Event Horizon- Must Be a Family Thing

Posted June 7, 2021, 9:37 a.m. by James Sinclair

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Event Horizon- Must Be a Family Thing

Posted by James Sinclair in Event Horizon- Must Be a Family Thing

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Event Horizon- Must Be a Family Thing
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“He told me.” she said flatly. “An overview, to be sure. But a tale I wish to hear nonetheless. And the hasperat sounds very palatable. Perhaps you could prepare some for my family and I at our home on Vulcan, while you tell us all your story. Consider it a standing invitation.” She led them around the passageway and then they turned and slowly headed back the way they came.

“Alexander told me of you and your trials. You have my deepest sympathies… although I doubt you really need them. You impressed Alexander. That is not a feat that can be owned by many. He is not easily impressed, something I believe serves him well. And I sense a strength in you. One I believe few people can actually see. Your large Orion sees it, too. It will see you through. I have little doubt of that. And you will be the better for having gone through such. It will give you a much needed perspective when you are a Captain in your own right. Yes, Alexander told me of that as well. I must admit to a certain level of surprise. Many have asked him for the opportunity to be mentored. He has never agreed to do so. You are the first.”


That stopped her dead in her tracks and she looked at Vash’tur, but her mind was working through things she still wasn’t sure how to frame, how to name. While she was surprised he told his mother so much about her, Faye was relieved in a way. It made things easier, like she came with a disclaimer and things were just less awkward. But also there was something deeper. She felt understood by this Vulcan poet. And though she had (finally) embraced her weirdness, her oddity and it was definitely an advantage at times, there was that small part of her that hated the difference- the way she could stand out so much when some days she just wanted to blend in. But that was sensation was continually decreasing. All these people in her life now had played a role and it was as strange as it was wonderful. “The man who recruited me for the Intelligence mission is dear to me. One of my best friends and someone I felt was closer to a brother. The kind of person you throw yourself on the line for. Alex is also my best friend, despite having grown up an only child who doesn’t know what having a sibling is like, I feel intrinsically that Alex is my brother. And if there is one thing that life on Tracken Two and the Maquis have taught me, it’s that chosen family is as and sometimes even more powerful than those you were born to. So if he’s family, that makes you family too.” Faye smiled. “And I’m grateful for all of you, and thus I am honoured to have that invitation and intend to take you up on it.” She began walking again.

~Faye Calloway

Vash’tur inclined her head but said nothing else as they walked along in silence. Soon they came to where Racheal and Daggum were standing and talking. Racheal was very animated and smiling up at Daggum; and when she saw Faye and Vash’tur she said to her mother “THIS GUY! He’s the one that finally processed that request for a astrometric signal amplifier I was complaining about all those months! I yelled and screamed and cussed at everyone from Admiral Hallsley down and nothing. Then one day - BAM! - there it is the lab. No explanation, no nothing. Just there. And this giant walking roadblock is the one that got it for us! That’s how he knew where I was assigned!” Racheal looked at Faye and grinned. “Is it serious? ‘Cause if not I’m gonna steal him. That body and a brain? Girrrrrrlllll…” and Daggum turned a slightly darker shade of green and reached out and took Faye’s hand and mock whispered “Help. She scares me.”


Sidling up to Dag, Faye grinned up at him. “Well, she knows a good thing when she sees it,” she said, her eyes momentarily entranced. Sometimes she had to stop and remind herself that he chose her, and she had chosen him too now. How wonderfully strange! And something about her talk with Vash-‘ur settled something agitated deep in her mind. Maybe it was the news that Alex had chosen to mentor her of all people. People kept choosing her and it was a decidedly strange thing to understand. After feeling rejected and ostracized for so long, she had been right in the brig about one thing when it came to the Manhattan: these were her people. And they were all connected together and she loved it all.

Turning her head to Racheal, she normally would have been embarrassed by her sudden fixation on the man before her, but instead she just flashed Racheal a grin. “Sorry, I’m not into sharing.”

~Faye Calloway

Racheal pretend pouted and muttered something about ‘enough to go around’, but a look from Vash’tur and she smiled slightly and said “Relax, Mom. I’m teasing.” Vash’tur arched an eyebrow and then looked at Faye and Daggum. “It has been a pleasure. I wish you time on the station and in port to be a pleasant one.” and her hand raised in the Vulcan manner. “Live long and prosper.” she said to both Faye and Daggum.


Faye returned the gesture. “Peace and long life. I am so glad Dag nudged me to get over my nerves and say hello. Alex is very important to me and now so are both of you,” she said glancing between both women. Racheal, I will let you know how Operation Jibe goes, and Vash’tur, I look forward to making you hasperat one of these days. Thank you… for everything.”

~Faye Calloway

An incline of her head was all that Vash’tur gave by way of farewell but she and Racheal moved past them, Racheal waving over her shoulder.

Daggum watched them leave and then smiled and looked at Faye and said “Well done. Not bad at all considering you were bantering back and forth with the head of Star Fleet Science Command’s Computational Intelligence Division.” and waited to see if that struck home.


Shock flooded her body and her mouth dropped open. “She’s… ah hell.” then Faye laughed. “Well, at least she nows I’m a functional person, even if my tongue gets all twisted up,” she said slipping into a lopsided smirk.

Slipping her hand into Daggum, she smiled warmly. “I’m glad I said hi. Vash’tur actually invited me to Vulcan to make hasperat for the family. Standing invitation!” Faye shook her head. “Another one of those moments when I feel like I’ve slipped into an alternate reality.”


Daggum looked down at her and smiled and said “Or maybe you’ve slipped from the alternate reality into the one you’re supposed to be in?” and he kissed her gently before adding “Regardless… I’m glad you’re here.”


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