Officer's Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted June 11, 2021, 5:21 p.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by James Sinclair in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted by James Sinclair in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd
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“I don’t know Faye. You’d have to ask him.”
“So you don’t…”
Shara shook her head. “We still haven’t spoken.”

“Wow… huh.” Faye sat back and her mind was puzzling through various path, various reason the uncle who had written them off would bother doing something so big for a niece he considered a traitor.

“It was a complicated time back then, Faye. Emotions ran high and people picked sides. But as you know too well, things went very badly and while the Maquis ceased to exist and the survivors like yourself were either in prison or in hiding, the Federation found itself at war. And war changes thing, changes people. I can’t speak for him, but it’s quite possible he thought you’d been through enough and that you had been a child and didn’t deserve to be punished further. He might have been an arrogant ass at times, but he was always a good person, Faye. I can give him that much credit.”

Faye leaned towards Daggum, resting against her head his arm slightly for a moment. “Well… shit. I think I’m glad I waited to ask that question. A month ago and I might have lost it.”

~The Calloway Women

Daggum patted Faye’s leg and kissed her head. He looked across at Shara and said “Your brother still in Star Fleet? Or do you not know because you haven’t looked?”


Faye just took the moment to snuggle into her fiancé- now there was a strange thought!- while her mother spoke. Gavin… wow, just wow.

Shara laughed. “Oh, I know we’ve only just met properly Daggum, but by now you should be starting to get the impression that I am too nosy for my own good. Of course I looked him up. Gavin’s the CO of the Hampton, his second command and by the looks of it the one he’ll be in the centre chair of until he dies or he eventually retires.” Shara shrugged. “He’s by the book Starfleet, or at least was. By the sounds of it though, he’s… mellowed a bit.”


Daggum nodded for a minute and then said simply “Good to know. I’ll reach out and extend an invitation to the wedding personally when we decide when and where. So do we need to do anything else for the hasparat?” he asked flatly, as is asking about the weather.


Shara and Faye exchanged a glance and it was Faye who actually answered. “Just nee to fill and roll. Will take us five minutes and I don’t want to do it too early lest we make the flatbread soggy. But… you were joking, right? I mean this is one of those moments where I can’t read someone and it’s you so I don’t feel as weird asking.”

~The Calloway Women

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