anticipating this evening with Micah. It had been a long time since she had shared a meal with someone with the unexpected chemistry that the two of them had.

She was back in her usual black trousers but this time she had on black heels and a silk satin button down blouse in a champagne colour. Her hair was down again and she wore subtle touches of makeup, though no jewellery. It had never been her thing.

Shifting the bottle of red wine to her other hand, she pressed the chime, causally checking to see if anyone else was about.

~Shara Calloway

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