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Posted May 10, 2021, 1:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)

Posted by Lieutenant Kiama Naim (Chief Science Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in Lounge - Icebreakers and Appetisers (TAG Kiama)
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“I know you’re there…” Namid hunched over a microscope, their eye hovering at its ocular lens while tawny fingers tapped aimlessly at the desk beneath “…now is not the time to play hard to get!” They pulled back, a scowl playing their features, and shot the device a look of feigned disgust. To their dismay, it was immune to human antics.

“Having some trouble, Argimeau?” They whipped around to find a Bajoran man perched at an adjacent station, his eyes glistening in good humour. He leaned forward, tossing a gesture toward the microscope. “What did the poor thing do, now?”

“Nothing, Tasyi… that’s the problem.” Namid shrugged, chagrin infecting their trademark grin. “But I suppose it’s not the microscope’s fault my samples are inconclusive.”

“Eh, probably not.” Tasyi chuckled, tilting his head slightly to the right. He seemed to study their setup — a computer terminal, various slides and Petri dishes neatly arranged on the countertop, a microscope and a lonely PaDD — but they couldn’t determine whether it was intrigue or confusion that spilt into his expression. “What are you up to anyway–”

Beep! An awful, alarm-like shriek erupted from their PaDD, leaving Namid grateful Tasyi was the only other soul within 20 metres of them. “Heh..” Namid coughed, blush ravaging their dark cheeks. With a crooked glance his way, they traversed the desk to snag the PaDD from its perch, promptly silencing its cry.

Schedule Notification: Lunch, it read, 15 minutes.

“Well,” Namid glanced up to find Tasyi staring at them expectantly. “It looks like I’ve gotta run.”

“Fine,” he huffed. “But I still want to know whatever.. that is.”

“Later, capiche?” They tossed him a wink and turned back to their set up. It took them six minutes to repackage and store their samples, another four to ensure the equipment was cleaned and secure. By the time they were waving Tasyi ‘goodbye, they had five minutes to spare.

Flicking waist-length braids behind them, Namid wove through Deck 4’s winding corridors and hitched a ride on the aft turbolift. Anxiously, they drummed their foot against the floor, hoping they wouldn’t greet Kiama with a habit of being tardy. But as its doors peeled open, Namid released the tension with a soft breath and pursued the lounge.

Greeting a pair of Ensigns, Namid afforded them a kind smile and motioned them ahead. They entered a moment later, latent wonder rapidly saturating their charcoal eyes. Its merriment infected Namid as they observed the fleeting smiles and idle chitchat that feed into the lounge’s natural din. Though tempted to obey their intrigue, excitement for their meeting soon conquered it. Shaking their head, a flicker of enthusiasm passing through their features, Namid meandered ahead in search of one Kiama Naim.

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

Deeply immersed in a PaDD in her dark hands, Kiama was sitting at a table in a somewhat secluded corner of the lounge. While she generally liked being around people, she felt like a quieter, more private table would be better for the lunch … meeting? date? whatever one wanted to call this. Her intention had been to keep an eye on the door to see when Namid arrived and to then wave them over. But having arrived several minutes early, her curiosity regarding the new data she had received from her friend and colleague had gotten the better of her. So once again she was studying brain scans while she was off duty. She certainly wasn’t the best role model for anyone in her department when it came to a healthy work-life-balance.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Namid spotted her, making a beeline for the table. They mulled over how to greet her. Was ‘hello’ too plain? ‘What’s up’, too friendly? Namid furrowed their brows. They could ask about her reading, or was that too nosy? Before they happened across a proper hello, Namid found themself just metres from her table. It was too late to turn back now, and for all they knew, Kiama had sensed them a mile away. Might as well go for it. “Hey!” Well, that sounded a lot better in their head. “I hope I’m not interrupting a riveting read.”

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

Kiama had indeed sensed Namid and the moment they were almost at the table, she had lifted her gaze off her PaDD. “Hi,” she greeted them with a warm and wide smile. “Not at all. In fact I’ve been told before that I should spend less of my spare time working, even on pet projects,” she laughed softly. “And I am trying. I am a bit of role model after all. But-” She turned the PaDD around so Namid could see the scans. “A friend of mine is part of a pre-first contact mission studying a pre-warp civilisation that shows surprising similarities to Betazoid telepathy and empathy. I’ve done extensive research on psi-positivity, so she is providing me with data. So far brain scans in particular, but also information about their DNA.” Realising that she had rambled on and on about work, Kiama felt blood rush to her cheeks. And while her dark skin masked the blush, she could feel the heat radiating off her. “I’m sorry. How are you doing?” she apologised and pushed the PaDD away. She want her focus to be on Namid and not some data she would have enough time to analyse later.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

Sometime between pet projects and brain scans Namid had slipped into the seat across from her. They leaned forward, resting their chin cosily atop tangled fingers, and listened. Though charmed by matters of the mind, Namid was not so engrossed by Kiama’s words as the unmistakable light radiating from her. “Oh! Please don’t stop on my account,” they grinned, “it’s clear this research is important to you. I would love to hear more about it.”

“Oh, that is dangerous thing to say,” Kiama laughed. “I can literally talk about this for hours and I really don’t want to domineer our conversation.”

“I’m doing well,” Namid rolled their shoulders into a relaxed stance. “I’ve been doing a bit of data analysis, myself. It’s not of the psi-positivity nature, rather genetic. I have a colleague expanding on older research on, uh, quorum sensing and its… association with drug resistance in bacteria.” They frowned inwardly. “Sadly, not much to report there yet.”

“That sounds interesting,” Kiama replied, curiosity and interest plainly visible on her face. “Once you got a bit further in your analysis and feel like you have something to report, I’d love to hear more about it.”

“Work aside,” they released a sheepish laugh, “I cannot say I’m all that exciting. A bit of poetry here, some binge-watching of the latest holodrama there, but nothing too extravagant.” They playfully shrugged, angling the conversation back to Kiama. “What about you? Aside from your analyses and work, how have you been?”

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

As always her posture was perfect, with her back as straight as possible and her feet, crossed at the ankle, resting next to her chair. Though at Namid’s question, Kiama bowed her head for a moment and then said softly, “To be honest, it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster these past few days. I mean, everything on Graven alone was rather intense and then the back and forth of the position I hold on this ship. Well, needless to say I’m glad that things have settled down. I have even started to actually decorate my office with more than the shell.” Chuckling a little sheepishly, she looked up again and asked, “How have you been settling in?”

~Lt. Naim, CSO

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