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Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Scottish Lord) in Intergalactic Drama Llama

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Intergalactic Drama Llama
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“Really? Good for him. Might want to warn Seamus, Ragna…she knows how to use that blade of hers. 2391 she won her first world championship, after demanding to fight the male champion because there were no female competitors and being injured, took her left arm out, couldn’t use it. He better hide anything sharp or pointy. Don’t tell Ragna she’ll love it, she’ll try to drag him off herself before Seamus gets the chance to go get her. Really you McKenzie boys are just rebels and bad boys all the way around aren’t you? Threaten to kill parliament, try to break him out of jail…tsk…tsk…tsk” Revna turned all the way around to look at him, moving the robe out of the way to keep from it getting twisted, and gave Mike a once over. “Should I be worried I’m here…all....alone…with one half of such a dynamic bad boy duo?” Her eyes dancing mischievously and she winked at him before turning back around so he could finish with her hair. The braids were intricate and took a while to put up, and to take out.

Revna ‘They Will Be Our Problem One Day’ McKenzie

“Oh, you should be worried all right.” Mike said softly as he worked to undo another braid. “And you should also be thankful I’m a professional guitar player or these would never come out.” and he chuckled. “But I do like doing this…” and he bent his head low and kissed and then softly bit her where her shoulder and neck met.

Mike ‘Yeah… This Is Trouble.’ McKenzie

“Oh whatever shall I do? I should warn you, my husband is a great big, strong, Scott, an efficient brawler, and he doesn’t share.” There was easy laughter in her voice. “I really like it too.” It was such an intimate thing, and Revna loved it Revna closed her eyes as he kissed her skin and then hissed in a breath with a soft moan. “Mike we really need to actually move in if we are having guests, that means getting out of bed.” She sounded extremely disappointed.

Revna ‘I have a thing for bad boys, who knew?’ McKenzie

“Does that mean getting out of bed right now? Because I still have braids to deal with, and you owe me for the hair styling.” he said softly and undid the last of the braids and then wrapped his arms around her and bit some more, following each nibble with a soft kiss as his hands began to roam of their own accord.

Mike ‘I’m Not Bad But I Can Pretend’ McKenzie

“Hmmm…no, but while you work I better send him the invitation or I’ll forget…again.” She grabbed a PaDD and, while Mike finished undoing the braids, very quickly sent a short but formal invitation to S’Tek to dinner on a night of his choosing, in thanks for the change in accomodations. She sent it and placed the PaDD off to the side. She looked over her shoulder at him, a mock half confused half accusatory expression on her face. “Owe you for styling? You didn’t put them back in. Besides you’re the one who messed them up to begin with.” As he wrapped his arms around her she leaned back, head on his shoulder, eyes closed, savoring the quiet and intimacy between them. Until he felt her stomach tighten, and then again as his hands roamed. She bit her lip and then laughed a short quick sound, and then she grabbed his wrists, “No, oh my gods no....” She was laughing and squirming away. “Mike…laughter....Not fair…more laughter…I’m ticklish.”
Revna ‘Oh No’ McKenzie

“Oh… I know…” Mike replied wickedly and his fingers began poking and fidgeting in all the spots that made her giggle and squirm (in a good way). That went on for several minutes before his fingers and kisses began making her squirm in an entirely different way…

Mike ‘Don’t Tell Me What I Know’ McKenzie

Revna squirmed, giggled, tried to escape, tried to get even, but to no avail…and then he was kissing her again. She kissed him for awhile before pulling back, “You are an amazing man, Michael.” Then she proceeded to prove it.

The worst part about unpacking was not unpacking. Half of her things had to go to Manhattan and so she had to decide what went where. The princess get up has to go with her, for those super formal occasions, and if she every needed to make a point. The sequin dress was staying. “Mike, you still haven’t told me why you wanted one of my dresses.” The ornate chest was staying, and probably most of what was in it. Revna actually didn’t have a lot of clothes. She’d been wearing uniforms for so long. The red dress she wore to dinner was staying. She smiled and blushed, she would only wear that for Mike. A trip shopping, shudder might be in order.

Revna ‘I hate Buying Clothes’ McKenzie

“No, I didn’t. You are correct. I guess thats why you got this gig. Strong observational skills and such.” Mike said over his shoulder as he stuffed band t-shirts into a drawer in his section of the chest of drawers. He stood back and put his hands on his hips, scowling. Then he lifted a led, slammed a foot into the drawer and closed with a loud BANG. Nodding in satisfaction, he turned and looked at Revna and said “Yeah… I’m gonna need more clothes if I’m playing dutiful husband while my wife gallivants across the quadrant with some dashing star ship Captain.”

Mike ‘But I Like Jeans And T Shirts’ McKenzie

She grinned, “You can only dodge answering so long Mike.” She walked over placing several personal clothing items in a drawer. She looked at the kicked closed drawer. “The suit you have will be just fine. If he wants something more formal tell him to shove it where his logic can’t reach.” She took his hands, “Mike, you don’t have to do this.” She looked at him puzzled, “Is Manhattan getting a new captain that I’m not aware of? Because surely you aren’t talking about Cochrane. He is far too scrawny and contentious looking with that hawk like nose of his.” She laid one hand over his heart and looked up into his amazing green eyes. “Right here, I’ve been right here since the moment I set foot on your ship, and I will always be here. I was made for you Mike, and I belong to you and only you.” She stretched up on her toes and kissed him, pouring all her love for him into it. This wasn’t about passion, but about how he was her other half, the air she breathed, and the rhythm of her heart. She slowly pulled away. “I don’t have to go.”
Revna ‘Are you Jelous?’ McKenzie

Mike smiled down at her and said “One. I know that you are mine. And I know that I am yours. And I know… beyond a shadow of doubt… that there isn’t another in existence that can love you like I do. Two. Yeah, you do. ‘Cause its your job. And you’re gonna be damn good at it. And three? Three is part of me being yours is doing what I can to make you look good. If that means putting on a suit and playing dutiful husband and host? So be it. Small price to pay to have you.” and he leaned down and kissed her, returning all the love he had to her.

Mike ‘Jellus? Can’t Even Spell It’ McKenzie

Revna grinned as she kissed him back. “You say the most incredible things.” She hugged him, head on his chest, and was still for several moments. Then she moved back to the crate and dug through more clothes, dividing them out. Pant suits and the long duster length vests were going, and so was the dress she wore the night at the Eclipse bar. The dress she wore to the magistrate was staying. “Well that is in the wrong box.” Revna pulled out a beautiful, unstrung, red oak recurve bow and quiver of matching arrows with various tips on them. “This can stay here. I would hope I won’t need it.” She set it to the side and pulled out several photos.
Revna ‘Never Know What You’ll Find’ McKenzie

Mike looked at it and a serious look came over his face. “Look. I’ve never been in Star Fleet, but even I know crap goes sideways a lot. Take it. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it… right?”

Mike ‘Be Prepared’ McKenzie

Revna laughed but with very little humor, “True, but I can’t even string it anymore. I’m not quite there yet in my recovery.” But she picked it up anyway and put it in the crate with the things she was taking. She picked up a photo and smiled looking at it. A much younger Revna, about 15 stood at the tiller of a mid sized dragon boat, she was laughing, the wind pulling her beaded hair away from her. Slightly behind and on another boat was Runa, face determined. “Beat her by 2 boat lengths that year. Sailed through a storm too. You’d be surprised the sailing skills you learn on water fairing ship can be applied to star ships.”
Revna ‘Never Forget What You Learn’ McKenzie

“Yeah… cause wind speeds and tides make a huge difference at Warp7.” Mike said and laughed. He moved the lid of a crate and cocked his head to the side. “Uh… Rev? Want to try explaining that?” and he grinned and pointed into the crate to a set of leather restraints, handcuffs, and black leather one piece jumpsuit with a zipper up the back. On top was a small white envelope with a lipstick kiss mark set in the center.

Mike ‘I am NOT getting in that’ McKenzie

“You’d be surprised at impulse speeds and traveling through an over active ion storm. Now if we had been going at warp at the time…” Revna stopped talking, remembering and then shook her head as Mike spoke. She shook her head, shaking off the memory, “Huh?” She walked over and looked down into the crate. She turned very pale and then very red and then very matter-of-factly said, “Runa.” As if the one word explained everything. She picked up the small white envelope, very carefully, as if it might exlpode when she did. She opened it, read it, and passed it to Mike. While he read she put the cover firmly back on the crate and pushed it across the room with the toe of her foot back towards the door. “We’re burning it.”

‘Congratulations love birds. This is just to make sure you don’t loose track of each other, again. Oh and also because you didn’t invite me to the wedding. Love you! - Runa’

Revna ‘I Hate Being A Twin Sometimes’ McKenzie

Mike laughed and said “I think burning may be a bit over the top…” and he paused and looked at Revna.

”… unless it’s used.” and he mock-shuddered.

Mike ‘She’s Your Twin, You Touch It’ McKenzie

“Ewwww.....I have no idea. And I’m not asking her. That’s just gross and unsanitary…and…” Revna shuddered, “Let’s just burn it. I’m not sure it will fit in the matter recycler.” Revna disappeared and came back with a couple of towels. All for show, maybe and collected all the....’items.’ She was sure Runa had sent all new things but she wasn’t touching it either way. A massive prank was in Runa’s future....Something caught her attention in the bottom of the crate. A large brown envelope that had Mike’s name on it. “It’s for you!” Revna laughed and passed it over. Inside was a letter from Runa.

‘Hey Mike. So if you got this that means you got my other ‘gift.’ Have fun! Anyway, Mardusk insisted we put some of your holo-concerts on for the kids, so I could watch the bar and teach. He swore you wouldn’t care. The regulars and kids all loved it. The kids insisted I send you these as a Thank you. - Runa P.S. Mardusk picked ALL the concerts.’ The rest of the papers were drawing the students did of their favorite bands. Based on skill they were all little kids. More than a few were of Government Kills.

Revna carried the towel wrapped bundle into the kitchen and the matter recycler could be heard whirring non stop for about 2 minutes. Revna even sent the towels through. She returned to the bedroom, “Well we have 250 credits to use now.”

Revna ‘My Sister = Pain in the A$$’ McKenzie

But Mike wasn’t in the bedroom. The soft sound of him humming came from the spare room. Mike was humming away as he hung the pictures above the rack where his guitars sat lined up. “Punk Kids And Crayons… catchy title, yeah?” he said as he felt her eyes on him and he smiled as he hung up another picture. “This keeps up, I may have to open the Government Kills media accounts again. Let the lads know we have a new generation of fans to teach the ways of punk to.” and he laughed softly.

Mike ‘More Kids Need Mohawks’ McKenzie

Revna smiled as she stood in the doorway. “I love it. I think the kids will too, and the media accounts aren’t a bad idea.” She walked over, looking at each of the pictures. Some she could recognize who the child was based on how they drew, but most by their name written in the corner by Runa. She grinned, “I think, based on how many of these are Government Kills I think you already have a new generation of fans.” She looked at one and laughed, “It’s you.” It was a picture of a very big guy, from a child’s perspective, so stomach down wearing jeans and the main body of a guitar, and wearing a bar apron. “Lornak. He lives with his aunt on board. Lost his mom about a year ago.”

“When you’re done with the fan mail, how do you feel about going and shopping so it’s done?” Revna wasn’t in a hurry to end their time alone but it needed to be done and she didn’t want to have to rush later to get it done.
Revna ‘Our Kids Will Have Mohawks ‘ McKenzie

Mike nodded. “Shopping with my wife… I can think of worse ways to spend time.” he said as he moved past her towards the bedroom. A quick pinch on her hiney and he chuckled and said “I can think of better, too!” as he ran into the bedroom and out of arm’s reach of retaliation.

Mike ‘Especially Our Daughters’ McKenzie

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