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Faye shook her head slowly. “If you hadn’t called me when you did after all the sh$t I had just gone through… I don’t think I would have been in a place where I would have opened up to you the way I did. And we wouldn’t be here right now, as we are,” she said with an astonished laugh. “But the thing I haven’t figured out is how you’ve felt the way you have all this time. I mean, I know we had connected on a level that others wouldn’t understand because of what we had been through, but I guess there’s a part of me that can’t quite grasp that you’ve had feelings this whole time.” She had too, but she hadn’t been aware of them, and they had been dependent on a resurgence of that connection. The part of her brain that had to think things through was trying to compute all this and it didn’t quite add up. She felt she was missing something.

~Faye Calloway

Daggum shrugged his broad shoulders and said “I dunno. I really don’t. All I know is it wasn’t there one day, and then one day it was. I didn’t even realize it had happened until I had been gone almost a month. I’ve bounced around between Commands so much I used to it. Adapting to a new place is easy for me. But that time? It was terrible. I felt uneasy, couldn’t find my rhythm, and was irritable all the time. I kept thinking I was always forgetting something but could never figure it out. I even went to the Counselor for help. Nothing helped. I wasn’t sleeping, my appetite was shot… I was super depressed but couldn’t figure out why.” and he stopped them walking and turned to face her fully, taking he rother hand in his.

Gazing up, her eyes searched his face. His hands held hers so solidly and though it was a strange though, she liked the way her hands felt in his. Odd. Odd but good.

“And then I had a Faye moment.” and he smiled. “I was walking through the Lounge and on the wall was a holo image of a city’s skyline. I didn’t even stop to look at it, my brain just took it in. And then my thoughts went something like “Skyline. Buildings. Single building. Iconic building. Empire State Building. New York City. Borough of Manhattan. Five boroughs. Manhattan. USS Manhattan. Good ship. Good crew. Smart people. Faye was smart. Had dinner with Faye. Faye was great. I love her. I miss her so much.’ I just stopped dead in the hall and stared for I don’t know how long. The sudden realization of my feelings for you stunned me. And then I spent months trying to pretend it wasn’t real… but it was. It is. And once I accepted that… I felt a lot better. Still scared, mostly that you would think I was nuts. But I finally had to know. And so… here we are.”


Most people couldn’t articulate their thoughts so succinctly, but Daggum doing just this for her now to help her understand made something inside her chest tighten and yet it wasn’t unpleasant. Gripping his hands, Faye reached up on her tip toes and kissed him, completely ignoring anyone going by. At this point there were undoubtedly Manhattan crew members roaming about. Let them look- she didn’t care.

Faye wasn’t even sure she could identify the exact emotions going through her right now, but as she gazed deeply at Daggum there was immense gratitude there. “In case you were ever wondering, that’s how my brain works a lot of the time. Just sped up a lot. I once explained it to someone as being like computer code scrolling quickly along a screen. I appreciate you trying to find a way to explain it all to me. It… helps.” She wasn’t sure entirely why, but it just… did. She smiled warmly at him.

~Faye Calloway

“I kinda figured that. Thats why I called it my ‘Faye’ moment.” and then put his arms under hers, picked her up off the deck, kissed her deeply, and then gently set her back down. “That, and it’s the moment I knew Faye Calloway was going to be my heart forever.” and he took her hand and began walking again without another word.


She had let out a tiny squeak as he lifted her up and lightly laughed in her throat as she kissed him back.

Faye snorted. “Sounds like an infection. You might want to get that looked at,” she said, another one of those stupidly goofy grins slipping on to her face. “So what now? We can wander some more, or…” She stopped talking as her brain kept going and then she realized she had stopped speaking ad flushed. “Or since the Manhattan is here I could show you garden and you can see the mushroom house in all its glory. Doesn’t have to be today though. We have a week, after all.”

~Faye Calloway

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