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Dag’s breath caught in his chest as her lips met his, and an electric shock rocked him from head to toe. He moved her body so that she was almost cradled in his arms and he turned and let the door slide shut silently behind them.

With the sense that her affection had been equally returned, Faye relaxed into his embrace, her arms ad upper body all but melting into the nook and crannies of his body.

He kept the kiss against her for minutes, feeling her against him. But this wasn’t a kiss of desire… at least not a wholly physical one. It was one of longing being relieved… time spent too far away but now being together… of a soulful need being satisfied. When he at last broke the kiss and pulled back from her a scant few centimeters, he opened his eyes, looked into hers, and said in the barest of whispers “I love you, Faye.”


Was it different to hear those words face-to-face and with the added physical contact? Yes, and no. Reaching up a hand, she touched his temple and ever so gently, drew her hand along his face till it rested on his cheek. There was no seduction involved here, but she needed a moment to collect herself so that when she answered there was not a single doubt. Her first declaration had had an uncertain addendum: “I think.” This time as she gazed at him, it was clearer. “I love you too,” she said, a strange twisting in her stomach forming. She couldn’t recall feeling that before.

As her thumb caressed his jaw, something in her stormy eyes changed in the way she gazed at him, as if she saw him in a different light. I’ve come home. A single thought, so tiny and yet so magnificently huge. Tears slipped down her cheeks unbidden.

~Faye Calloway

Dag smiled and said “Well I’m glad you at least think you do.” His eyes ‘watered’, but when the tear slid down his cheek it was like no tear many had seen. The light in the room made it almost sparkle as if it was metallic; and a myriad of vibrant colors swirled and shifted as the tear moved on it’s journey. It looked like the inlay of an shell had been liquified and was running down his face. He touched his forehead to hers and said “I have dreamt of you… dreamed of this… even before we spoke… just… holding you in my arms… and I never want to let you go, Faye. Gods but I do love you…” and he kissed her again.


No, she had meant… oh no. Curse her head and her mouth! Always just a touch confused. But it didn’t matter, because she also knew that actions mattered more than words. And as he kissed her again, Faye made this one deeper, with the deep longing of someone who had wandered the desert for too long and suddenly stumbled upon an actual oasis, not just a mirage. But still, there was no lust, at least right now, though she knew it was most definitely there.

When she pulled back this time, there was awe in her voice. “I think there was a part of me that couldn’t even entertain the idea that this could happen. That you… that we…” She shook her head. “There had been too many things that had happened, too many people that had happened. I didn’t think I deserved this kind of happiness,” she said, her eyes bright though her tears. “I think I spent so much of my life feeling like I was being rightfully punished for my sins, for crimes committed. I told you you shined a light on my loneliness, but Dag, don’t you see, this whole time you were the light. I wasn’t ready for you before. But I am now and I love you so much I feel like my chest might burst,” she said with a laugh.

~Faye Calloway

Dag laughed with her and held her close, his face in her shoulder as they just stood in his room embracing and laughing. After a moment, he set her down and wiped his tears away and then took her hands in his. “Ok… deep breath.” he said more to himself than to her. “So I don’t have anything planned for us except dinner tonight. And that will be in the restaurant at the base of the station. It has a clear floor, and when the wormhole opens you can see it. Other than that… I really just want to spend every moment with you. What we do and when we do it is entirely up to you, my love.”


A goofy grin slipped onto her face. “I was telling my friend Kiama that it was just as well that we didn’t overly plan this trip because I would have over-thought everything,” she said with another laugh. It was like a giddiness had swept over her body.

But as always, Faye’s mind was working n the background. She eyed his room and then turned back to him. “Okay, at the risk of sounding paranoid, have you swept your room at all since you got here?” She had hers but Faye wasn’t going to assume others were as paranoid as her. Stepping off the ship had been one thing, but the reality of being off the ship and the safety the Manhattan provided her was quite another. And given events in her life recently she felt rather justified in that paranoia. She still had to tell him about the new stuff with Intelligence, but she hadn’t wanted to do that over the comms.

~Faye Calloway

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