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Posted May 8, 2021, 10:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

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Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Event Horizon - Star-Crossed No Longer (Tag Faye)


“Well then, let go get ourselves lost, and you can drink in the view all…” She took a step backwards. “You.” She spun on her heels spreading her hands out to the side in a flourish. “Like.” The heeled boots certainly made the saunter to the door that much more effective, but in her leather jacket and fitted garments, the shape of her athletic body was definitely not obscured. Faye couldn’t remember herself as ever being that flirty, but with Dag it felt strangely easier. Huh. Something else that was new.

“Keep that up and we man never leave the room, my love.” he said with a smile and grabbed his jacket and pulled it on.

Faye stopped and turned to him, her gaze soft but serious. For a moment she just gazed at him and then a smile slipped onto her face. “Hold on to that thought, okay?” she said softly. She knew her attraction to Daggum was real, as evidenced by her reaction to his nighttime clothes (or lack therefore) that one call, but the rest of her knew she needed time to get to know each other so she could be absolutely certain her mind (and body) knew that Dag was different. She didn’t want there to be confusion and uncertainty when (not if) things turned to desire.

As they left the hotel, Faye told him about her run in with the young Ensign Su and warned him that going out was putting her in the line of fire work-wise, but she suspected that Su passed along her message rather clearly. Still, the whole thing amused her.

“Targ. Eleven years old. Remember?” and he jutted his thumb at his chest and then laughed. “And one thing to learn about me up front. My size tends to… discourage… unnecessary conversation. So if you want people talking to you, you’ll need to walk by yourself.” and he laughed again. “But good luck with that. I’m here for the duration.”

“Between you and my t-shirt, I think we’re covered then,” she said with a light laugh as she she turned towards him so he could see the slogan written there.

“Now that things are calming down, I might actually get to start some of that command stuff,” Faye said, slipping her hand into his and testing out how walking hand-in-hand together felt. She wasn’t short for a Human female, by any means, but he certainly did tower above her. And yet, walking with him felt… cozy.

~Faye Calloway

His hand took hers gently and he looked down at them and then at her and smiled. “Already the best walk ever.”


Beaming up at him, she squeezed his hand for a moment before her thumb began to trace the contours of his thumb. Her earlier thought about mapping him in her mind felt very true right now and if she were honest it felt rather surreal that he was here. How many things had to have fallen into place to make that happen? Many. And her mind could calculate them. So as they walked , Faye’s gaze returned to him filled with awe.

~Faye Calloway

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