CO's Quarters - Reconciling the Future

Posted June 8, 2021, 2:21 p.m. by Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) (D Grisham)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Quarters - Reconciling the Future

Posted by Commander Zef Rollo (Counselor) in CO’s Quarters - Reconciling the Future

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in CO’s Quarters - Reconciling the Future
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It wasn’t five minutes since they seperated in the Mess that Alex walked into his quarters. He set the food on the coffee table and then looked around, making sure the space was in order. He was nervous, but it was an excited kind of nervous. He went in the bedroom and started to take off his suit when he stopped and smiled. =/\= Computer. Grant full access to my quarters to Commander Zef Rollo. =/\= There was a chirp and the computer replied =/\= Access granted. =/\= Alex nodded to himself. Now she wouldn’t need to press the chime… she could come and go as she pleased. He smiled hoping that small gesture would help assure her that, despite their recent issues and pain, his feelings for her hadn’t changed and he continued to change into something less formal and more comfortable… but also not enticing. Sharing a bed but not each other would be difficult, but not impossible.


It had taken her an extra few minutes to decide what to wear since her first impulse was to always look good for Alex. Taking care of the requirements for the Degansa ritual before donning the oversized, charcoal colored sweats, Zef was glad there was only one more day before fertilization. She wanted her own choices back, food, drink, activity and clothing. But most of all—now that she and Alex were settling in to their new roles, she wanted their intimacy to return to what it had been.

Twenty seven minutes after departing the officer’s mess, she approached the doors to his quarters, one hand already rising to activate the chime. But the doors slid open as soon as her body was close enough. Zef halted in the doorway, considering what the granted access meant, then smiled and nodded to herself. “I’m back,” she called out, spotting the table containing the food. Walking over, she set her ‘overnight’ bag down and looked around for Alex.


Alex’s voice came from the bedroom. “In here. Come join me for a second, please.”

As she came through the door, the room had been altered slightly from its previous decor. Nothing major… but enough. One of the bedside tables, the one on the side she slept on, was clear and the drawer stood open and empty. And the dresser, four drawers in total, now sat with the two drawers on the left open and empty.

Alex, barefoot and dressed in faded blood-red sweatpants and a red t-shirt emblazoned with the Imperial Klingon War College crest on its chest, looked at her from the closet and smiled and said “Hey you… make it in okay?” and he winked at her.


Grey-blue eyes took in the activity and her smile grew. “Oh Alex, you’re making room for me?” She had to swallow a lump in her throat—two days ago, she couldn’t have seen this happening.

Zef hurried over to him and threw her arms around his waist. With hands full, Alex just had to submit to the hug. “I was actually going to ask you if I could keep a few things here to make my life easier—this is very nice of you!”

Every positive step they took now made her feel more secure in their relationship.


“No, its completely selfish of me.” he said as he leaned into the embrace. “I want you here with me. Not just in my bed… although I do really like that particular part.” and he laughed softly. “No… I want you here. As much, as often, and as long as you want to be.” He leaned over and kissed her and then said “So… I suppose you should make yourself at home. If you want to go get some more things, I’m happy to help if you like.”


“Okay, we’ll get to that as soon as we have our lives back. With the ritual taking place soon and your mother and sister here, we are out of our normal routines. Let’s get everything done and everyone gone and then we can do that. Meanwhile, I’ll start gathering what I’d like to bring over. For tonight though, I have everything I need.” She smoothed a hand over his cheek and chin, then kissed the corner of his mouth.

“What kind of vid are you in the mood for?”


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