Pikelsimer's Quarters- A Dinner Date

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As the dishes hit the floor (the carpet at least prevented things from breaking), Shara wasted no energy on frivolous motions. Bare skin against his, Shara spoke between frantic kisses. “I’ma gal.” A kiss. “From the colonies.” Kiss. “Class is.” She kissed again but pulled o his lip with her teeth. “Overrated.” She pushed him backwards, bracing her hands on the table. “And so is dinner.”

~Shara Calloway

It was several hours later. The table lay overturned on the floor, the remnants of dinner strewn from table to doorway. The replicator on the wall was flashing an error code that not even the CE would recognize. The loveseat was on on end, and the low coffee table was upside down with two broken legs… oddly diagonal from each other. A string of ripped and torn clothes lay strewn across the room, a string of rubble leading to the bedroom.

Micah and Sha lay on the bed, not a piece of bedding left on the bare mattress. The closet door hung at an angle, and the mirror above the dresser had been ripped down and was now wedged between the head of the bed and the wall. Micah held her close and said “Ok, you were right. I lost count. But you were winning when I gave up keeping track.” and he laughed and pulled her closer.


“I warned you, I’m very competitive. People just don’t always know that it’s a competition,” she said, her eyes alight. She stroked the side of his head tenderly as a languid ease settled over her body.

Worn out, she didn’t want to leave this spot and yet their antics meant they still had not eaten all that much food. “Gods I’m famished,” she said giving him a kiss.

~Shara Calloway

“On it.” and he kissed her hand and got up and walked his naked body into the other room.

Her eyes traced the lines of his form as he left, unabashedly appreciative.

“Hey, Sha… do you remember breaking the replicator? Last time I saw any error code like this, there was a bomb attached to it.” and he laughed. He walked back in and said “Sorry, gorgeous. If we are gonna eat, we’re going out to dinner.”


Sitting up, Shara just smirked. “Well, it’s late, but last I checked the Officer’s Mess is usually quiet this hour and likely the replicators there work just fine.” Slipping out of bed, she began to gather up her clothes. “What time is it anyway?” Surveying the damage to his quarters if Shara was embarrassed, she showed absolutely zero signs of it.

~Shara Calloway

Micah looked up to the chronometer, one of the few pieces of furniture not in disarray, and said “0200. Well, time really does fly when you are having fun, don’t it?” and he began grabbing clothes and pulling them on. “You still got work to do on the sim for brig-boy, don’t ya? You wanna grab some food and then call it a night? Or come back here and get some sleep? And yeah… I suppose I could let ya sleep. ” and he chuckled as he pulled on his shirt, saw the rip through the side, smiled at Sha and threw it away. He went to closet, in his bag, nd pulled out another shirt and pulled it on.


Finding her satin blouse haphazardly draped over the back of a dining chair, Shara looked up and smirked. “Sleep, one of those necessary evils,” she said, her expression shifting. It would be a new thing for them, with a small (hopefully minor) complication.

“There’s a small amount of work to be done but it won’t take us long, so I can take a more leisurely morning. Won’t have to be up at oh-six-hundred or anything like that. But I’m going to have a very quick sonic shower alone“-she flashed him a grin-“and then we can find food. Let me think about the rest.”

Shara slipped into the bathroom and truly within five minutes she emerged fully dressed and with her hair at least combed through with her fingers. The makeup was gone, but she looked rather awake now.

~Shara Calloway

Micah was dressed as well and he smiled when she came out. “How the hell do you look so good? I look like ten miles of bad road and you look like ya just stepped off a luxury yacht.” and he offered her his flesh arm and led her out the door.


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