Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum

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Posted by Ensign Kaia (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim, Questions in the Arboretum
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Faye didn’t know what Lego was but she understood the concept as Kaia described it. As she finished up the few starts that needed planting, Faye dusted the dirt off her hands and went to grab a watering can. “I’m glad you were able to find a way to reimagine your idea,” she said with a smile and tapped her brain. “I tend to do things backwards and sideways, so if you ever need more unlikely ideas, I’m your gal.”

“And don’t forget about the polymer for a coating. You can probably create a shelf stable pellet that can be measured out and melted down in something like a kitchen pot and then poured into a mold. Let it cool and bam, a flexible coating you can affix to the limb.”

~Faye Calloway

Kaia snapped onto the idea. “That’s a good idea. I guess that’s my next small project. Finding that polymer, figuring out how to produce it. Maybe I can find a way to even manufacture it without replicators, depending on the constituent parts of the polymer. It’ll have to have flexibility as well as be thick enough not to gum up the moving parts of the prosthetics…”

Kaia, Eng

Faye chuckled lightly, more to herself than anything. “I have no doubt you’ll figure out something suitable,” she said, brushing the dirt off her hands a bit before watering in the new transplants. “Have you been back recently? Home, I mean?”

~Faye Calloway

Kaia paused at the question, then shook her head. “No. Last time I was home was… Well. It was before I came aboard the Manhattan. And I’ve been on the Manhattan for a couple years now. Home is remote even if you’re not in another quadrant of the Galaxy,” she gave Faye a small shrug, crouching and fiddling with a tiny pebble in her fingers. “Takes too long to get there. I’ve got lots of simulations though,” she gave Faye a small smile.

Kaia, Eng

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