Pikelsimer's Quarters- A Dinner Date

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The fork hovered above her plate and her just stared at him, her eyes searching ever so deeply. “Why?” she asked softly, setting her fork down and resting her hand flat on the table. Why. So many questions were embedded there, but it was too much for her own mind to parse just now. “Why haven’t you brought anyone else there? And why me?”

~Shara Calloway

Micah smiled. “Because I don’t like most people. Spend a life dealing with the crap all these species have to offer, and it kinda colors your perspective. But you…” and he shook his head as he smiled and took a drink.

“I like you, Shara. Don’t ask me why or how, but I like you. Your sharp, quick, good with the give and take, and your body is the best I’ve ever felt… no lie. Add to that that you understand my life and I understand yours? S%$t… how often either of us ever had that? Find it, hang on to it for a bit is what I say.”


Studying him still, Shara was quiet for a few moment before she nodded. Earth is along ways from here. What if… no she’s gone most of her life without a parent hovering over her, Faye will be fine. Her chest rose with a deep breath. “Alright, Micah, I’ll come visit your home,” she said quietly. His was not an idle offer, and nor was hers an idle acceptance.

“Fan-f&^%ing-tastic. We’ll clean up shop, get the kids to bed and make sure the babysitter’s got grocery money, and then you and me’ll hop in my ride and go have ourselves a time.” and he smiled broadly and gave her very obviously suggestive wink.

Though it was brief, Shara let out a hearty chuckle. Yes, she definitely did enjoy him and he made her laugh, which was always welcome.

Picking up her fork, Shara considered what she already knew the answer to. Just go for it. Another breath. “Listen, Faye and I have been doing a lot of talking, a lot of unravelling, really. And the one thing that is abundantly clear for both of us is just how hard the reality of what went down on Tracken is. She had to experience that, and I was on the other side of the galaxy desperately trying to get home to my family. Things happened so quickly and in the aftermath there was a war. So…Faye and I have acknowledged that we both need some closure. Tracken isn’t home anymore. We’ve known it for a long time and moved on, but the people? Those are harder to let go of. So we’ve been playing with the idea of having some sort of memorial here on the holodeck for our friends, our family. A wake, actually, to be more specific. Something to celebrate what we had there and say goodbye properly. Would… would you come? I promise it’ll come with a lot of fun stories,” she said, shifting easily back into her trademark smirk. Colony-life had no shortage of them after all.

~Shara Calloway

It was Micah’s turn to be gracious. But instead of asking why, he simply nodded once and said solemnly “It’d be my honor, Ms. Calloway. Truly.” and he raised his glass to her.


Shara lifted her glass and touched the lip of it to his with a ting. Drinking the lovely wine, she smiled. “So… eight hundred acres. Tell me about this place that is clearly so special to you.” Having spent a fair chunk of her life on a colony, living and working off the land, she didn’t have to ask about the appeal of a bunch of space that was yours. But she wanted to understand what made him feel connected to this particular spot.

~Shara Calloway

“Its the family homestead. Pikelsimers lived on that spot since the mid 1800’s. After my ma passed, I was in the Corps at the time, my siblings tried to parcel some of it out but I threw a fit. So I bought ‘em all out. Went back a few years later, you know… when I could… turned out my oldest brother had torn down our house in preparation for the moves they was planning. So… I hired a few local boys to keep an eye on the place and let it grow up for a little over a decade. Went back, built the cabin. Now I go back whenever I can. I’ve made it back a lot more often since I went FedSec. And I made sure my brothers and sisters are well aware they ain’t to set foot on the property.” and he chuckled. “It’s a nice bit of peace and quiet. Lots a woods to hunt. Nice creek with trout in it. Cabin is on top of the highest peak on the property. And from the back porch you can watch the sun rise and from the front the sun set.” and he moved his plate aside and reached out and took her hand with a startling gentleness.

“And I can’t wait to show you every last inch of it.”


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