Side Sim - The Black and Silver Ball... Promotions, and Revelations Galore! (All Hands)

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The Arboretum had been decked out to the nines. Black and silver streamers and globes hung through the space, and the deck had been checkered in the same colors. A long table held a plethora of food stuffs, and servers in silver shirts and black ties waited for the guests to arrive. Soft music played from nowhere and everywhere, and Chef Harv stood ata carving station with six… six… different roasted meats.

Captain Cochrane made the rounds one last time, looking much different than his norm in his black Mandarin-collar tuxedo with silver filigree embroidery. Once he was satisfied that everything was ready, he looked to the doors and nodded.

It was time for the festivities to begin.

Cochrane, CO

The first to arrive was a certain Chief Science Officer. For those who knew her, it probably came to know surprise that picking a dress for this occasion came fairly easily. And while she had hated being forced by her mother to attend balls and other formal events, she had always loved dressing up and going to a ball when it was her decision. So here she was: Her black hair pulled back in elegant updo and with several tiny, silver stones pinned into it. Her dress was floor length and black till just above her knees from where it slowly faded into a silvery grey. The skirt was wide and flowy, suggesting that it was not only made of multiple layers, but that she was most likely wearing some sort of supportive undergarment underneath; like a hoop skirt and petticoat. The dress’s bodice was snugly fitting, strapless and had a black satin ribbon around the waist. Apart from the ribbon, the whole dress seemed to sparkle with every movement she made. Almost as if someone had managed to turn the night sky into fabric.

Spotting Alex, Kiama made her way straight towards him, moving in a way that showed that this was not the first time she wore a dress like that. “Good evening Captain,” she greeted him with a warm smile and then added with an encompassing gesture, “This looks amazing. Thank you for going through all the trouble of organising this.”

~Lt. Naim, CSO

“No trouble. All of you have worked so hard, you deserve a break. I am glad to see you here, Lieutenant. Keep yourself available, won’t you? I will have need of your help in a little bit, if you don’t mind.” and he smiled.

“Of course, Sir. I’m happy to assist in any way I can,” Kiama replied while wondering what he might need her help with.

Ensign Shon Baht ducked into the holodeck, a brilliant grin spread across his face. He did a little shoulder shimmy of excitement as he took in the decorations, smells, and music. It had been a while since he’d been to a party, and he was in the mood to boogie.

He was dressed for the occasion as well. Of course Shon couldn’t quite be all black and silver… his blue skin was a vibrant splash of color against the greyscale background around him. But he’d donned a sequined black shirt under a reflective silver vest that looked like it had been sew from the outer layer of a disco ball. His shoes were made of a similar material and clacked as he made his way across the floor. He swiped a few finger foods on a plate before spotting Kiama. He made his way toward her, refusing to let himself be intimidated by entering the same circle as the captain.

“You two look great,” he said over the music after swallowing a morsel.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Cochrane smiled and held out a hand to Baht. “As do you, Ensign. Welcome. I hope you enjoy the party. And excellent choice of attire. Very eye catching.”

“I concur,” Kiama beamed and leaned forward to give her friend a hug. “It’s good to see Shon. We should meet for lunch or dinner or something one of these days. It’s been too long that we really had time to talk and catch up.”

By the time Zef got to the holodeck, the place was pretty full of beautiful people. Standing far enough inside the doors that she was part of the festivities, but not blocking anyone, she took a few moments to just look around and get a feel for the grandness of the setting. It was wondrous. Crystal sparkled everywhere you looked and the crew had taken the “Black and White” part seriously. An event like this was how you began to get a personal sense of people. Their style of clothes, how well they mingled, who was dancing, etc. Standing there in her silver, strapless gown with the black chiffon overlay, patterned sequins glistened on her shoulders where they lay on top of the sheer material.

Feeling very feminine, Zef began looking around for Alex and spotted him talking to Ensign Baht and Lt Naim. He looked positively regal in the very modern tux her wore. It looked like a designer piece, not something standard.

She walked up to the group smiling and hoping she wasn’t interrupting anything.

“You all look fabulous!”

—Rollo, CNS

Alex gave her an almost overly zealous look up and down and smiled broadly and said “As do you, Counselor. That is quite the look. Maybe I should consider a uniform change for the CNS.” and he chuckled as he looked at her.

Cochrane, CO

“Thank you COunsellor,” Kiama replied with a warm smile. “And so do you. It’s a magnificent dress that suits you very well.”

“Come on, I’m wearing heels and I refuse to drag you even though I’m fully capable,” Shara said, highly amused.

From the bathroom, Faye grumbled. “I think I’m going to put a limit on large social gatherings. One per year and if they want me to go to more they can suck an egg.”

Shara laughed. “Oh, I dare you to say that Cochrane in front of the others.”

Faye merged and snorted. “Too late, the man can practically read my mind at this point. It’s very annoying.”

The elder Calloway smiled warmly at her daughter. “Well, you look lovely, now let’s go.”

Slipping through the large double doors and into the Garden, the Calloway women were definitely not dressed at they normally were and definitely fit the setting. Shara wore a black tulle sleeveless ballgown with a high scoop neck and a racerback. The bodice was covered in a silver filigree lace that flowed out into long spaced out strips that touched the floor. Her dark hair was elegantly twisted and pinned up and her makeup simple, except for a rich purple-red on her lips.

Faye went for a cross between elegant and comfort. Her black jumpsuit had a sleeveless halter neck with a wide band of silver sequins that also went along the armholes and pockets. The material hugged her lean body and flared out into wide legs. Dark shadow graded her lids and her signature red-black lipstick was on her lips. She moved easily in her outfit and it felt more natural for her than what her mother wore, but as she looked at Shara she couldn’t hep but think her mother had never looked more beautiful.

“Why is it the more I insist I hate parties, the more I find myself having to endure this particular torture?” Faye said as they approached the group. She checked herself as the words flew out of her mouth. Too soon? Nope. Who would have thought. It didn’t make her uneasy at all, much to her surprise.. Then again she had been on and off the ship for leave and was in a particularly good mood lately.

“Don’t mind her,” Shara said with amusement. “What she means is, good evening. You all look fantastic.”

~Faye & Shara

“Thank you Commander. You do as well,” Kiama replied with a wide smile before turning her head slightly to look at Faye. “And you as well my friend,” she continued and then stepped forward to give her a warm embrace.

~Lt. Naim, CSO

T’Lara had received a notification on her PADD which informed her that it was mandatory for department heads to attend the Black and Silver Ball. The instructions indicated that she was required to wear formal attire and she made it a point to adhere to those guidelines. She sported a silver colored beyip which was a light robe wrapped around her body with knotted buttons on the right side along with a black osan-wun wide sash composed of three bands across her flat waist. In addition, she donned an opelal, which was known as a heavy black formal robe with long sleeves with an optional hood lying at her back that she would not utilize for this specific occasion and wore soft black boots. Her opelal was worn over her beyip with it open at the center to display the contrast between silver and black which met the formal dress requirements exceptionally.

After entering the Arboretum, she scanned the area with her hazel eyes observing the rest of the crew that had arrived. She had recognized most of the senior staff that was there already, but was still familiarizing herself with the rest of the crew. Her demeanor was calm and there was no known expression on her face whatsoever. T’Lara eventually spotted Captain Cochrane and walked to him with the intentions of introducing herself to her new commanding officer. She stopped in front of him, her posture was relaxed, and she tilted her head just slightly, “Captain Cochrane, I am Lieutenant T’Lara, your Chief of Security. Thank you for the invitation to this social gathering sir.” Her tone was rather bland, but if one were to read her eyes they would indicate that she was without a doubt intrigued about having her first interaction with the Captain of the Manhattan.

  • Lieutenant (j.g.) T’Lara, CoS

Cochrane nodded once to T’Lara. “Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. Du dor etek k’ ish-veh la’es (You honor us with your presence).” he said with flawless Vulcan tenor and inflection; and he raised his hand in the proper Vulcan greeting. Turning to face the ensemble, he said “Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce our new Security Chief, Lt. T’Lara. Lieutenant, this is…” and he introduced each member of the crew in turn.

Cochrane, CO

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