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The Runabout Maltese settled to the deck of the station’s massive hanger and powered down. It had traveled the last four days since picking up passengers and finally reached the station… the only foothold of the Federation in the Delta Quadrant. The passage through the wormhole had been an experience none of the passengers had been prepared for… save one.

The big (ever for an) Orion ducked his way out of the Runabout and moved with a surprising grace through the crowd with a sizable bag over one shoulder. He seemed singularly focused as he came to the customs checkpoint. A Delta Quadrant native, a member of the Aksani species looked up and seemed surprised by the large green man’s arrival. “Oh my, but aren’t you a big one!” and he scanned Hammor’s ID. “What do they feed you guys in the Alpha Quadrant, anyway?” Daggum grinned and said “Whatever we want.” and he chuckled. A friendly chuckle from the Customs Officer prefaced his question “Anything to declare?” to which Daggum smiled but shook his head. Declarations would be made, but not here… not until he saw her.

The officer tapped the console in front of him and said “Very well then, Lieutenant Commander Hammor. Welcome to Event Horizon. Tourist information is available at the kiosk before you leave the hanger.” Hammor nodded and then said “Do you think you could direct me to the Ambassador Hotel?” The Aksani nodded and said “Sure. Second bank of turbolifts to your left as you exit. They’ll take you right there.” Hammor nodded and made his way out. He went straight for the lifts and stepped inside. =/\= Ambassador Hotel. =/\= and the lift began to move.

A few moments later, Daggum walked inside the lobby. In stark contrast to the sterile station environment outside, the lobby was warm and tastefully decorated to resemble a boutique hotel from Earth. The check in desk was set at the back, and as Hammor approached the woman behind the counter said “Welcome to the Ambassador, sir. Checking in?” Hammor grinned and said “I am indeed. Hammor, two rooms reserved.” The woman tapped on the console and said “Yes sir, Commander. We have two rooms either adjacent or across the hall. Adjacent faces the main ship lane, so you can see the comings and goings of the vessels. Across the hall rooms are in the station’s core view.” and she leaned in and said “I see the other room is for a lady. If I am not being too bold, sir… Adjacent is more romantic.” Hammor smiled and said “Not too bold at all, and thanks. Adjacent it is, please.” She smiled and tapped the console again and said “Very well, Commander. Your rooms are ready. Shall I have a key waiting for… ” and she looked at her screen, “… Ms. Calloway?” Hammor thought about it for a moment and then said “Please. And give her a key to both rooms. I’ll just need mine.” The woman nodded once and then handed him small device. “Thumbprint please.” Hammor placed a large green thuimb on the device and it beeped. “Excellent sir.” and then she handed him an access card. “Your key, sir. Do enjoy your stay with us.” Hammor nodded and said “I’m sure I will. Thank you.” and he made his way to his room on the 74th floor.


While she still had the same confident swagger she had on the bridge, Faye’s nerves had begun to creep in. It didn’t matter what anyone said to her, this was scary as all hell. And yet with each step towards the base, Faye felt like she was moving towards something, rather than running away.

Clearing customs was quick, and though she had spent all of one hour on the base before when boarding the Manhattan, she was not exactly an unknown entity. In fact, within fifty metres of leaving the docking port, she ran into Ensign Su, one of the data team members she worked remotely with on a regular basis.

“Calloway! Oh good, I was just about to come see you! We’ve got a probl-“
“Nope!” Faye interrupted. “Don’t want to hear it.”
Calloway arched her brows. “Dude, is the station or the relay system going to implode sometime over the next week?”
Su shook his head. “No.”
“Cool,” she said with a grin that only served to creep Su out more. Faye wasn’t exactly the easiest person to converse with but she knew her stuff. “See, I’m on vacation for the next week so I want you to pretend I’m not here. But if there is an actual emergency, send word to Captain Cochrane. He’ll know how to get a hold of me. Other than that, I’m sure you call can handle it.” She stepped away.

“So… you’re…”

She grinned though her back was to him. “Not available, yep. Bye!” Poor kid, she though as she moved towards the hotel. People often thought Faye would be hard to work with, and a terrible team player. But it was actually quite the opposite. She had tried really hard to not let her personal issues get in the way of the work. And even though the data team regularly made her want to bash her head on a wall, she got secret joy out of pushing Su a little closer towards independent work. Not that he appreciated her mentoring style. Hell, he probably didn’t even know she was mentoring him. Even Faye only made that connection very recently.

The farther she got away from Su’s slightly stunned form, the more Faye focused on the reason she was here. Daggum. He jumbled up her brain in ways she wasn’t even fully sure she could express. And she liked it. He also made everything slow down. Feel calmer.

Over the last month they had had sent regular messages and had some deep conversations. Disclosure, after all, was going to be important for both of them. They couldn’t walk into this blindly. The more he slowly told her, the more and more she felt connected to him. Their experiences were so different and yet they had certain key things in common and she could see why they were drawn to each other. Fate. Serendipity. Kismet. Call it what you will, and though Faye couldn’t let herself believe in it in any real way, she had to admit that it did feel that her and Daggum were meant to have reconnected at the exact moment they had.

Approaching the desk, the nerves took over more fully but Faye swallowed them down. “Hi, I’m checking in? Not sure if it’s under Calloway or Hammor.”
The woman gave Faye an exceedingly warm smile that was more than just that of a gracious host. “Yes, Mr. Hammor has already checked in. He’s left you two keys. Yours is Room 7402. His is next door.”

Faye processed what all of that meant, and while a couple months of go she would have had an immediate panic attack over the exact meaning, the Faye that stood in the Ambassador Hotel just smiled. “Thank you,” she said.

Finding her room after check-in, Faye simply dropped her bag on the luggage stand, slipped her key card into the pocket of her jacket pocket and left her room.

Four steps. With Dag’s key in hand she tapped it to the sensor with no second guessing and a helluva lot of anticipation.

Faye walked in…

~Faye Calloway

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