Pikelsimer's Quarters- A Dinner Date

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“It sounds beautiful,” she whispered before swallowing. Inhaling an annoyingly shaky breath, Shara gazed into his eyes. “I don’t know when the exact moment was, but I’ve found myself missing feeling connected to a place. I’ve always been the restless type. You try to pin me to a place and I rebel. Tracken was the closest and it didn’t feel as stifling the other places have, but these last years where I belonged no where and had to keep everything at a distance because the job demanded it… I’ve think they’ve taken a toll.” He was right about the understanding each other, about the kind of life they’d both led. It was the ugly, messy, and often shadowed kind that all the terrible cliches were right about. it had always been necessary. Someone had to do it. And if others could sleep more at ease in the universe because of it, then Shara felt vindicated in some way. But this time with Faye and finally being able to reveal herself to her daughter, well, it had been showing her just how much a lot of that was bulls%*&.

Still, the way these deeper truths seemed to just slip out with Micah was unnerving, to say the least.

~Shara Calloway

He nodded in both understanding and appreciation of her candor… and he didn’t let go of her hand. “It does. Without a doubt. And the higher ups… the ones who just see ‘Asset Available’ on some screen and who push a button never stop to think that we have lives… or at least had ‘em before they got their hooks in us. Honestly, Sha… if it weren’t for the fact that I have seen firsthand the good that comes from folks like us doing what we do? Hell… I’da called bulls%$# a long time ago.” and he took a drink.

The constant presence of his hand felt like a grounding weight. She immediately picked up on the nickname, different than the one she had been given before. It warmed her even as she could feel some part of her back away.

“Having a place to get away helps.” he said after he swallowed. he looked at her, directly into her… and added “Having somebody to share that with, even for just a while? Now that’ll make it perfect.” and he smiled at her.


He knew. He had to know. Or maybe he hadn’t looked that far. Hands still linked, she rose from her seat and moved those precious steps closer to him pulling her chair behind her so she could sit right in front of him, no table in the way. She returned his deep piercing gaze and looked deeper even as she mentally took down that firmly raised barrier that was ever present. “I thought this assignment, this investigation would be a good way to ease back into things after what went down the Faye and my last op.” She swallowed. “It’s so bittersweet, because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here for Faye right now. If I hadn’t found her accidental involvement in all of this, I don’t know if she’d be here right now. Faye pushed took their agenda out of her hands, but more than once I’ve thanked deities I don’t believe in that they put me on this case. But… watching her struggle these last weeks…” Shara wasn’t a woman that cried in front of others. It just wasn’t ever a good idea in her line of work ever unless it had been for show. You kept your feelings to yourself until the assignment was over and did post-op counselling. But there they were, just barely touching the corners of her eyes. “It’s been triggering a lot of stuff for me. And I have good boundaries with Faye on things now, but it hurts to have to put any space between us after all we’ve missed out on.”

Shara exhaled. “Which is a long about way of saying thank you for offering me a refuge. I don’t think I’ve realized till just now how much I’ve needed it.”

~Shara Calloway

Micah’s head tilted to the side slightly as he regarded her for a long moment in silence. “Well… from what I’ve seen and heard and read… she’d be here even if you weren’t. This is one hell of a crew she’s got around her. She’d have made it… just not as… ‘together’… as she is. And that she can thank you for. And as far as the rest… the stuff wellin’ up inside ya that makes ya feel like ya just might explode or go crazy keeping it in? Just hang onto that. ‘Cause here in a bit you and I are gonna do a lot of talking… over coffee looking out over the mountains. Then?” and he reached over and pulled her chair straight towards him and then slid her onto his lap so she was straddling him. He wrapped his flesh arm and metal one around her and looked up at her.

Shara ran her hands unapologetically up both his arms, still not the least bit by the metal arm. Her hands came to rest on the sides of his neck.

“Then you can tell me everything. Everything and anything. ‘Cause it’ll just be you, me, and the mountains.”


“Perfect,” se said with a whisper and a grin. “Because I like men who can keep their promises and hunny I’m going to make you keep that one.” She leaned in intending to have a long and deep kiss, but puled back at the last second. “Wait, does this part still count as a high class seduction?” she breathed.

~Shara Calloway

“Well… you’re seduced ain’t ya?” Micah said with a lecherous grin and then closed the distance between them and kissed her hard and vigorously. His hands started roaming and as bits of their clothes started to fall away he said “And now comes the low-class, blue collar part of the evening.” and he stood up and moved her legs to wrap around him. The metal arm shot forward and in one broad sweeping motion cleared the table. He looked at her and grinned a wicked grin and said “Told ya.” and then went back to kissing her with all the passion he could muster.


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