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“Mushroom-boy?” he said as he hugged her close to him. “Well… I suppose that’s not as bad as it could be.” He kissed her lightly and said “Well, then… lets go see this thing.” and they began to walk through the Manhattan.

“How does it feel to be back here?” Faye asked him as they headed for the turbolift.

“Weird. I mean, I was only here for a hot second, but it still seems… familiar somehow.”

Faye smirked. “This ship has a strange way of getting under your skin. One moment you’re just going along minding your own business and then bam! the next you realize it’s somehow a part of you. It really bizarre. Wonderful, but bizzare.”

As they entered the gardens, Daggum’s eyes went wide. “Holy crap, Faye?! This place is amazing! You did all of this? Love… I am super impressed. C’mom, show me everything.” and he pulled her by the hand and into the gardens.


She laughed wildly as he all but pulled her along. “Well I did have tons of help, but the vision was mine and I’m very proud of it,” she said as she led him to the right past the fruit trees. “But there’s so much I want to show you!” She was taking him counter-clockwise so they could finish at the mushroom house by the storage area and then visit her bed before they left. But right now she was heading towards The Hill.

Snaking their way up The Hill, Faye took him to the to third level and to the right where the bench under the dew-drop tree sat. It was the same place she had had Alex meet her to tell him about Kodell. Not only was this one of her favourite spots in the garden, but it felt… right. “Take in this view, Dag. I never thought we could have something like this on a starship but once the idea got stuck in my head I had to make it happen. My mom called this whole space an homage to Tracken. I wanted to dispute that but I think in some way she’s right.” Faye shook her head as she looked out over the top of the grove by The Pond, the water partly obscured by the giant slow growing tress they had brought in. “Everything in my life has come full circle in some way. It’s kind of extraordinary,” she said softly, getting lost a bit in the scenery.

~Faye Calloway

Daggum just let her revel in her creation in silence. He was massively impressed, not just by the garden… but by her. It wasn’t that she had changed since he last saw her… well she had, but the change had made her more Faye. The restlessness and defensiveness was so much lower and she seemed so much more comfortable in her own skin. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek, then took her hand in his and held it as they looked out over the view.


Squeezing his hand, Faye leaned against him, content for the moment. It was a bizarre feeling, she had to admit, and a part of brain set about analyzing its peculiarities. “The ensign’s reaction? Not entirely unwarranted,” she said with a sigh. Back to reality.

Pulling his hand gently, Faye stepped back towards the bench. She smiled knowing he’d have to duck under the splayed branches of what she had dubbed the dew-drop tree. “There are some things I wanted to tell you, but despite all my encryption it felt unsafe to do so over subspace.”

Faye felt safe with Dag under the tree’s canopy and she snuggled her body up against him. “Long story short is that those elements in Intel I mentioned? The ones that aren’t entirely certain about me? Well.. I’ve been vouched for, by Commander Creed. He’s… sticking himself out there for me, to keep the others off my back. But it does come with a caveat,” she said, tilting her head up to gaze at him. “It means I’m no longer just a data specialist. I’m still doing that work and it’ll be my primary job, but I’ll be working under Creed as an Intelligence Officer.” It was why she had made the comment about probably never being able to leave Intel. “But at least I’m under his and Cochrane’s orders, rather than having someone pulling strings on the other side of the galaxy who doesn’t care one with whether I live or die.”

~Faye Calloway

Daggum listened and then looked out over the garden. “I think I understand, Faye. I’ll be honest… I’m not sure I like it, but… ” and he looked back at her. “But if that is what you want to do, I will support you no matter what. But the second you want to be done? Be done. And if you need… well… help with that; then let me know. Together we can figure it out. We’ve figured this out so far, right?” and he pointed back and forth between them.


Pulling back enough to face him more fully, there was uncertainty and a tiny bit of that fear she had felt in the brig crept back into her eyes. “I don’t doubt you’d rearrange the stars for me if you could,” Faye said, feeling every bit of the truth in her statement. “And I can accept that there is a solution to the situation that I haven’t come across yet and might need others for. But there are other variables at play here too.”

She trusted him without a doubt and thus far she had said nothing about it to anyone since it had happened. Not even Alex. They had all just carried on like nothing had happened. Gazing into Daggum’s beautiful emerald eyes Faye exhaled through her lips. “I remember,” she whispered and then tapped her head. “I had a mind dump in Alex’s ready room the day he told my mom and I about Leroy being rescued. We read the after-action report,” she said, swallowing the urge the shudder. “Long story short, something triggered a dump and the next thing I know I’m on the floor with my mom and Alex hovering over me. A medic arrived and looked me over but aside from a crazy high heart rate and the expected crazy neural readings, I was okay. It hurt though.”

Looking up at the rain-drop shaped leaves of the tree, Faye inhaled sharply. “It’s not the first time I’ve remembered something from a dump, but when I have it’s fleeting and not very much. But Alex got me to just start writing. It just poured out of me, uncontrollably. Once it started…” She squeezed her eyes tight for a moment. “I can’t make any sense of it. My mom said it was math that even she couldn’t fully make sense of, and that is saying something. Mathematics happen to be one of her gifts.”

Faye sighed. “The point is that something has shifted, and while I don’t feel I’m a target, I know I can’t just walk away. There’s no scenario where I can just settle down on some planet somewhere and forget any of it happened. Sure as hell there would be someone assigned to watch me. I’d always feel uncertain, unable to trust strangers.” She finally looked back at Daggum. “That’s how most of my life has been, Dag, and I’m done with that s$!t,” she said, her eyes adamant.

~Faye Calloway

Daggum looked at her, his beautiful Faye, and reached up and took her chin in his fingers. “When you are ready… when you are ready, not anyone else… we will figure out how to do whatever needs to be done. From here on out, you control you. You may have someone giving you orders, but that’s just your job. Your life is up to you. And now that you know that, and now that we have one another, I know that we can handle anything the universe throws at us. If slavers and spies and billions of miles couldn’t stop us… nothing can. So yes, be done with that s$!t. Let’s start our own s$!t. Just you and me.”


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