Event Horizon - Going Shopping

Posted June 8, 2021, 10:21 p.m. by Chief Warrant Officer Walker Darach (Chief Operations Officer) (Steve Johnson)

Walker stepped onto the station, and had to pause to take a deep breath. The Manhattan wasn’t a small ship, but there was something invigorating about stepping off the ship, into something so much bigger. It was almost like a weight was being lifted that you didn’t know was there. Letting the breath out, he couldn’t help but grin slightly at a couple of passing crewmen. They were probably thinking that the old chief was going crazy, and it was quite possible they were right. But they would learn one day.

Today’s goal was pretty simple, they still had a lot of provisions to gather before the ship was due to leave. Yes he had staff that would manage most of it, but there were some items that he liked to handle personally. CRiT needed some specific items for their stock, some he was replacing that he had to quickly commandeer during their last mission. There was also some fresh provisions he wanted to try and arrange. The last time he had let one of his staff arrange them, they had gotten swindled so badly that they had to spend more credits to get a hazmat team in to remove the spoiled veg. Even to this date he could not quite get the smell out of his nose.

Having stepped into the promenade his nose caught a distinctive smell he would never miss, fresh coffee. It was great that Chef was able to whip up a batch whenever they needed, but there were times that it would be nice to have their own stash. Plus it would be the perfect excuse to try out a few cups. With a grin on his face, Walker followed his nose, coffee first.

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