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She left Cochrane and headed to sickbay. All personnel had to be cleared when boarding a ship. And though Manhattan two more weeks before disembarking Revna was due for a check up anyway and she figured she’d get it done on board rather than the station. She reached into a pocket of her floor length vest and pulled out a chip and walked up to the first free nurse she saw in sickbay. “Hello Ensign. I’m Revna McKenzie the new diplomatic attaché. I need a medical check up, is there a doctor available?”
Revna, Diplomatic Attaché

“Welcome to the Manhattan,” Lavonne Washington said turning to the console and tapping a few buttons. After reading the response she looked up at Revna. “The doctor will be right out. Turning her back to Revna she tapped her earpiece going back to the very non-work-related comm call she had previously been on. “Girl he did not. What you mean he was taking out Bunkie and Pookie at the same time.”

Coming around the desk Jasmine looked at Lavonne and did a double-take. “Bunkie and Pookie the twins next door to his Mamie,” Jasmine asked picking up the PaDD. The drama of the Washington family was well known to any medical staff that had one of the family’s nurses on staff. They took a bit to get used to but once you entered their inner circle, it was better than any holo show around.

“Ummm hmmmm,” Lavonne muted her call and looked at Revna. “That is the walk-in. Revna McKenzie. Come back and I will fill you in later,” she winked at Jasmine before going back to her call.

Looking at the entry, Jasmine directed her attention to McKenzie. “Ms. McKenzie I am Dr. Wynter....welcome on board the Manhattan. How was your trip over here. Uneventful I hope,” she said as she gestured towards a biobed.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Revna grinned at the antics of the woman at the desk. Life continues, as they say. “Mrs. actually,” Revna grinned, gods that felt good. “It was uneventful but long. I was happy to arrive at the station.” The trip over had been totally boring, her arrival on the other hand. Revna seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and was light hearted most of the time. She sat on the bio bed and scooted back, taking a deep breath. Such an amazing feeling. “Thank you for seeing me. I was due for my bi weekly check up and since I’m being stationed aboard, I’d come here instead of the station.”
Revna, DA

“No problem. The doors are always open,” she returned the greeting with a smile. Jasmine picked up the tricorder and scanned the woman. Seeing the results she went back to the PaDD and looked at an entry before looking back at Revna. “How did the surgery go? Any issues?” The woman’s vitals looked amazing and the notes from the surgery did not seem to indicate any major issue but that did not mean the patient’s experience was the same as a reading on a scanner.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Revna smiled, “I can breathe doctor. So I would say it went wonderfully.” Revna knew the file inside and out. “The surgery went well, though much longer than expected simply due to the amount of damage and not any complications. The first 2 weeks afterwards I was showing signs of possible rejection but nothing ever came of it. For mine and the surgeon’s peace of mind I come in every two weeks to make sure I’m not rejecting my new lungs. Physically I feel good, I’m continuing my PT exercises for the muscle damage and the breathing exercises to strengthen and train the lungs. Emotionally, well that’s why I’m still in counseling, and I expect to continue for quite some time.”
Revna McKenzie, DA

“I am thrilled the surgery went so well,” Jasmine said. “It’s funny how the galaxy works thought,” she let out a laugh. “Lauren contacted me about your case a few months ago and then said You were going back to the Centurión for the surgery. How crazy would it have been to have had you for a patient before I had you as a patient,” she signed off several pages of the PaDD as she talked.

Revna took a very very slow steading breath. Did she now? Why did that not surprise her. Lauren had not treated her but once but doctor patient confidentiality still applied. But of course the great Lauren did whatever she wanted. Would Revna had let her ask for a consultation, yes she would have, but it was BAD ethics that Lauren did it behind her back. Just one more nail in the door. But Revna’s expression didn’t give any of that away. “I suppose now is a good time to make a very heartfelt request, Dr Wynter, that my medical files not be discussed with anyone NOT on my approved list. Even those that may have treated me previously. I have a very specific reason for this and perhaps we could discuss it over coffee one day.”

“Um…okay not a problem,” Jasmine looked at Revna a bit curiously as she made the note in the PaDD. It was common practice for doctors to reach out to others in patient consultation and bordered on negligence if they were to attempt procedures that were out of their expertise. Jasmine knew Lauren had mentioned meeting up with a colleague on Starbase 212 who was somewhat an authority on organ transplant and cloning and practiced in the Delta quadrant. Apparently, Lauren was never able to mention to Revna that she was that expert. Years of training let Jasmine keep the neutral expression on her face as she thought about how disappointing Revna’s reaction was to Lauren but that was Lauren. Years of servicing widows and orphans from the dregs of society on the outskirts of the Federation’s sparkling cities had given Lauren the buck up and rub some dirt in it mentality. People either embraced and helped Lauren with her work or they instantly disliked her. Revna’s connections as a diplomat would have been very crucial to their work but if the woman hated Lauren as much as Jasmine suspected, she could not rely on Revna to help them further their cause. That left Lauren to work on convincing Ian to pull diplomatic strings when they needed it to move children out of harm’s way. No sense in dwelling on the past, however, one could only live in the present and focus on the positive.

Revna’s face was passive and there was nothing there for Wynter to notice, but she was extremely wary of doctors and their supposed high morals, when it suited their purposes. Revna wasn’t aware of the work Lauren did nor was she aware that Wynter intended to use Revna and her position for her own purposes. If they asked they would find her to be very compassionate and able to separate out her own personal misgivings in order to help others, but there were very very few people who were as compassionate as Revna and able to work peacefully with others without throwing her own agenda, weight, position, and goals in everyone else’s face. Revna made note to stay away from sickbay unless necessary. She was sure one of the junior doctors would be able to help her just as well. They all went through medical school after all.

“Crazy enough you are in the best place in case of organ rejection. I have a paper coming out next month and a symposium after that about what I learned on our last mission about organ cloning from the Mundai Colony.” Years of being a doctor let her hold a neural expression. No one cared about how she had gotten the medical experience and she was more than happy not to share the details. The only bright side was that maybe she and Max had made a difference on Mundai. If they hadn’t, she had Frieder to lean on. whoever saves one life saves the world entire, ran silently in her head. The quote gave her peace and that was all one could ever hope for.

“That actually sounds fascinating. I worked on a hospital ship for many many years, assisting as a medic and even a nurse when needed. The stories to finding a ‘cure’ are both hopeful and tearful. Whichever your story is, thank you for dedication doctor, from someone who has first hand experience being the patient.” The sentiment was genuine. There wasn’t a sarcastic bone in Revna, if she didn’t mean it she didn’t say it. “It is very reassuring to know you have expertise in this. It makes being so far from home, easier.”

“So I see you are a newlywed,” Jasmine let the topic naturally flow into something positive. “Congrats. How is married life? By the smile you had earlier mentioning Mrs. I am assuming you are still in the honeymoon phase? That is a great phase,” she smiled genuinely happy for the woman before her. Jasmine was a sucker for love and strangely fascinated by how people found it; however, no one understood Mintaran marriage so it was a fair confusion by all.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Revna chuckled softly. “I’m not sure you can call it honey moon stage. I think we’re still in the wedding ceremony stage.” At the look she knew she’d get, “2 days ago. We got married 2 days ago. And it’s wonderful. Are you married, Doctor?” Revna had a very close friend who was Mintaran, but she had no way of knowing that Dr Wynter was Mintaran and so wouldn’t think to make mention. Ethan Nash had been a good friend when she needed one, and she hoped that he found what he needed and wanted in life. Her heart went out to him, he was a good man and deserved better than the cards he’d been dealt. But such was the trend on Atlantis. She missed most of them, but was certain they would be okay. She missed her sister and D’Vash most of all. And soon she’d be missing Mike most of all. She pushed it aside and turned a smiling face back to the doctor. “So, how am I doctor?”
Revna McKenzie, DA

“Yes, I am married to Max the engineering chief. I am also Mintaran,” she let out a laugh, “which translates to people looking at us and saying ‘are you serious’ when we talk about marriage. See we don’t date. We are matched up with our mates from the Ministry of Harmony. When you decide you want to get married you apply for a marriage leave. For us that is the equivalent of a maternity or paternity leave because the matching process involves a 8,000 page questionnaire. It takes the average person about two weeks to answer all the points of compatibility. Once it is completed you are matched with someone who answered the same ways and you swipe right. If the person swipes right too then you spend a week at their parents home getting to know the family while your spouse does the same. Getting along with your in-laws is almost as important as getting along with your spouse,” Jasmine let out a laugh as she ran the tricorder over Revna again for more diagnostics. “So after two weeks of filling out the questionnaire and one week with the spouse’s parents, the bride’s inlaws take her to the church to meet their husband for the first time. WIth Max in Starfleet, we had to alter some but I knew he and I would be fine,” she smiled. “It was slightly awkward looking for your husband in a spaceport having never met him and only having a photo but the system works. So I get the feeling of a whirl wind wedding. To the rest of the galaxy, we are crazy but our .0000000000000001 percent divorce rate speaks volumes.” She trailed off a crazy number of zeros showing how tiny the divorce rate was. No one really knew what the rate was because the system worked so well. “It’s also why we tend not to remarry if one’s spouses die. We truly are matched with our soul mate. Finding that twice in a lifetime is less probable than a Mintaran divorcing for us. So how did you and Mike meet?”

Jasmine Wynter CMO

The scans would show she was healing well, that the artificial lungs were working well, her immune system was not showing any negative reactions, and her muscles were strengthening well. Revna let her talk and talk and ramble. She smiled a genuine soft smile at Wynter. “I’m familiar; I have a very dear friend who is Mintaran. I met Mike while I was stationed on board the Atlantis. He was the bar tender there.” Honest and simple no embellishment. “So what do the scans say, Doctor?” This was the second time Revna had asked the question.
McKenzie, DA

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