You are Such a Snob

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“Rev…” Mike said as he sat, dumbfounded, by the view. “This… this is just so…” and he smiled. “So spectacular.” and he leaned over, his hand going to the back of her neck and his lips to hers, and he kissed for as long as he could in such a setting. “I love you so much, Revna McKenzie.” he said, the view outside forgotten for the view next to him.

Mike ‘The View Was Better In The Room’ McKenzie

She rested her hand against his heart as he kissed her. The benefit of a private dinning room was they could kiss for as long as they wanted to and not be interrupted. The view really was spectacular and a bit disorienting if you weren’t careful. But that feeling of falling right before he kissed her, coupled with the feel of his hand on the back of her neck: knowing he’d catch her as she fell was incredible. She smiled slowly but it lit up her face. Her voice was a breath of sound between them, “I will never get tired of hearing you call me that. I love you with all my soul Michael McKenzie.” She kissed him again before sitting back slightly, but still holding his hand. “I hope you enjoy this.” She grinned and there was a soft knock on a second door joining the room to the kitchen. She looked up at the person peaking in and waved them in. She picked up her water and sipped it.

A Etanian man walked in, white apron, towel tossed over a shoulder and rolled up sleeves identified him as the bar tender. “Mr McKenzie, Mrs McKenzie welcome to The View. Your wife tells me you,” and he stops glances at Revna and shakes his head. He was not sure he should use the term the lady had. A wife could get away with a lot. “That you area a connoisseur of beer. She has arranged for you to sample the best fermented beverages that the Delta Quadrant can provide.” He picks up the third menu and offers it to Mike. “I can bring you a pre-determined selection or you may choose.” He looks at Revna, “I have arranged for the kitchen to match dishes to go along with your drink choices.”

Revna smiles, “Thank you Haighnak.”

Revna ‘the view is worth waiting for’ McKenzie

Mike smiled at Revna and said “You talked to Mardusk.” and he chuckled. He kissed her and said “So now I suppose I need to impress.” He smiled and then looked at Haighnak.

“Pre-determined is fine, but nothing too hoppy. Dark to amber in color, heavy malt, and light carbonation. I’m not familiar with very many Delta Quadrant brews, so I’d like to stay away from anything too far sour or sweet. I’d like to tour the quadrant without getting bogged down in any one sector. I really look forward to seeing what you have for us. Thanks.”

Mike ‘It Just So Happens I Do Know My Booze’ McKenzie

Haighnak’s eyes widened slightly as Mike talked and then a knowing smile crossed his face. Finally someone who understood. “I’ll be back with those in a bit and I will have the kitchen bring something to compliment them.”

Revna grinned squeezing his hand. “I did not talk to Mardusk, but that’s a really good idea for in future. And you always impress me.” She picked up the water again sipping it slowly looking out the clear floor. “It’s a bit unnerving isn’t it? You know I’ve spent a lot of time looking out view ports, but this…I’m glad I get to see with you.”

Haighnak returned with two servers, one carrying a tray of Darvot fritters. The other, like Haighnak, carrying a wooden tray with four small glasses of beer. One tray in front of Mike and the other in front of Revna. “The first is close to what on Earth would be called a Lager, but it not made with anything close to hops. It is made with Bantan which is very spicy, but not hot. It is unique to the Delta quadrant. Then you have a stout and two ambers. All three made with a grain similar to hops, that stout however may be heavier than you are used to. The ambers are slightly, but not too far, sweet to offset the Darvot Fritters. Please enjoy. I will bring another flight with your meal.” And Haighnak left, shooing the two younger servers out of the room.

Revna was not a beer drinker, not even close, she had absolutely no idea what the man had brought them. Now mead, she could discuss the finer points all night. “Alright, you’re the expert, where shall we start?”
Revna ‘I know you, my love’

“How about right here?” and he leaned over and kissed her deeply before smiling and breaking the kiss. “And now we should try the beer.” and he winked at her.

If he didn’t stop winking at her like that, they may not finish dinner. “Beer can wait another minute,” and she kissed him again. Being with Mike was easy and perfect, and that might sound naïve, but it was true. They were themselves, there was no pretense, no attempts to impress. With Mike she wasn’t who everyone else needed her to be, he had no expectations except she be herself. One of the many reasons she loved him.

“OK.” and he clapped once and said “General rule of thumb is you start light and go dark. Lighter color generally equates to lighter flavors and aromas, so you don’t want to desensitized your pallet too soon. So, lager then ambers then stout. And a drink first, then a bite of food, then a bite with a drink, then rinse pallet.” He looked at Revna and said “I cannot imagine doing this with anyone else.” and he smiled.

Mike ‘I Can Think Of Better Flavors’ McKenzie

“Alright,” she placed a fritter on each of their plates and then picked up the lager. She took a drink, it wasn’t too bad…then she blinked, closed her eyes and then coughed slightly. “He wasn’t kidding when he said spicy.” She took a bite of the fritter which was hearty but not heavy. Then another sip with the food, now knowing what to expect, it was better. Then she picked up her water and sipped at it. She grinned set down the glass and held up her hands, “How’d I do?”
Revna ‘wink again and we’re in trouble’ McKenzie

Mike smiled and said “Oh, I’m sorry. I was too busy staring at your chest in that dress. Did you say something?” and he grinned cheekily and laughed. “You did great… both beer and bust wise.” … and he winked again.

Revna wasn’t sure what she expected, but he caught her off guard. It was like the man was reading her mind. She felt the heat from a deep blush quickly spread across her. She didn’t bother to hide it, though. She wasn’t sure more beer was going to go well with the butterflies taking off in her stomach, but then again the feeling she got every time he winked at her was better than a beer buzz. “I’m glad you like it.” She leaned in and kissed him deeply. “You have all of dinner to appreciate it.” Her eyes danced as she pulled away.

Taking a sip, he let it sit for moment and then swallowed. He nodded. “Not really my style, but its good. I could probably keep a bottle or two at the bar.” and he took a bite of the fritter.

Mike ‘Shes My WIfe I’m Allowed To Stare’ McKenzie

She sat back and sipped more of the water, it was cold. She crossed her ankles, the skirt and split moving as she did. She picked up the first amber and repeated the process, but with much smaller amounts. There were two more flights and the whole meal to get through. “Do you think anyone on Atlantis would drink it? It’s…unique that’s for sure.” Revna was watching him, memorizing every movement, every shift of muscle, the expressions on his face. But it was the the play of muscle across his arms that got her and knowing what it felt like to be held in those arms. She took a bite of the fritter and the first amber.
Revna ‘Too Bad I can’t eat and be in his arms at the same time’ McKenzie

Mike stared unabashedly at the split in the dress and the flesh it exposed. He drank some of the amber and said, without taking his eyes off her leg, “Knowing that group, there is nothing here that someone on that ship won’t drink.” His eyes moved hungrily up her leg to her thigh, her waist, her chest, and finally her lips.

With a speed driven by pure hunger, and not for the fritter, he leaned in and gave her a solid kiss; a moan escaping him as his lips met hers. Fritter and beers forgotten for the moment, his hand settled upon her exposed knee and slowly began sliding up, the split in the dress betraying any sense of modesty Revna may have had.

Mike ‘Please Say This Is On The Menu’ McKenzie

The speed at which he moved was rewarded by a softly startled gasp, and then his moan answered by one of her own. One hand reached out to rest against his forearm, simply to increase the connection his own touch created. Her other resting against the curve of his shoulder; at some point or another she ended up on his lap. Space stretching out around them through the glass floor and walls, the windows light up as the wormhole activated, but it wasn’t nearly as bright as the passion in the room between them.

She rested her head against his shoulder, breathing heavily. “Mike, do you want to stay or have it sent to our room?” Revna absolutely did not care how that sounded or the fact they hadn’t even gotten to the actual meal yet.
Revna ‘Forget the Menu’ McKenzie

“Room. Now. Lets go. We can come back tomorrow too.” and he stood up and lifted her with him, the gracefully set her on her feet. “Do you need to say anything to anyone?” Mike asked, although it was more than apparent that he was struggling to remain courteous rather than throwing her over his shoulder and running for their room.

Mike ‘Patience Is For Saints’ McKenzie

Her feet touched the ground, but she really wasn’t sure she could stand on her own at the moment. She blinked looking around, holding onto him. Say anything? She caught a glimpse of Haighnak making a shooing motion with his hands through the door window and she flushed looking away. She shook her head breathing heavily, “Nope…not a word.” She moved toward the door letting Mike guide her through the crowd and his arm steady her steps as she walked.
Revna ‘Carry me? Yes. Like a sack of potatoes? No.’ McKenzie

As they cleared the doorway into the restaurant, Mike scooped her up and held her cradled against his chest. “I woulda thought you’d have learned to really moves in heels like those, my love. But you are entirely too slow and we have some serious love making to get to right. Now.” and he moved like a train through clusters of people and around objects, eventually getting them to their room in record time. He opened the door and and carried her inside and then went directly to the bed and laid her down and started kissing her on the lips, the neck, slowly moving lower…


Shush and enjoy the ride Yeah, it was correct then and it was now too…she was kissing his neck, arms wrapped around his shoulders. “If I could” kiss “move in them” kiss....kiss “you” kiss “wouldn’t have” kiss “to carry me.” kiss. Honestly, Mike could have knocked the crowds down and stepped over them. Revna would not have noticed. Mike laid her on the bed and his intensity stopped the breath in her lungs, created a running of fast firing nerve endings that left her arms and legs shaky, sent warm chills down her spine, and the knowledge that he was her one and only, and he was answered by her own intensity. Minutes or hours later, she didn’t know, it hit her hard and suddenly, exactly how many millions of events had to fall into place for the Fates to allow her to be Mike’s wife and how terrifyingly close she came to never having him in her life. It was all just a little overwhelming. The rightness, the passion, the intensity brought tears to her eyes, and she held on to him tighter. And through it all was the beat of their hearts, the perfection of their love for each other, and the strength of his arms keeping the rest of the world at bay.

Revna ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to me Is You’ McKenzie

That night passed like an eternity wrapped in a single moment. Her… him… and nothing else in the universe. As she lay wrapped in his arms, his body following the contours of her own, his mind wandered and he had a waking dream…

Hills dotted the landscape rising up from a rocky shore bordering a gray-green sea; and were covered in moss and the dried brown husks or heather in the winter. The wind blew steady and cold, but it wasn’t unpleasant… and the tang of salt from the ocean filled his senses.

And there she was. His Viking princess. His shield-maiden. His Nordic bride. She wore a gray dress with white accents, and small flowers were woven into her braids. She laughed and danced and ran from him across the hilly moor, looking over her shoulder and smiling. The wind bellowed the dress out from her bare legs and feet, and she led him further and further from the sea.

Soon she disappeared, but before him was a low stone house. It sat half in the ground, and the roof was the same moss covered color as the countryside around it. A wooden door opened to reveal a single room cottage with a large fire place. He had never seen it before, but he knew it immediately. She was there, stirring something in a large, black pot. As he closed the door, she turned and smiled at him.

“Welcome home, husband.”

And his eyes popped open to see her face now looking at him, a soft smile on her face.

Mike ‘Well That Was Something’ McKenzie

Revna was half on her side, palms flat against his chest, curled against him, held close and secure in his arms, legs tangled. She watched his face, his expression relaxing, the weight he carried for the moment appearing to be gone. She had no idea where he was in his dreams, but she hoped she was in there somewhere. She shifted slightly and his whole body curled around her pulling her closer. There was a tugging, a reaching, from her heart the core of who she was, her soul that was only quieted in his presence. She kissed his chest where her head was now resting, then she kissed his chin, along his jaw, and gently below his year, and she whispered, “Welcome home, husband.” She wasn’t sure what made her choose those words, but she wanted to be home for him, the way he was for her. She laid her head back watching him and when he opened his eyes she was smiling softly. She reached one arm around his waist tracing random patterns across his back. “Good morning.” She kissed him soft and lingering, relaxing completely in his arms.
Revna ‘Home is not a place but a person’ McKenzie

Mike was momentarily disoriented. His dream had been so vivid, and even now he could smell the salt on the air. “I… you were-… holy crap that was intense.” Hang on a second.” and he shot up and almost leapt out of the bed. He turned back and leaned over her and kissed her quickly. “I love you.” and he ran his naked body to the desk and grabbed the PaDD and yanked the stylus off the side and began writing furiously.

Mike ‘This Is Why You Married Me, In Case You Didn’t Know’ McKenzie

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