Pre-Sim: CMO - Boarding Physical

Posted May 5, 2021, 6:57 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Lara (Chief of Security) (Matt Bongiorno)

Shortly after boarding the Manhattan T’Lara made her way to Sickbay to partake in her mandatory boarding physical which was mandated by Starfleet for every new crew member, she had that regulation memorized along with having a familiarity with all of the others. She had already studied the design of the ship and committed the various decks along with their layouts to memory during the extensive duration of time she had waited for the Manhattan to finally dock. The light glistened off of her brunette hair that was tied neatly in a bun as she walked to her destination. She was wearing her standard duty uniform with gold color on shoulders indicating that she was in Security along with one and a half pips on her collar. She had recently been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and the new Chief of Security. T’Lara looked forward to the opportunity to learn, progress, and grow in her Starfleet career.

T’Lara arrived at sickbay and reported to the nurse. Their interaction was short and to the point as it should be for T’Lara as she had no need to talk about irrelevant topics. She was led to one of the biobeds and sat down. While patiently waiting for the Chief Medical officer to arrive for her appointment she took a look around sickbay. It was neat, sterile, and on point. Her facial expression was neutral as was typical of her species, devoid of emotion. After a few moments, she heard talking and she turned her head to see who was approaching. Her green her eyes scanned the Doctor approaching her biobed and immediately recognized them as being the Chief Medical officer. She had reviewed the senior staff intensively prior to her arrival, just as a Security officer should do. It was pivotal that she always kept tabs on the crew and a watchful eye to help ensure that she was performing optimally.

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