Take your time. No worries

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Take your time. No worries

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Take your time. No worries
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Revna left the meeting with S’Tek. S’Tek seemed to be pretty level headed and thoughtful. Something that was not a given in Vulcan’s. She’d worked with enough to appreciate it in S’Tek. She was pretty sure she was going to enjoy working with Cochrane. As long as she could find her own footing. It had been a long time since she’d been unsure of herself in her work. It was a strange sensation, but she’d find her way. She chose this and she would find her way. Life, as she’d learned, could be taken in a moment, and she intended to grab it and hold on. And that meant Mike. She made her way to the lifts inside the hotel, totally oblivious to the whispers from the bar patrons the night before. She shook her head, Mike left Runa in charge of the bar....RUNA! Was probably going nuts, Revna was supposed to tell her when she got to Event Horizon. Oh well, she sent Mike out here, she could wait. The smile she’d been holding onto all morning finally crossed her face and settled there permanently. She stepped off the lift and down to their door, palmed the control and stepped inside. She didn’t see Mike and if he was still sleeping she wasn’t going to wake him, so she didn’t call out for him.

A now-familiar voice said “Get changed, my love. We’re late!” and Mike came out of the bathroom. He was dressed in a pair of dark gray pants, a black shirt with deep crimson tie, and a gray vest. He looked at her and said “I love you. Either change or we go with you like that… and you’re gorgeous by the way. But I didn’t think that you wanted to get married married in your work clothes. C’mon… chop chop.”


Revna stopped, by the gods the man looked good. Married? She moved past him as he talked. She grabbed something out of the wooden chest and moved past him into the bathroom. She was back out not five minutes later. A dark grey underdress with long sleeves and a scooped neck line, that flowed and swished around her. The over dress was the same color as his tie. The cap sleeves were laced to the shoulders of the bodice. The skirt came to knee length in the front but floor length in the back. The waste was cinched by a black suede belt. Her hair was still in the same combined weave of braids as before. “Come on, we can’t be late.” She winked at him taking his hand.
Revna, let me pinch myself

Mike winked at her and then bolted for the door, literally dragging her behind him. He didn’t speak for the entire trip to the station Magistrate. As soon as they reached the door, it slid open.

Revna didn’t say a word at first, she was too busy smiling and then…”Mike, slow down or carry me. Either way, you’re too tall and I’m running.”

A Nezu woman stood up from behind a desk. “Mr. McKenzie! It is such a pleasure to meet you finally!” She looked at Revna and said “And you must be her. Excellent. Excellent. So…” and she picked up a PaDD.

Revna grinned, yes she was her. She looked up at Mike, smiled, squeezed his hand and looked back at the woman. “I am.”

“As I am to understand it, you both have performed a marriage ceremony in accordance with your specific cultures, and you both consider it binding. Is that correct?”

Mike said “I do.” and looked at Revna and winked.


She looked up at Mike, her world stilling as he answered. Her eyes never leaving his face, “I do.”

The Magistrate looked between the two and then said “Um… uh huh. So… ” and she tapped a few commands into the PaDD and said “Excellent. Your Federation records have been updated to reflect your custom and agreement. You are now married. Ms.Edman… in accordance with Human custom, do you wish to take the last name of your husband?”

Revna opened her mouth to answer....

Mike looked at her and smiled. “There absolutely is a right answer here, Mrs. McKenzie.”


She tipped her head to the side and looked at him. Oh there was a right answer and she absolutely loved that he pointed that out to her. But he could see the twinkle in her eyes…she was about to say something, then thought better of it. This was far too important. “Yes I would. McKenzie. Revna Freya McKenzie.”

Revna, you better be glad my village isn’t Matriarchal

The Magistrate looked confused but just nodded finally and tapped on the PaDD. “Very well. Records have been updated. Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. McKenzie.” and she clapped softly and then looked at Mike. “And we are still on, correct?” Mike smiled and said “Oh, absolutely. You know it. I’ll make sure she gets the vid first thing. Thank you so much, Magistrate Folux.”


Revna squeezed his hand. It was official and she was giddy. But apparently they were ‘late’ and Mike had pulled a favor. Revna turned to the woman, her signature calm and total honest sincerity with it. “Thank you Magistrate Folux. You’ve given us quite a gift, thank you. And I must apologize for being late. I appreciate you making time for us.” People responded to graciousness and Revna had plenty to spare. The Folux was no different. A little acknowledgement went a long way. Revna followed Mike out the door the smile back on her face, waited till they were past the crowd and kissed him. “Mike what did you do?”
Mrs McKenzie, so this is what it’s like to be married to someone famous

Mike smiled and said “Promised a fourteen year old punk rock fan that I’d play a song for him on a vid. It was either that or we couldn’t get married for seven to ten weeks.” He looked at her and then kissed her.

“And I couldn’t wait that long.”

Mike… Mr. Revna McKenzie

“I am so watching you record that.” Her eyes danced, but it was sweet. Mike McKenzie was a big ol’ teddy bear and she wasn’t telling a soul. She kissed him back long enough to start getting whistles from the crowd. She pulled back and grinned. “Okay room service? Or you wanna go out. I’m starving. We missed room service last night, and for a 0600 meeting there was NO food.”
Revna, someone feed me before I get cranky

Definitely room service.” he said and took her by the hand and led her back to their room, stopping only long enough at the desk to order food and asking that it be set outside the door.

As they came up to the door, Mike scooped her up off the floor and said “My wife is the traditional type, so I have to.” and he opened the door and carried her across the threshold, letting the door slide silently shut behind them.

Mike, One Half of the McKenzies

She laughed, “Yes she is, so yes you do.” And then she was kissing him softly on the neck, arms around him, as he carried her in and let the door shut. “You do know we won’t get away with this. There will be a very very large wedding in our future, Mr. McKenzie” She chuckled, she’d marry Mike 1000 times if she needed to. “But just in case that magistrate can’t keep a secret I better tell Runa. Or your bar may not survive.” She it didn’t seem to worry her too much because she kept kissing him.

Revna, the other Half of the McKenzies

“She…” kiss “Can” kiss. “Wait.” kiss Mike mumbled against Revna as he kissed her fervently. Pulling back finally, he said “And yeah, I know. Can’t wait for it.” and he sat her down on her feet and said “Can we wait till tomorrow to tell her? I’d like just one more night with you without anyone knowing.”


“Mmmmhmmm. Fine with me.” She would yell it from the roof tops or hunker down hiding in the hotel room for eternity. She didn’t care, whatever he wanted, as long as she was with him. “We can wait,” she kissed neck, “as long as,” she kissed along his jaw line, “you want.” She returned to his lips, stretching up on her toes, still kissing him deeply, she couldn’t get enough. In between kissing him, she smiled, “Why did you put me down?”

And then there was a chime at the door. She stopped long enough to glare at the door. That had better be food and not work.

Revna he’s 10 inches taller, I feel short…

Mike leaned down and kissed her; a long, deep, fully encompassing kiss that was interrupted by the chime again. Mike slowly pulled away and said “Well, that means its not the food.” and he smiled at her. “Why don’t you slip into something… or maybe nothing?… more comfortable and I’ll deal with the door… Wife.” and he kissed her gently and pinched her lightly on the butt. Laughing, he turned and went to the door.

Revna swatted his hand away playfully and walked into the other room. She didn’t really have anything long the lines of what he was probably thinking. She’d never needed such things. She was seriously considering his second suggestion when she heard his voice…

DAMMIT. I wish these were hinged so I could throw it open! he thought to himself as he pressed the control and the door slid open.


“Gods above, girl. How many times do I have to tell you there is no Ms. Edman here?” Mike said, even though he knew that she knew this was Revna’s room.

Mike McKenzie, of the Nordic McKenzies

Revna looked in the closet and grinned. Why not? It was one of Mike’s shirts. Royal blue and button down. She had to roll the sleeves several times, but it was comfortable and smelled like him. She pulled one of the fluffy bathrobes on over it and padded barefoot to the door.

Groan Krissy

She put an arm around Mike’s waste and ducked under his arm. “What is it Krissy?” Wasn’t there a do not disturb setting for the door?

“Ms. Ed-… er, Mrs. McKenzie… the Ambassador wanted to say congrat… YOU’RE THE WOMAN IN THE VIDEO OF BIG MIKE MCKENZIE ON THE PIANO!!!”

So apparently the magistrate couldn’t keep a secret…the force of her exclamation actually made Revna rock back a bit. “Kris....” What video??? There were videos?
Revna, Mike you better explain

Mike, well practiced at sudden influxes of attention from time to time, reached out and grabbed Krissy by the arm and pulled her into the room and slid the door closed.

Krissy looked shocked, but then she said with a smile “Y-… You’re… YOU’RE MIKE MCKENZIE!!! FROM GOVERNMENT KILLS!!! OHMYGODILOVEYOUSOMUCHYOURSONG-!!!” and to her credit the intern caught herself and stepped back from making the fan-girl moment more awkward. She looked back and forth between the husband and wife and blushed hard. “Oh my god… I can’t believe this… my boss is married to Mike McKenzie…” and she looked down at her ever-present PaDD and tapped a few commands before turning it so Revna and Mike could see.

Revna’s good humor returned after a brief pause and she bit her lower lip to stop from laughing. Poor Krissy was totally overwhelmed by her revelation, but Mike, oh Mike her dear precious husband, deserved this. He told her he wasn’t that famous…uh huh. She took the PaDD from Krissy....

There, under the ‘Latest News’ of the Entertainment section of Galactic Variety was a video of Mike and Revna at the piano in the bar the night of her arrival at the station. The headline read Big Mike In Love?! Sorry ladies and gents… Looks like ‘Government Kills’ bassist and renowned singer / songwriter has a new love, and she can sing, too!

She was in the news…but what struck a chord (pun intended) was it said she could sing. It had nothing to do with vanity or a desire to be heard. She’d lost the ability and desire to sing. Music had always been as essential to Revna as the blood in her veins. She just wasn’t public about it. The surgery had given her the ability back, but Mike had given her the desire, had given her music back. She tapped on the picture of the two of them sitting side-by-side on the piano bench playing together, staring goofely at each other. She tipped the PaDD so Mike could see. “It’s a good picture. If I ask nicely, think they’ll give it to me?” She was joking she could get the picture easily.

Krissy practically bounced “I can do that for you!” Revna’s gaze met the girl’s. “Krissy, descretion. You work for the Ambassador now.” Revna could see it on her face, the excitement of knowing what no one else did. “We don’t spread gossip even if it’s true.”

Mike looked at Revna and said “Um… so I, uh… well… Im a little famous… actually.” and he grinned sheepishly at her.

Mike ‘Wait. You’re THAT BIG MIKE?!?!?’ McKenzie

Revna laughed then. “Just a little? I think your being too humble.”

Mike shrugged and said “Well… we do play the Klingon High Chancellor’s birthday party every year.” and he grinned.

The chime rang again and the sound was followed by retreating foot steps. Food! Revna pulled Krissy away from the door so Mike could deal with what she hoped was food. She turned back to Krissy and spoke softly and calmly to her. After a few moments Krissy left a second PaDD and taking hers nodded seriously (or as seriously as a teenager could) and left the room quietly.
Revna, you are so singing to me every day

Mike stepped to side so Krissy could leave and came back with two trays of covered dishes. “Breakfast and lunch, my love.” and he set them on the dresser. He looked back at the door and said “So what was that about?”

Mike ‘Baby, I’m Gonna Make You Famous’ McKenzie

Revna moved over towards the dresser and began to pile food on a plate. “That was me appealing to her teenage sensibility of secrets and being ‘in the know.’ She is now the only girl on the whole station who knows we’re married and is now our new best friend for keeping our secret. Plus she’d lose her internship if she was so careless. She’s quite happy to ‘help us avoid those crazy fans’.” Revna grinned and sat at the table, picked up the PaDD Krissy had left.

“How nice, the Ambassador has sent his congratulations and given me the week off, except of course for having to meet Cochrane when the Manhattan arrives…” Revna picked up her drink and took a sip continuing to read. And then began to cough as the drink went down the wrong way....

“Oh..cough that’s cough cough” she cleared her throat a few times. “He regrets not being aware of our marriage and his bad manners for not inviting such a well known personage to accompany me to breakfast and extends an invitation ....” She started laughing “and apparently Cot Cochrane will be equally pleased....” She glanced up at him. “Mike…my boss is a fan. Oh gods where is that sword? Someone has to protect you.”
Revna, ‘Big Mike’s‘ Bodyguard

Mike laid back on the bed and put his hands behind his head and laughed, looking at the ceiling. “The Ambassador, huh? Don’t think I’ve ever had an Ambassador as a groupie. Now that would be one for the memoir.” and he laughed again. He looked at Revna and said more seriously. “Hey. I am sorry. I honestly thought a lot of the hub-bub had died off. If I’d had known people would throw such a fit, I’d probably have just put on space suit and serenaded you outside the window.”

Mike ‘Reluctant Celebrity / Eager Husband’ Mckenzie

Revna finished off the piece of toast and orange juice in front of her. “And a Vulcan ambassador at that.” She got up with a grin, and slipped the robe off, now in his overly long shirt. She laid down next to him, hand across his chest, chin on her hands and looked at him. “I don’t mind at all. It was incredible and I wouldn’t change any of it. I mean, honestly Mardusk told me you were that Mike behind FedSec Fascists. I look at you and see you. The man I love, the better half of me. You have an amazing gift Mike, I don’t want you to apologize for it. Besides if you were in a space suit I couldn’t have kissed you.” She reached up and kisses him quickly on the lips. “Okay?”
Revna, be famous or not just as long as I’m with you

“Okay… Mrs. McKenzie.” he said and kissed her for a long, long time. Finally coming up for air, he smiled at her and said “You know that sister of yours will burn down my bar if she sees that vid before you tell her that you tied me up and forced me into matrimony.” and he laughed.

Mike ‘Spacesuit Serenade’ McKenzie

He might have come up for air but Revna wasn’t quite finished kissing him yet, but she sighed and curled up in his arms. “Yeah she might. Or she might decide to burn it down when she finds out she didn’t get to be here for the wedding. Either way I might should tell D’Vash to go run interference. Take him and Mardusk both to stop her stealing a shuttle.” Her hand smoothed over his forearm and up over his shoulder and then rested on his chest. She kissed him right over his heart, and then sighed. “So you want me to tell her now or still wait till tomorrow? And it’s not her you need to worry about. If Devlin sees that vid the whole island is going to know.”
Mrs McKenzie, are you prepared for an army of Vikings?

Mike sighed and said “Go ahead and call her… and your family. Might as well get out ahead of it while we can. And I actually have a call to make, too.” and he looked at her and grinned.

“Maybe in an hour, though?” and he eyed her up and down with a mischievous grin.

Mike ‘Vikings don’t scare me, but your sister does’ McKenzie

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