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“I kinda figured that. Thats why I called it my ‘Faye’ moment.” and then put his arms under hers, picked her up off the deck, kissed her deeply, and then gently set her back down. “That, and it’s the moment I knew Faye Calloway was going to be my heart forever.” and he took her hand and began walking again without another word.


She had let out a tiny squeak as he lifted her up and lightly laughed in her throat as she kissed him back.

Faye snorted. “Sounds like an infection. You might want to get that looked at,” she said, another one of those stupidly goofy grins slipping on to her face. “So what now? We can wander some more, or…” She stopped talking as her brain kept going and then she realized she had stopped speaking ad flushed. “Or since the Manhattan is here I could show you garden and you can see the mushroom house in all its glory. Doesn’t have to be today though. We have a week, after all.”

~Faye Calloway

“Actually, I’d love to see the garden. But only if you tell me why you just blushed so hard.” and he grinned; but he did start moving towards the docking area.


This was the part where you said something sweet or funny or flirty, right? But that wasn’t the truth and if there was something Faye was not interested in it was all the little while lies that could creep in and take over. “Do you ever have moments where you are talking to someone and you keep talking but then realize you actually continued what you were saying in your head? Because that’s what that was and it happens to me all the time. Really puts a dent in a conversation,” she said with a smirk.

Daggum stopped their progress and turned to her and put his arms around her and kissed her for long time. Pulling away and beginning to walk again he said “No it doesn’t.”

Small things. Faye understood that a lot of the most important bits of how this relationship evolved would come down to the small, sometimes minuscule details. And right now there was a warmth in her body that came with someone showing you just how much you were accepted. The things that drove others crazy might just be the things Daggum loved best about her. Huh. Slightly mystified, she slipped her hand in his thinking, Yes, you were most definitely worth the wait.

Making their way to the port where the Manhattan was docked, Faye dug into a pocket in her jeans and flashed her combadge at the first checkpoint. Of course boarding the ship meant proper biometric clearance but she was, at least if not always keeping to regulation for her leave. That and being reachable made her anxiety dial down a few notches.

“Lieutenant Calloway,” Ensign Ervin greeted with a confused frown. “I wasn’t expecting you back so soon,” he said, taking in Daggum.

Faye waved her hands around in crossing circles. “And I’m not really here. Alllll a figment of your imagination,” she said as she pressed her hand to the access pad. A green light activated.

~Faye Calloway

Daggum pulled out his combadge and tapped it to the scanner. Ervin looked down as the record appeared and then snapped to attention. “Lieutenant Commander Hammor, sir. You are cleared for access. Captain Cochrane sends his regards.” Daggum looked confusedly at the Ensign and then down at Faye. “Um… what?” he asked with a confused half-smile on his face.


Faye snorted. “Go figure. I’ll explain in a moment.” Turning to the ensign, Faye gave him a deep and intense look and pressed her index finger to her lips. “We were never here,” she said.

Ervin almost went to say something but he suddenly looked almost afraid of her. “Yes, ma’am.”

With a wide grin, Faye clapped his shoulder and walked backwards away from him, shifting her attention to Daggum. Her eyes almost appeared backlit. Ervin fidgeted nervously, seemingly uneasy.

Boarding the ship, Faye seemed to visibly relax. Not that she had been tense on the station, but somehow with her feet on the deck of the ship, one tiny bit of her that had been on alert eased. “So… that, I mean the captain, not the ensign who thinks I’m a secret agent ready to kill at a moment’s notice”-she looked up at him and smirked, enjoying that particular bit of the rumour mill lately-“is simply Alex being one of my best friends and him anticipating that I would want to bring you on board to see the garden.” She stopped and gazed up at Dag. “Alex is one of my best friends, but more importantly he’s like a sibling to me, Dag. And like family, he has an uncanny way of knowing what’s going on in my head. He even has a nickname for you. It’s all his way of saying he approves. He’s making small things easier for me. For us.”

~Faye Calloway

Daggum shrugged and said “Well… okay. As long as its… wait. What nickname?” and he looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.


Faye closed what distance there was between them and slipped her arms around him, tilting her head up. “Mushroom-boy,” she said fondly. “He was there when I saw the mushroom house for the first time. It was just before I called you. And you’re my mushroom-boy, so I kinda like it.” The part of her that was almost always self-conscious seemed to at least momentarily get the memo that she was on vacation and it didn’t even occur to her to worry if someone saw them.

“And I bet you anything that Ensign was under orders to let Cochrane know if we did board too,” she said with a light laugh.

~Faye Calloway

“Mushroom-boy?” he said as he hugged her close to him. “Well… I suppose that’s not as bad as it could be.” He kissed her lightly and said “Well, then… lets go see this thing.” and they began to walk through the Manhattan.

As they entered the gardens, Daggum’s eyes went wide. “Holy crap, Faye?! This place is amazing! You did all of this? Love… I am super impressed. C’mom, show me everything.” and he pulled her by the hand and into the gardens.


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