OOC: Good bye (for now)

Posted May 9, 2021, 2:27 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Lara (Chief of Security) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in OOC: Good bye (for now)
It’s with great sadness I am saying goodbye to the Manny for a bit. Raye will be staying behind on the planet to start a Federation diplomatic presence and await the Fleet to come place a proper embassy there.

In RT, I am cutting back on tons of characters to focus on work, my family and FC responsibilities.

She’s staying behind because it gives me a way back in when time permits, which I am hoping is in a few months. And then I’ll come back and be right as rain once more lol

It’s been a pleasure, and Captain… thank you. It’s been a privilege.


Hope to see you again in the future! Best wishes!

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