A Meal, A Hearth, A Home

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in A Meal, A Hearth, A Home

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in A Meal, A Hearth, A Home
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The diplomatic wing of the station was on the opposite end of the station as the Ambassador Hotel. Revna thought that was very strange, since many of the guests the Ambassador hosted were given rooms at the hotel. But what did she know about star base design? Not a lot. She’d gotten in touch with Krissy, and the very eager intern was currently making sure their stuff was transferred quickly and quietly from the hotel to their quarters in the diplomatic wing. She’d slipped on a calf length skirt and off the shoulder peasant blouse. And with a wink at Mike, high heel strappy sandals because she needed to learn to move faster in them.

She tucked her hand into Mike’s elbow as they walked, even with the heels, she was still shorter than him, and she liked it. They had to walk the entire station to get there, and though she was eager to get there with him, she was enjoying the walk as well.

Revna ‘Move in with me?’ McKenzie

The walk was a slow and languid one, with small talk and idle chatter… and Mike loved it. They caught glances and whispers every now and then, but no one approached them. As they reached the diplomat’s area, a Star Fleet Security officer stood at the turbolifts. “ID, please?” he asked politely. Mike pulled his Federation ID out and handed it Revna to hand to the guard. “Is that a necessity, or for show?” he asked softly to Revna with a small nod towards the guy.

Mike ‘I’m Packing Now’ McKenzie

Revna took out her ID and, along with Mike’s, passed them to the guard. Revan glanced at Mike and shrugged, answering just as softly, “I have no idea.” The guard looked at both IDs and glanced back at them. Then he half turned, “Hey, Frallugh, hand me that package for McKenzie.” He held out his hand to the other man and took a large stuffed envelope from him and handed it to Revna along with their IDs. “New IDs are in there, along with some other items.” He stepped to the side and gave Mike ‘the nod.’ “Mostly necessity, but we do put on a good show if need be, Mr McKenzie. Congratulations to you both. Turbolift is to starboard, deck 3, all the way at the end. Family quarters, Ma’am.”

Mike nodded at the officer and said “Uh… thanks?” and he stepped into the lift with Revna. “Uh… so just exactly what do they mean by ‘Family Quarters’? If we get there and they’ve got a baby in there, I’m out.” he said in mock firmness.

She laughed, “Here I have no idea, but if it’s like standard fleet quarters it means a large combined living-workspace, one bathroom and two bedrooms. Not anything too outrageous. And if there is a baby in there you can sing it to sleep.”

Revna looked surprised, she hadn’t expected that. The information Krissy had given her included a letter stating that there had been a change, but she hadn’t thought too much about it. Krissy had said the Ambassador had insisted. She took makes hand again and passed by the security desk, taking a right and heading for the lift. It stopped on deck 3, and they walked all the way to the end. The deck, here, seemed pretty empty and the room spaced out more than she expected. 3211, all the way at the end. Revna palmed the lock and the door opened to a space much larger than she was expected for herself. But it had plenty of room for the idea she had.
Revna ‘family?????’ McKenzie

The quarters were a large apartment. A small hallway led into a large living room with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the larger docking bays. The Manhattan was clearly visible from their view. A holo-fire place was all that interrupted the flow of transparent aluminium form one side of the room to the other. Large couches and chairs graced the living area. To the left, a bar separated kitchen form living area. Two replicators and all the necessities for actual cooking were provided, as well as food storage. To the right of the living room was another hall. First door on the left was a bedroom. First on the right bathroom. Further down the hall it turned to the right. At the corner on the left, another bedroom. But at the end of the hall was the master bedroom and bath. The bedroom was large and had a raised section where sat a very large bed. The head of the bed sat across the far left corner of the room, where viewing walls looked out into space, and the foot of the bed faced the door. A vanity and several large dressers sat against the non-transparent walls, and a there were several walk-in closest to the right of the door from the hall. Another door to the far right led them into the master bath. Walk-in combination sonic / hydro shower, toilet, his and hers sinks below a wall sized mirror, and truly impressive sized soaking tub made up the furnishings in a large space with high ceilings.

Revna walked through the apartment each space adding to her surprise. This was huge and permanant. Not just a place to stay when she was here, where she could store things, but where they lived. The kitchen…an actual kitchen, where she could cook, which she hadn’t had the opportunity to do in years. The fireplace was probably her favorite feature of the whole area. Until they got to the master bedroom. It was luxurious, and her first thought was the bed was big enough Mike’s feet wouldn’t hang off the end. The thought made her laugh to herself.

As they walked back out, Mike’s mouth was hanging open. “Rev… hon… what is it exactly you did to get this gig?” he asked with a mischievous grin.

Mike “I Think We Can Make This Work” McKenzie

She turned taking it in and then picked up the packet and dumped the contents finding a letter from S’Tek. Okay, so it wasn’t a mistake. She put the PaDD down where Mike could read it later if he wanted. She glanced at him and grinned, “During the interview I made a Vulcan apologize for his lack of logic, a Klingon cry, and an Andorian apologize for offending me.”

Then there was a blue swirl and their things from the hotel appeared in the middle of the living area.
Revna ‘I’m gonna have to work to earn this place’ McKenzie

Mike looked around and was visible stunned. “Rev… I’ve never seen a place like this before… not on a station in the literal middle of nowhere.” He looked at the packet contents and picked up the letter and read it… then read it again.

“Uh, honey? Did you read all of this letter from your boss? Or did you skim again to just get the high points?” and he chuckled.

Mike ‘They Want Me To What?’ McKenzie

She was as stunned as he was. This was…ridiculous. She sat down on the couch, slipping the heels off and looked around, again. She knew what her job was, the responsibility, the autonomy and ‘power’ as some would say, that went with it. She knew it was high profile, but it hadn’t really sunk in....until now. “Ummm I read the first paragraph to make sure the room was correct and figured I’d read the rest later. I’m supposed to be on my honeymoon, remember. Why?” She turned to look at him. Something in the tone of his voice getting her attention.
Revna ‘what now?’ McKenzie

“Yeah… should kept reading. ‘As the quarters are designed for the entertainment and mingling of potential dignitaries, it is expected that you will plan and host events in the space at times. As your duties will have you spending much time off-station… ” and he cleared his throat for dramatic effect, “…it is approved that your husband will do the same in your absences. We look forward to having you blah blah blah…” and he looked at Revna.

“These people better like beer, whiskey, and punk; dammit.”

Mike ‘Party Planner To The Stars’ McKenzie

Revna didn’t say a word, but there was a cold burn spreading through her. She slipped the shoes back on, stood up, took the PaDD and read it, several times. She spoke low under her breath, she was pissed…”Dunga veslingr. Arka vargdropi. Nidingr bakrauf. Eldhusfifl vamr. (good for nothing loathsome person being the only one safe to translate).” She took a deep breath. “Don’t unpack anything.” She turned towards the door smacking her combadge, “Computer where is Ambassador S’Tek?” The name could have been a curse for all the lack of elegance she gave it.”
Revna ‘He does NOT work for you’ McKenzie

Mike blurted out “Computer stop!” and he looked at Revna. “Easy there, hun. Take a breath.” and he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him.

“Listen. Let me tell you something… if I had a big concert to play… like Federation President big… and my back up singer quit and I was stuck and had to have someone there right then… I know you’d put that a%% in a sequined dress and six-inch heels and you’d sing your new lungs out to help me. So? Why should I do any less for you? Besides… I can be oh so very charming when I need to be. So let me do this for you. And you know I’ll make you look good, dammit.”

He smiled broadly at her and said “Love, Rev… thats what we do. We love each other and back each up… no matter what needs to be done.”

Mike ‘Easy Boo, We Got This’ McKenzie

She looked up at him and took both his hands in hers, “Of course I would. And I know you would do it for me. And you are extremely charming,” she kissed him briefly just to emphasize her point, “but you might love to perform, but you hate speaking in public. But this isn’t having each other’s backs. Mike, you hate bureaucrats. You would be working for one, but not paid for it. This isn’t a Oh My God the other Federation diplomat is sick and we have to go in pairs, you have to go with me kind of thing. This is, he wants to use you at his beck and call and you answer. I won’t be here; I’ll be out there, and you will be doing it for me not with me. Just for this…” She waves around the apartment. “This isn’t a Mr McKenzie help us out her ship is late.”

She stretched up and kissed his cheek. “What about your bars or the standing performance commitments you have? And he decides he needs you here? I won’t let him use you like that.” She was fierce and serious. She loved him far too much to allow someone to force that kind of choice on him. She took a deep breath. “I’m sure in his own Vulcan way he meant well, but I don’t have to like the way he went about it.” Another long deep breath, “But it’s not my choice to make, it’s yours. If you want to agree, we’ll make time to find out the details. If you don’t then I’ll tell him to go suck face with Hella.”
Revna ‘you would move here for me?’ McKenzie

“My bars are run by people I trust. I play one gig a year for the Klingon Chancellor. Rev… I was retired. I hadn’t played in front of a crowd for almost 8 years before our little set the other night. And the tracks I told the band to get recorded? My payment for their help. They get to have Mike McKenzie on their first album release… as a guest, not a band member. So I don’t really have a whole lot of scheduling conflicts. Besides… you know damn well that if he calls and says ‘Need the place for a party and what are we having?’ and I don’t wanna do it? I’ll toss him the key and say ‘There ya go. Hire the catering yourself. And stay out from under our bed… thats where Rev keeps the kinky stuff.”

Mike ‘You Can’t Make Me’ McKenzie

She looked at him, the gold flecks flashing in the warm copper of her eyes. “Mike McKenzie don’t you da....” She stopped before she said something that would get her in ‘trouble’ and grinned teasingly at him.

She sighed and squeezed his hands in her hers. “Honey, I love you, and I love that you would do this for me. I won’t try to decide for you, but…” She let go of his hands and paced across the room, finally she sat down on the couch. “Do you remember when I told you why I joined Star Fleet? And you told me I needed to find my own path, my own way?”

“I guess I just figured you’d be taking care of your bar and everyone on Atlantis. The idea of you being here on Event Horizon means more to me....” she paused and breathed deeply. “I don’t want you to give up the life you made for yourself while I chase a new one.” The occasional party didn’t fill a life. She wanted to make this apartment their home, one they shared together, but she didn’t want Mike to have to give up what he loved doing.
Revna ‘I don’t want you to resent me later’ McKenzie

Mike walked slowly over to where she sat, then stood in front of her. He reached down, took her hands and then set them on his hips. He looked down at her and said “So I’m thinking that the second bedroom on the left is the music studio. Its small, but I have the stuff to make it work in storage. That leaves the first bedroom for your sister when she comes to visit… because we both know that’s gonna happen… like, a lot.” and stepped in, pushing his legs between her knees and grinning.

Hot passionate understanding passed across her eyes as he grinned at her. She leaned back to look at him so she could look at him without getting a crick in her neck. When she’d found out she had a permanant residence she’d ordered something for him…now maybe she needed to cancel it? Revna had a lot of credits saved; she never used them there had been very little she wanted and needed things were covered in the fleet. So she had more than enough for this and plenty left over. “So if you have everything in storage, does that mean I should cancel the piano that arrives tomorrow?”

“And then, when we’re both ready, she can sleep on the couch and be closer to the nursery to help take care of the kids. Did I tell you that twins run in my family? Never really knew them, but I have twelve cousins… ten are twins.”

Mike ‘Definitely Not Now, But Sometime’ McKenzie

She grinned “Did I tell you my sister and I are twins and so are my dad and uncle?” The laughter slowly faded, she looked shocked but in a good way…kids? Revna loved kids, always wanted them, but had come to terms with not years ago. But when they were.....”Oh gods…Mike…were we careful?”
Revna ‘oh CRAP’ McKenzie

Mike cocked his head and looked at her confusedly. “Uh… I thought birth control was standard practice in Star Fleet and Federation service? Only when somebody decided to have a kid would it happen? Thats why so many of y’all bang around those starship like starved rabbits. Trust me, I’ve seen it. I own a bar on a really big ship!” and he looked at her with a bit of apprehension. “Is this something we need to maybe go see Medical about? Like… in a few weeks when you aren’t here and I won’t be able to be a part of it if it happened? Which would be cool… but I’d really like to have you to myself for a while. I’m selfish like that.” and he smiled.

Mike ‘You, Me, and Libido Makes Three… But Not Right Now, Please’ McKenzie

She pushed him where her hands were still resting on his hips. “Move. Movemovemove.” She got up glanced at the crates, picked up the top one, moved it with surprising ease (adrenaline maybe?) And opened the second one. “It is standard, but Jameson had to take me off of it. It interacted badly with immunosuppressant I had to have for the transplant. It was making me violently ill and causing dangerous strain on the new lungs.” She pulled out a stack of iso chip and flipped through finally snatching one out of the group. “It was in my records to start it again when my system had stabilized. I have no idea if they did. It wasn’t like I was sleeping with anyone so I didn’t worry about it.” She grabbed a PaDD and plugged the chip in and flipped through the information. She sat down suddenly and handed him the PaDD. It was her complete medical records. From the mundane to her injury and the complete report on it, medical and security, and her surgery and recovery. “Three weeks ago. They started it three weeks ago.” She breathed out heavily. “Please don’t take this the wrong way…one day when we’re ready but I’m not right now, so thank the gods!” She looked at him making sure he was okay too after that....”and I am far too selfish to share you right now. Just ask Runa, I never share, anything.”
Revna ‘I can breath now’s McKenzie

Mike chuckled and melodramatically wiped his brow. “WHEW! Dodged that one.” and he looked down at her and grinned. “And one day… when we’re ready… I’d love to have babies with you, Rev.” and he bent his lips to hers and kissed her softly and gently…

Revna chuckled softly and then a soft moan escaped as he kissed her. “No more baby talk,” she mumbled against his lips. Right now she just wanted to concentrate on them.

Until he softly bit her lip, cupped her rear with both hands and yanked her off the floor and settled her on his waist so her legs wrapped around him. “And you know what the best part of babies is? Making ‘em!” and he kissed her again with passion, pressure, heat, and desire. “And just like anything you want to do right… practice, practice, practice!” and he carried her down the hall and to the big bedroom, sliding the door closed behind them.

Mike ‘Let Me Show You The Way To Carnegie Hall’ McKenzie

Her eyes went wide and then began to burn as they became wrapped up in each other. “Mmm..Mike....” kiss.... “Less talk…more practice.” He was staying. He couldn’t go with her, but he was going to be a whole lot closer, and that knowledge eased the ache in her soul. And his music, he was going to have his music and however that manifested itself for him that was a BIG deal. She softened in his arms and the passion and desire took over.

She tucked her head under his chin and rested against his chest, one hand trailing slowly up and down his forearm. “I like the bigger bed,” she laughed softly, “and I was right, your feet don’t hang off the edge.” She shivered slightly and with a soft yawn tucked herself closer in his arms. “If we’re going with your rule of no clothes when it’s just us, either the temperature has to go up, or you have to keep me warm.” She kissed his neck softly and with another small yawn she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heart beating, and grinned because it was going as fast as hers was.
Revna ‘Home is better than Carnegie’ McKenzie

“Well, they hung off that one time… but I caught myself. Next time warn a guy before you bend over like that. I thought I was gonna break a hip.” and he grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her. “Oh, I have every intention of keeping you warm, Wife. As often and as creatively as I possibly can.” His eyes closed and he was just about to nod off when there was a chime of a message being received. He shook the shoulder she was laying on gently and said “Technically it’s your house. You have to answer the comms. Probably for you anyways.” and he yawned and blinked his eyes.

Mike ‘I’ll Do Windows But I’m Not A Secretary’ McKnzie

She grinned, “I did warn you, on stage, right before I kissed you, I told you that was the only warning you were ever gonna get. Besides,” she wound her arms slowly around his neck and began to kiss him, deeply, seriously, and then she pulled away, “you said you could handle me.” She teased and then snuggled back down.

The blanket along with Mike made her warm and more drowsy. She had every intention of falling asleep next to him and was at that point where any disruption would cause irritation. “They can leave a message.” And then it beeped again, and a third time. She got up thoroughly irritated, slipped her shirt and skirt back on and tried to fix her hair to no avail. She walked out to the comm panel and hit the button. “Yes?”
Revna ‘honeymoon people!’ McKenzie

It wasn’t a call, but it was a video message. A harried looking human male with bright red hair and full beard was walking through some kind of bog or moor. The sky behind him was overcast and gray. The look on the man’s face was one of concern… almost fear.

“Michael.” the man said, a thick Scottish accent already noticeable. “Listen… dunnae call back to her, ya her?” and he shook his head ruefully. “She dunna wanna hear from ye. I do, ya know that. I still loves ya, Michael. And I still fight for ya and I’ll keep fightin’ till ma last breath. But your da…” and he gritted his teeth in anger and hate, “… when he killed ya ma he killed the soul ‘a dis family. And what they did… ignoring ya all these years and leaving ya ta da wolves and the Englishit tain’t right, Michael! But they lost their heart when he did it, ya know as well as me. Listen, I’ll call ya when I can, a’ight? And congratulations, brother mine. I know she must be a right lass for her to win you over. And I saw da vid! Easy on da eys, now ain’t she? Nice chest, too! Tell her I said soo!” and he smiled and laughed, but there was a bitterness to it. “I miss ya, Mikey. I gotta go. They’ll be askin’ where I went. Be good, lad. Cheers.”

Unknown Vulgar Scotsman

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