Pikelsimer's Quarters- A Dinner Date

Posted May 6, 2021, 9:16 p.m. by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (FedSec Agent) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (FedSec Agent) in Pikelsimer’s Quarters- A Dinner Date

Posted by Shara Calloway (Intel Liason) in Pikelsimer’s Quarters- A Dinner Date
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“Wait till you taste dessert.” Micah said and winked. “Now… dinner. And I would suggest you eat up… you’re gonna need your strength.” and he pulled the covers off the plates. Pasta primavera with Deltan shrimp, the blue seafood setting nice against the sauteed vegetables and pasta. He looked at the dish and said “Well thats new.” and took his seat. He took a sip of wine and looked at Sha and then back down at his plate as he picked up his fork. “So what happens after this whole sh^% show is cleaned up? You have any plans?” he asked.


Grabbing a fork, Shara rather intentionally reached over. “I’m stealing a shrimp because I can. Just a warning…” she said as she speared one of the blue prawns.

Slipping the shrimp into her mouth, she took her sweet time pulling it off the tines of her fork before she set about chewing and swallowing. “Well, funny you mention it. I’ve already been desked for awhile. After my last op we all agreed that field work was no longer a good idea, despite being one of the best damn agents they have in the field.” She shrugged. “I’ve had a talk with the Admiral I’ve been working for and I’ve asked for a duty assignment. No more of this haphazard hopping about doing investigations” Her expression softened. “Faye needs to know where I am, and I want her to know.”

~Shara Calloway

Micah nodded and said “I can see that. I hope you land somewhere comfortable.” and he took a bite. He chewed slowly, his eyes regarding her. He swallowed and took a sip of wine.

Not even a reaction, huh. Ah well, if Shara knew anything it was a man like Micah could play things close to the chest whenever they wanted to.

“You gonna have any free time in between? I might have a bit of something that may interest you.”


Shara grinned as she speared one of her own shrimp and some vegetables. “I’m on leave. Well earned, long-time-coming leave. Once I can officially sign off on the final report, I wanted to spend a bit more time here with Faye, but they won’t pull me for a new assignment until I say I’m ready.” It was unusual in her work, unheard of in fact. Agents like her don’t call the shots, so she knew how odd it sounded. But there were, of course, reasons.

~Shara Calloway

“Leave, huh? Good.” and hebtook a bite. After a minute, he said “So once all this has settled, I’m gonna head home for a couple ‘a weeks. How’d you like to come with me? I got a eight hundred acres in the Tennessee mountains. Built me a cabin, got a great view… and closest neighbor is too far away to matter. You, me, big fire place… and before you ask, no. I dont invite just anyone. In fact… never invited anybody before. But I’d like you to come.” and he took another bite and looked at her.


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