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Over the last month they had had sent regular messages and had some deep conversations. Disclosure, after all, was going to be important for both of them. They couldn’t walk into this blindly. The more he slowly told her, the more and more she felt connected to him. Their experiences were so different and yet they had certain key things in common and she could see why they were drawn to each other. Fate. Serendipity. Kismet. Call it what you will, and though Faye couldn’t let herself believe in it in any real way, she had to admit that it did feel that her and Daggum were meant to have reconnected at the exact moment they had.

Approaching the desk, the nerves took over more fully but Faye swallowed them down. “Hi, I’m checking in? Not sure if it’s under Calloway or Hammor.”
The woman gave Faye an exceedingly warm smile that was more than just that of a gracious host. “Yes, Mr. Hammor has already checked in. He’s left you two keys. Yours is Room 7402. His is next door.”

Faye processed what all of that meant, and while a couple months of go she would have had an immediate panic attack over the exact meaning, the Faye that stood in the Ambassador Hotel just smiled. “Thank you,” she said.

Finding her room after check-in, Faye simply dropped her bag on the luggage stand, slipped her key card into the pocket of her jacket pocket and left her room.

Four steps. With Dag’s key in hand she tapped it to the sensor with no second guessing and a helluva lot of anticipation.

Faye walked in…

~Faye Calloway

And right into a broad chest with some kind of cartoon on it and massive arms picked her up off the floor and in an instant her face was mere inches from Dag’s. His eyes shone like the emerald-gems they were colored and he just grinned and looked at her for a long moment before saying…

Swept up in his arms, it would have been easy for him to squeeze too tightly as he held her, but Faye was surprised by the tenderness of his grasp.

Is it really you?


Those eyes. They were so vivid in her mind, from both her memory of his time on the Manhattan and their now numerous chats. But it paled in comparison to the real deal. So expressive, so… gorgeous. For a moment Faye was lost in those eyes until her mind fully processed his words. “In the flesh,” she said with a bare hint of a grin.

She had once jokingly called mind her mixed-up neurotic scientist brain, and right now it desperately wanted to analyze the various paths forward. But no, not now. And while there was her same curiosity she had had that had instigated kisses with others, this time she already knew the answer. It was instinct, a knowing. So with a smile on her lips, Faye closed those few centimetres between them and pressed her lips to his.

~Faye Calloway

Dag’s breath caught in his chest as her lips met his, and an electric shock rocked him from head to toe. He moved her body so that she was almost cradled in his arms and he turned and let the door slide shut silently behind them.

With the sense that her affection had been equally returned, Faye relaxed into his embrace, her arms ad upper body all but melting into the nook and crannies of his body.

He kept the kiss against her for minutes, feeling her against him. But this wasn’t a kiss of desire… at least not a wholly physical one. It was one of longing being relieved… time spent too far away but now being together… of a soulful need being satisfied. When he at last broke the kiss and pulled back from her a scant few centimeters, he opened his eyes, looked into hers, and said in the barest of whispers “I love you, Faye.”


Was it different to hear those words face-to-face and with the added physical contact? Yes, and no. Reaching up a hand, she touched his temple and ever so gently, drew her hand along his face till it rested on his cheek. There was no seduction involved here, but she needed a moment to collect herself so that when she answered there was not a single doubt. Her first declaration had had an uncertain addendum: “I think.” This time as she gazed at him, it was clearer. “I love you too,” she said, a strange twisting in her stomach forming. She couldn’t recall feeling that before.

As her thumb caressed his jaw, something in her stormy eyes changed in the way she gazed at him, as if she saw him in a different light. I’ve come home. A single thought, so tiny and yet so magnificently huge. Tears slipped down her cheeks unbidden.

~Faye Calloway

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