Stabilizing Common Ground

Posted June 7, 2021, 10:16 a.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Stabilizing Common Ground

Alex smiled slightly and said “Didn’t take it as judgment. It was more of a… warning… than anything else. And while I certainly understand your desire for food in stasis, I can’t commit that amount of power to a ‘what if’ scenario. So I suppose you and I will burn that particular bridge when we get to it. Otherwise, talk with Harv. The man is almost irritating with his ability to find ingredients.” and he took a drink. “Now, you are allowed to dine in the Mess with the ship’s officers. Part of the arraignment with the Ambassador is that you are considered a Department Head for purposes of information dissemination and access. And since you have access here, you can bring up to two guests per week. That can of course be amended for diplomatic purposes. So small dinners should pose no problems. It will be the larger conferences that will require a more cooperative approach. And we will, of course, have a security presence at all of those. Is that acceptable?”

Cochrane, CO

Revna knew it was a long shot and for small amounts small self sufficient stasis boxes could be used, but for a large party it wouldn’t be enough. And she certainly understood the need to not waste ship’s power resources on such a thing. A small grin crossed her face, “Consider me properly warned. Though I learned a long time ago chefs and bartenders don’t like their territories encroached upon. I shall tread lightly and respectfully.” I shall learn from my sister’s mistake. That reminded her, she still had to get out of Mike exactly why he needed a dress… She nodded making mental note of the information, “More than acceptable Captain, thank you.” She didn’t want to take up too much of his time, but the hour wasn’t quite up yet. “Tell me captain, what is the most unique encounter you’ve had so far?”
McKenzie, DA

Cochrane thought for a moment and then said “Tough question. So first off, do you mean here in Delta? Or in my career?”

Cochrane, CO

“I suppose it would be prudent to say here in Delta, but I meant more in general than just your career, but in your life time.”

McKenzie, DA

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