Event Horizon - An Unexpected Visitor

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Event Horizon - An Unexpected Visitor

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The Manhattan had been docked at Event Horizon for just over two days, when a transport vessel arrived there too. Nothing unusual in and of itself, though you might say that two of the passengers on board were. One of them was slender, dark skinned woman in her mid-fifties. She dressed in an elegant, floor length, navy blue dress. Her black her pulled back in an elegant bun at the nape of her neck. She carried herself in an almost regal fashion and payed very little attention to the other people of the transport ship. With the exception of the young, rather meek woman who walked right behind her. This second woman was dressed in a simple black, knee-long skirt and a teal coloured blouse. Her chocolate brown hair was tied back in a simple ponytail and she was carrying a rather heavy looking back.

It didn’t take the pair long to get through customs and then to find their way towards where the USS Manhattan was docked. Walking straight towards the Security Officer stationed at the docking port, the older of the two women said, “My name is Jeanoya Naim. I am here to see my daughter Kiama Naim.”

“Good day, Ms Naim,” NE Samson greeted her and then scrolled through a list on one of the PaDDs in front of him. “I’m sorry. But you don’t seem to be on the list of visitors.”

“Of course I’m not. I came here to surprise my daughter. If I had told her I’d be coming it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” Jeanoya asked sternly. “So why don’t you just let me us on board?”

“I’m sorry, Ms Naim. I can’t do that. I have to follow regulations. We can’t just let anyone onto the ship,” NE Samson replied. To his credit it seemed that he wasn’t easily intimidated.

“I am not just anyone. I am a daughter of the 7th house of Betazed. The head of the 7th house in fact,” Jeanoya replied a little arrogantly.

It was in that precise moment that the ship’s Chief Science Officer rounded the corner and stopped dead in her tracks. “Mother?” she asked dumbfound. “What are you doing here?”

“You told me in your last message that your ship would be docked here for a bit. So I decided to pay you a visit since you said that you couldn’t home for your shore leave,” Jeanoya replied aloud and added in her mind, ‘It feels like your are trying to avoid your father and me.’

‘Of course not. One week is just not enough time to get to Betazed and back,’ she replied in her thoughts and then asked NE Samson, “Can my mother and Meriyo Ristri come aboard, Ensign?”

NE Samson hesitated for a moment and then said, “On your responsibility, Lieutenant. And I’ll also inform the Captain that we have a visitor.”

“Thank you, Samson,” Kiama replied with a warm smile and then started to lead the way towards her quarters. As they headed down the corridor, she heard the NE say, =/\= Samson to the Captain. I’m sorry to disturb you, Sir. I just wanted to inform you that we have and two unexpected visitors on board. Jeanoya Naim, the mother of Lieutenant Naim, and a Meriyo Ristri. They are with the Lieutenant now. =/\=

~Lt. Naim, Jeanoya Naim, Meriyo Ristri and NE Samson

In his Ready Room, Cochrane was enjoying the peace and quiet if a so-far relatively uneventful repair and resupply. He was just aboutvto see if Zef was free for dinner on the station when the call came through.

Alex’s face darkened slightly and he activated the comms. =/\= Understood. Please inform the XO that we have dignitaries on board and have Operations ready quarters for their stay. And have the mess prepare dinner for Command staff and dignitaries. Cochrane out. =/\= He stood upband made his out and towards the new ‘guests’.

Cochrane, CO

=/\= Understood Sir. Samson out =/\= replied the NE and then did has he had been asked.

In the mean time Kiama, her mother and Meriyo had made their way to the CSO’s quarters in seeming silence. In fact, in Meriyo’s case indeed in silence. But mother and daughter had been talking telepathically the whole time. Albeit, it was mostly Jeanoya who did the talking.

Looking around Kiama’s quarters, she commented, ‘I don’t see why would prefer this to life on Betazed. You had everything there and you would be able to uphold your obligations.’

‘Yes, mother,’ Kiama replied meekly. She wanted to argue back, but as so often in her mother’s presence she felt like shy child who didn’t dare to speak her mind.

Jeanoya of course knew why Kiama had left and joined Starfleet and she could sense that there was more that Kiama wanted to say. ‘I hear a but coming, so you might just as well say it,’ she scolded her.

‘This is were I’m happy, mother. I know that, one day, I’ll have to take your place in the council and everything. That day isn’t now. I’m needed here,’ Kiama thought at her.

‘There are plenty of other scientists in Starfleet. You are not irreplaceable here, but you are on Betazed,’ Jeanoya countered.

Feeling as if she had been slapped in the face, Kiama simply stared at her mother in silence, wishing that they weren’t alone. That one of her friends might be here and have her back. But everyone was on leave enjoying some spare time and she didn’t want to bother any of them.

‘You are aware that I can hear that, right? You aren’t as good at shielding your thoughts as you might think you are,’ Jeanoya commented scornfully.

~Kiama & Jeanoya Naim

The chime sounded at the door. On the other side, Cochrane made sure his uniform was straight and he simply waited, hands clasped behind his back.

Cochrane, CO

Much to her chagrin because she knew her mother would pick it up as well, Kiama had a fleeting image of a knight in shining armour in front of her mind’s eye as she sensed the Captain on the other side of the door. Ignoring the look her mother gave her, she called out, “Come in Captain. The door is open.”

~Kiama & Jeanoya Naim

The door slid open and Cochrane stepped inside. He looked at Kiama and nodded once. He then looked at the elder Naim. “Matron Naim, …” he began, using the formal title for a female head of House on Betazed and extending his hand to her, “… I am Captain Alexander Cochrane. Welcome aboard the USS Manhattan. As I am quite sure you are aware, your arrival is both surprising and somewhat… troubling. I sincerely trust that nothing is amiss on Betazed for you to have traveled so far?”

Alex knew better than to try and hide emotions and surface thoughts from telepathy and empaths. But on the other hand, he also knew that open acknowledgement of those on his part kept the playing field even.

Cochrane, CO

Jeanoya Naim looked down at Cochrane’s outstretched hand for a short moment before grasping it. It was a human gesture she never particularly liked. Yet she was not opposed to it if it served … diplomatic purposes. “Thank you Captain. And no, nothing is amiss. If there was I would have insisted that Kiama came home. I am merely here to see my daughter since she told me she wouldn’t be able to come home anytime soon. It is a mother’s right to see her daughter, is it not?” she asked, more rhetorically than anything.

All the while Kiama silently and meekly in the middle of her quarters as she listened to their conversation. The usually outgoing and impulsive, at times even temperamental scientist seemed to have turned into a different person. Someone who was shy, quiet and demure.

~Kiama & Jeanoya Naim

Cochrane shook her hand once and then let go. “It is indeed, Matron. I would suggest going forward that some advance notice be given. It makes it easier to have you come aboard without waiting. And if you wish to surprise your daughter, you may simply contact me. I will be happy to make the necessary arrangements so that is possible.” He looked at Naim and then back to Jeanoya and said “You should be very proud of your daughter, Matron. Not only is she an amazing scientist, but she is a good leader for her department. We are quite lucky to have her on board.”

Cochrane, CO

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