New Sim Cometh ..

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Morning folks.

Just wanted to give a heads up that the new sim will be starting soon once I get a few details cleared up with the Capt.

The Sim name is ‘VENDETTA’ …

In a bland region of the Delta Quadrant where there is more space than stars, in a sector that by any stretch of the imagination ‘dull’, in a system that could barely be called even that, a score of ships come out of warp, lighting up the area with weapons fire upon two vessels in orbit around a fiery world below …


Reminds me of the joke about the pirate Captain and his brown pants…


Exciting!! Looking forward to the new sim.


Woot! Pew Pew! Sounds fun!


I’ve talked to our illustrious Captain .. shoot for a Mon or Tues start …

Looking forward to it!

YAY! New sim excitement!!!!


Yes. Yes. A sim where we can use our big honkin’ space guns. I love the smell of ozone in the air and orbital explosions in the view screen with my coffee. It definitely is the second best part of waking up when you have Folgers in your cup - Kate

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