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Posted June 14, 2021, 12:04 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Scottish Lord) in Intergalactic Drama Llama


But Mike wasn’t in the bedroom. The soft sound of him humming came from the spare room. Mike was humming away as he hung the pictures above the rack where his guitars sat lined up. “Punk Kids And Crayons… catchy title, yeah?” he said as he felt her eyes on him and he smiled as he hung up another picture. “This keeps up, I may have to open the Government Kills media accounts again. Let the lads know we have a new generation of fans to teach the ways of punk to.” and he laughed softly.

Mike ‘More Kids Need Mohawks’ McKenzie

Revna smiled as she stood in the doorway. “I love it. I think the kids will too, and the media accounts aren’t a bad idea.” She walked over, looking at each of the pictures. Some she could recognize who the child was based on how they drew, but most by their name written in the corner by Runa. She grinned, “I think, based on how many of these are Government Kills I think you already have a new generation of fans.” She looked at one and laughed, “It’s you.” It was a picture of a very big guy, from a child’s perspective, so stomach down wearing jeans and the main body of a guitar, and wearing a bar apron. “Lornak. He lives with his aunt on board. Lost his mom about a year ago.”

“When you’re done with the fan mail, how do you feel about going and shopping so it’s done?” Revna wasn’t in a hurry to end their time alone but it needed to be done and she didn’t want to have to rush later to get it done.
Revna ‘Our Kids Will Have Mohawks ‘ McKenzie

Mike nodded. “Shopping with my wife… I can think of worse ways to spend time.” he said as he moved past her towards the bedroom. A quick pinch on her hiney and he chuckled and said “I can think of better, too!” as he ran into the bedroom and out of arm’s reach of retaliation.

Mike ‘Especially Our Daughters’ McKenzie

Revna jumped just a bit as he pinched her and then laughed enjoying the show as he ran down the hallway. “Mike, Honey, you know that’s a dead end right?” She didn’t bother to run. Oh he was going to get payback, but Revna could wait. They still had days and days left. She made her way into the bedroom not a care in the world. Except to figure out where he went incase he was up to something. She moved over towards the dresser pulling out something he’d never seen her in: low rider skinny jeans and a ribbed knit to off the shoulder crop top that showed off just enough skin.
Revna ‘Retaliation Takes Many Forms’ McKenzie

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