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Posted June 10, 2021, 5:30 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Namid Argimeau (Scientific Intelligence Officer) in side-sim: Apples to Oranges? (Tag Argimeau)

Ambassador S’Tek had told her that the Scientific Intelligence Officer was someone she should get to know. So now that she was officially on board she sent a message to Lt Namid Argimeau asking if she had time to meet either in her office or perhaps over a meal. Revna wasn’t exactly busy at the moment, and it was in her nature to try and be as accommodating as possible.
McKenzie, DA

Ping! Namid peered over their abandoned glass, its contents abhorrent even to them, and lifted a curious eyebrow. “Huh,” they muttered, reaching to snag the PaDD from its perch. The message incited a burst of surprise to pass through their features, but it was hardly unwelcome. Following a moment’s deliberation, Namid accepted her offer to meet over a meal, asking where and what time worked best for her.

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

Revna considered her options for on board Manhattan: the lounge or her office. Actually she might be officially on board but they were still docked at Event Horizon and that provided more options. The Lt might enjoy getting off the ship or more comfortable on board, and Revna was not overly familiar with either. She suggested breakfast, either at the lounge on deck 8 or the little café, ‘Galactic Mornings’ on the station, at 0900.

At the agreed upon location, Revna arrived finding table and sitting down waiting for her companion to arrive.
McKenzie, DA

Namid strolled into the cafe, a sea of nameless faces soon capturing their attention. They lingered. Fleeting seconds escorted them from the door, but a hunch presented them to Revna’s table. “Excuse me,” they offered a terse, albeit friendly smile, “are you Revna McKenzie?”

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

Revna stood and offered her hand to the science officer. “I am, Lt. Namid Argimeau, I presume?” She waved to the other chairs, “Please join me.” A member of the small wait staff appeared, “Can I get either of you anything?” Revna looked at Namid letting her order first.
McKenzie, DA

“It’s nice to put a name to a face,” Namid’s smile was unwavering as they grasped Revna’s hand in a brief, firm shake. “And please, call me Namid.” Her gesture guided them to a seat, where they soon lifted their gaze to the approaching server. At Revna’s glance, they nodded and said, “yes, black coffee and a bowl of oatmeal would be fantastic. Thank you.”

“Black tea and a German omelet with bacon, please.”

Namid fell silent when Revna returned the server’s question. When they disappeared to fulfil the requests, Argimeau turned back to Revna and nodded. “Is there a motive behind this meeting?” Namid smiled to lighten their question. “Or is it just a ‘hello’?” They didn’t mind either way, but they preferred to know.

— Namid Argimeau, Scientific Intel

Revna turned back to her companion, “Please call me Revna. It is very nice to meet you, Namid. Mostly just a hello. Motive wise, it was to meet you. I was told that you are someone I should get to know, work wise. That you will stop me from making any major blunders if I should actually have to engage in any negotiations. Mostly I just wanted to get to know the people I’ll be working with.”
McKenzie, DA

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