A Meal, A Hearth, A Home

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Mike kissed her back and said “You put on a princess outfit for me and your lungs are gonna explode.” and smiled as their mouths met and he pulled back. “NO! DOWN! You gotta get some rest and recuperate. Besides, wife… we have to move ourselves in at some point, right?” and he pulled her close.

“How about a nap? Then breakfast, then we set up the bar.” and he settled in next to her and yawned.

Mike ‘I’m Just Resting My Eyes’ McKenzie

Revna could have attempted to argue, tease, or ‘convince’ Mike otherwise, but she knew in her heart, in her soul, she was not going to change his mind. She’d scared him, she hadn’t meant to, but she had. “Okay, okay!” she grinned, kissed his cheek, and curled her body next to him. She settled in such a way to make sure she didn’t cause herself to breath shallowly and concern him further. And then very suddenly, she was exhausted. “You’re.....right.........I’m really.......tired........” she mumbled, too tired to yawn or blink her eyes to try and stay awake. And then she was asleep.

Revna ‘His Lordship as made a Decree’ McKenzie

The sun shown through the windows, and the grass had dew on it. White clouds rolled slowly along the horizon; and just over the hill outside the fence the waves from the ocean rolled onto the rocky beach. A gentle breeze moved the grass in waves, and sheep dotted the landscape along the hills away from the sea.

The smell of hearty black tea hung in the air, as did the smell of toasted bread and honey. A deep voice said “Rev… Revna, love… time to wake up, Mrs. Mckenzie.” and the bed shifted very slightly and the sound of dishes softly rattling followed the voice. “C’mon, Sleeping Beauty, if I have to be up, so do you.”

Mike ‘Oh, Yeah. I Can Cook, Too.’ McKenzie

The ocean had a voice, and it sang, soft or loud it was powerful and demanding. The salt in the air was subtle, so either she was inside or there was a solid breeze moving out toward the ocean. The thump of waves landing on rocks and the slighter as the water ran between and then the whispered hiss of water running back out. A rocky shore, and not the North Sea. The water lacked that ever present whispered crack from the ice that was ever present. Was that....sheep? When did they get sheep?
But apparently her mind hadn’t come up for an answer for that in her dream.

“Nnnnuh-uuhhhhh” She rolled over, pulling the blanket over her head. Oh black tea? Real black tea? Oh so tempting…nope not getting up yet. Sleeping Beauty was still tired.

Revna ‘Can’t make me’ McKenzie

Mike set the tray at the foot of the bed and leaned in, pulling back the blanket and nibbling on her ear. “Tea is hot… toast has butter and honey… and if you don’t wake up I’m going to eat it all myself. Oh… and your sister is on the comms. We’ve had a lovely chat the past few hours. So many stories…”

Mike ‘Oh, I’ll Wake You Up’ McKenzie

“Mmmmmm” she smiled as pleasant shivers raced across her skin, “That is not going to convince me to get up....” She rolled over and kissed him. She chuckled, “Runa or Ragna? And are you sure the stories were about me or about them and put my name to it?” She kissed him again and then sat up reaching for the tea. It was hot and full flavored (not watered down) and sooooo good. She grinned at him, “Is there anything you can’t do?” She cupped her hands around the mug, closed her eyes, leaned against his chest, and savored real tea. Then she sighed, resigned, “I suppose she wants to talk to me?”

Revna ‘I will never admit my sisters scare me’ McKenzie

“Naw. She’s not really on the comms. But it woke you up.” and he smiled and kissed her. “And yes, there are many things I can’t do. But the ones I can do… oh… I do them very very well.” and he smiled and leaned in as if to kiss her… but stuck a piece of toast in her mouth instead and laughed.

Oh she would never get tired of waking up to kissing Mike, and then got a mouthful of toast. She laughed slightly and ate the toast. “Mmmm that’s good, maybe better…” her eyes landed on his mouth. “I think a comparison is in order.” She leaned in softly brushing her lips against his. “Mmmhmmm the toast definantly…takes second place.”

“So… I don’t know if you are aware, but it is almost 1030. You were out. So… kitchen is stocked, bar is set up… you know, priorities and such… your luggage is there…-” and he pointed by the closet, “… the piano arrived… Babe… thats epic and I will thank you properly when you are ready… my stuff will be here over the next few days… annnnnd I have a new manager for the bar on the Atlantis on her way so your sister will be free of that. Oh, and tell her not to piss off Bubbles. She may look like a cross between a cheerleader and a hooker, but she’s beast. ‘Berserker’, you probably would think. That, and her band is amazing, so I don’t want to burn that bridge.”

Mike ‘No No, You Sleep. I’ll Do All The Work’ McKenzie

Revna flushed, starting somewhere below her neck and quickly over taking her face. “It is NOT my fault I was so exhausted. But I’ll send her a message, and tell her to play nice.” She was so caught up in Mike, she hadn’t actually paid attention to the windows and the holoprogram until a sheep walked past the window. “What?” She leaned around him staring at the window. The sounds and scents hadn’t disappeared when she woke up, but now she was aware of them on a conscious level. So she knew Mike could program, she had a copy of the program he’d made for their first date, but this was…”Is that Scotland?” She’d visited Scotland several times but she’d never seen a lot of it. Usually business with her Da. She was totally enraptured by the scene, scents, and sounds coming from it. “Mike that’s incredible.” She’d used window holoprojectors before, but she’d never seen them used like that. She squeezed his hand.

“Yeah. Based on a picture Seamus sent me. That’s his front yard, actually. That dude is pretty unique, that’s for sure… only powered thing he has in his whole house is a comm station. Other than that…” and he waved to the view, “… that’s what he has. And that’s pretty damn sweet, if you ask me.”

Revna smiled, “It’s beautiful. I would love to see the real thing. We’ll have to take him to Bømlo some time. He’d probably like it there, very little technology. My mom still has an outdoor oven, refuses replicators, hunt, fish, and farm our own food. Most of the clan is that way. The meadery is something else. My younger sister, she did her thesis on ancient brewing techniques and then completely overhauled the meadery.”

“Go play your piano. I’ll take care of the rest and make lunch.”

Revna ‘Fill our House with Music’ McKenzie

Mike looked at her face, kissed her, and then smiled as he did so. “Oooorrrr… I could thank you now for the piano, and then go play it. Or I could thank you, play you, and then go. I’m flexible… you choose.” and he kissed her again, showing her which was his favorite option…

Mike ‘I Cleaned The House, Break Time’ McKenzie

Her lips moved against his as she spoke, not willing to pull away, “I like option 2.” She pulled him closer, feathering kisses along his jaw, neck, throat, and back to his lips. She would never have enough time with Mike. He was home for her, he filled her heart, made her laugh, and both moved and stopped her world.

The sheets were jumbled on the floor, the breakfast dishes barely rescued and moved to the dresser, tea gone cold and toast stale. Revna was stretched across him, hands folded across his chest, chin resting on her hands. She sighed happily and chuckled softly “I’m glad you like the piano.” She sat up and took his hands, rubbing a thumb over them softly. “No go play, I know you’re dying to try it out.”

Mike grinned and kissed her and then leapt out of bed like a kid at Christmas and ran naked into the living room. Almost immediately, soft music began to play and Mike began signing:

Its nine o’clock on a Saturday…
Regular crowd shuffles in.
There’s an old man sitting next to me…
Making love to his tonic and gin…

Revna got up and pulled on his black button up shirt, she was taking that with her when Manhattan left. He’d just have to do without it. She moved into the living room to the comm panel and placed a call. “REVNA!” Runa’s voice sounded happy but tired. “Hi Runa. How are you? You sound…tired.” She laughed, “Yeah well we had a party in the bar last night. And before Mike gets mad it was Mardusk’s idea. Said he wanted to piss Mike off. I had NOTHING to do with it.” She was laughing though, which means she was equally in on it. “Runa what did you do?” Runa laughed, “I’ll tell you in a minute. What’s up?” Revna eyed her, Runa was up to something “Mike found a new manager for the bar. Someone named Bubbles says not to piss her off.”

Runa’s eyes LIT up. “Mike I wanna talk to Mike. NOW!” She was BOUNCING. “Okay then…” Revna walked into the room, “Mike, Runa wants to talk to you, and I think you better before she pounces right through subspace.”

Revna was not happy, Mike was singing and Runa just had to talk to him. But she didn’t want Runa burning down the bar so....

Mike growled and said “Dammit…” and then went and pulled on pants and a shirt before stepping in front of the comms. “Hey Runa, just so-“

Runa looked at Mike, “Bubbles? Like THE Racheal “Bubbles” Mathis???? Don’t mess with me, Mike. Bubbles from Unsolicited??? She’s going to manage the bar? OMG!!!!!” She bouncing, or close to it. Okay now was time to apologize before Mike told Bubbles to ban her from the bar…OMG! “And it was NOT my idea! Mardusk did it. He programmed the Jukebox to play the vid, not me!”
Revna ‘What has gotten into her’ McKenzie
Runa ‘Total Fan Girl’ Edman

Mike looked confused for a second and then said “What? Wait… slow down. Yeah, that Bubbles. And seriously Runa… don’t push her. I know you girls are Vikings and all… but she’s a female punk singer from Detroit. She’ll eat you for breakfast… seriously, I’m pretty sure she’s eaten human flesh. So don’t…” and he paused and his eyes went wide.

“Nope I’ll be nice, PROMISE, Oh My Go......”


Mike ‘I’m Gonna Kill Me A Green Man’ McKenzie

Oh Mike was scary.....Runa blinked....blinked again....awww crap. “He programmed the jukebox to play that vid of you and Revna going around, sent out an invitation to the whole crew to come see it and made me play it. It was HIS idea. You left him in charge of me! And we made 4 times the regular profits last night. We were packed.”
Runa ‘Please don’t Kill me’ Edman

Mike’s jaw was working overtime and he glared through the comms. The same glare that made unruly Klingon hooligans at punk rock shows pause and reconsider their bad life choices.

And Runa glared back. She’d…okay Mardusk made the bar a lot of money. Everyone was thrilled about it, and she really wasn’t sure what the big d#^% deal was. The whole freakin’ galaxy had already seen the vid. Before she’d seen it. Hell BEFORE she’d known Revna was married. He could stuff that glare where the sun didn’t shine, in any reality.

“Runa… I am only going to say this one time. I left you in charge. Of my bar. Because we are family. So if you can’t handle one big… bald… green… drunk… idiot… then I am going to tell Bubbles that you hate punk rock… and you much prefer to soothing sounds of Cardassian jazz. Which, if you are such a fan, you will know is what landed her in jail on Risa… twice.”

Mike ‘You Better Not!’ McKenzie

“Mike…” there was a noticeable ice to her voice and Revna closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose, “You married my sister! MY TWIN! I took over running your BAR for you so you could go get her. And then the whole GALAXY knows about it but NOT me. So if I wanna throw a d@&n party in YOUR bar with a vid of the two of you, that everyone has seen already, I d&^% well will. And if you knew so much you would know the first time, before she made a name for herself, and the charges didn’t stick, but she was arrested and held overnight. And that Big Green Giant wasn’t drunk and if you are so ticked off at him for celebrating too, you call him and yell at him. I’m not his keeper!” Runa took a breath, and Revna knew was gearing up to really run her mouth off. Mike was mad, and Revna didn’t find it funny.

Barely above a whipser....”Both of you stop.”

Runa ‘I’m happy for you and celebrating anyway’ Edman
Revna ‘this sucks’ McKenzie


Runa’s jaw hit the floor. What was he talking about? “Mike? What are you talking about? I’ve seen the music list there was no ABBA. What did he do? Mike?!” But he’d already walked away.

“You better talk to her!” and he stormed over to the piano and the opening refrains of ‘Dancing Queen’ began to be heard.

Mike ‘Don’t Knock ABBA’ McKenzie

Revna watched Mike storm off and glanced back at Runa. “I’m sorry Revna. I…I…”

Revna shook her head, “I don’t know either. But I’m sure Mardusk knows. He and Mike have a long history.”

“Hey, look, I thought it was great. Everyone here is really happy for you two. Every body loves Mike and you too. Some of the regulars even recorded messages for you guys.” Runa sighs, “You know I love having fun and pranks and stupid crap. But I wouldn’t hurt Mike. He’s been a good friend and now he’s my brother. I’ll get Mardusk to fix it if I can’t, and I’ll close the bar till Bubbles gets here.” She sighed “Hey, Revna, don’t fight with him over me. I mean you don’t fight with anyone, but…you know what I mean. Tell Mike I’m sorry. Actually, don’t. It should come from me. I’ll send him letter.”

“Runa…” Revna had no idea what was going on. But it was apparent to them both that Mike was very upset, and Revna could tell Runa, although oblivious, felt bad for whatever she had or had not done. “It’s alright honey. Go enjoy your honeymoon. I have a green giant to deal with…”

Runa disappeared off the screen as it went black. It occured to Revna that she had no idea how to approach this. But following instinct, or maybe just what she would want, she wasn’t sure, Revna walked over and sat down on the bench next to him, quietly.

Revna ‘what the h+$& just happened’ McKenzie

A single tear rolled down Mike’s face, and silent sobs racked his body…

He was laughing. He looked at Revna and then burst out in loud, gut-wrenching laughter so hard he fell backwards off he bench and landed flat on his back.

Right before he fell backwards, Revna got a good solid smack to the arm in. She wasn’t sure if she was perturbed or not. Probably more relieved than anything…

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH THE LOOK ON HER FACE!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! PRICELESS!!! AND MARDUSK IS SO GONNA GET IT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” It took the better part of three or four minutes before he could comprise himself enough to say “Oh, hey my love… do you have a dress I could wear? Maybe something with sequins?”

Mike ‘Hazing Is Illegal…Sorta’ McKenzie

Revna turned on the bench and sat there watching him. “Oh Mardusk is gonna get his, but when Runa finds out you’re yanking her chain, she’s gonna turn that wrath on you. And I am not protecting you. This is between you and her. Too bad too, Mardusk has no idea what’s about to hit him…the bar may not survive.” She shook her head, “Runa thinks she really offended you and you feel unwelcomed. When she finds out,” Revna started laughing, “You’re gonna get a welcome you never saw coming....” The pranks that would ensue made Revna very glad to not be in the middle of it.

A dress? She got up and went back to the bedroom. There was a lot of shoving, sliding, digging, discarding, and slamming of lids - opened and closed - before she finally came back. She was wearing a very flashy covered totally in sequins in shades of purple dress. It was a halter top with no back to speak of until it started at the curve of her buttocks, the skirt could barely be called ‘mini’ and the halter was a deep ‘V’ ending 2incjes lower from where it should have stopped. “Something like this?”

Revna ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ McKenzie

Mike stopped laughing and stared… a lot.

He got up off the floor slowly, eyes wide and a wicked smile on his face. “Oh, Rev… now why would a married woman own such an absolutey… hard-core ‘come get me’ dress like that? Unless, of course… you wanted me to come get you?”

He started moving towards her and said with a smile that left nothing to doubt “Oh, we’re keeping that dress for sure… even if it technically breaks our dress code.”, and off came his shirt…

Mike ‘I Forgot What We Were Talking About’ McKenzie

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