Side Sim - The Black and Silver Ball... Promotions, and Revelations Galore! (All Hands)

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Creed clapped as he smiled at Kaia as they now had their next chance to be acknowledged as he sat back and looked over at Celina for a minute as he leaned in. “All I’m saying is the coat goes with this outfit, it was tailored just for this… if we are going to just sell off all my items to my family are we taking this watch?” Jack whispered to her as he took off the band from his wrist as he placed it onto the table. “It was 8k energy credits when we visited Helios Custer, gold-pressed lantiium and everything. Or better yet, how about those?” Jack said as he reached for her earlobe as he touched the earring she was wearing.

Celina’s eyes widened slightly. She and Jack weren’t hurting but it was not like she knew everything about how much money Jack had. When she wanted something she bought it. When she wanted a trip, they took it. There had never been a time when he came flat out and said they couldn’t afford it but if he could buy a watch for that price on a whim apparently he was worth far more than she knew.

“Antique from Nepal, 4k energy credits, you gonna get rid of those? They were a gift from me on our two-year anniversary. There is your Dad’s pen collection he gave me, who collects those is beyond me but they have to be priceless…or better yet, how about we see what we can get for your creepy doll collection, they gotta be worth something to some freak who lives in his mom’s basement and reenacts scenes from the Revengers for his iTube channel.” Jack said as he tried to not seem too obvious that was upset with her at the party as he stopped for a moment to nod encouragingly.

Creed, XO

“No,” she settled back. “They were a gift,” she touched her ears, “that,” she pointed to the coat, “was a bad impulse buy. Admit it. I am right, you had a fashion stroke with that coat. Now we are not selling off our possession like some vegan hobo bound to live off the land in a distant colony. Just donating that coat to the vegan hobo bound to live off the land in some distant colony unless they don’t even want it,” she let out a small chuckle.

“As to the creepy doll collection, it is one doll, Jack. She is Stella and not Annabelle and she is locked away in a trunk in the hold of the ship. I can’t get rid of her because of religious reasons. That coat has no religious implication so it goes and the doll stays.” Celina gritted her teeth picking up her drink. “In fact why don’t you trot down to the storage hold and put it on Stella because if Stella is not allowed in our quarters because she is creepy, then I call the same rule for that coat.”

Celina Rodriguez

Kaia had been clapping for everyone else, happy to see her friends being acknowledged. Her eyes went wide as she heard her own name, freezing like a deer in headlights for a moment before she shot forward, weaving her way through the crowd. She clambered up the stairs and looked at the Captain, a confused expression on her face.

Ens. Kaia, Eng.

Max stepped through the people and made his way to a spot closer to the front, late, as usual from keeping the ship from exploding from weird things in Jeffries tubes and hacked replicators that only served coffee.

Passing Creed and Rodriguez he paused a moment, eyeing Creeds jacket. “Nice Jacket,” he said with an impressed nod before continuing to his spot, watching for Jasmine and smiling as he saw Kaia up front.

“Max don’t encourage him,” she flashed the chief a glare.

“If you want she will see it to you it seems, just make her a better deal than her family… you like fur don’t you?” Jack said to Max with a large smirk. “That way I can borrow it when I want from you, it’s a win win.

“You paid him to say that didn’t you,” she challenged Jack.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

Cochrane looked out at the crowd and said “Many of you do not know how hard our Engineers work. That is actually a compliment to the Department, because that means they do their jobs very well. But sometimes, even the best laid plans can go awry. During our mission to Graven, Ensign Kaia was part of the Away Team. She and our illustrious Chief Engineer were both injured while trying to assist in our efforts to aid the Gravien people; but despite injuries still managed to not only assist, but provide us with key information that helped us solve a problem that threated this very ship. For her efforts and dedication to our mission, …” and he turned and picked up a black box and opened it, displaying a ribbon and a medal. “… it is my honor to award Ensign Kaia the Star Fleet Commendation for Bravery and Selfless Service.” He turned to Kaia and smiled, handing her the box and whispered “Very well done, Ensign. I’m quite proud of you, you know.” and he turned back to the crowd. “A round of applause for Ensign Kaia, Ladies and gentlemen!” and Cochrane clapped as the crowd noise swelled up with applause.

Cochrane, CO

Coming back from the bar, she spied her husband. Moving towards him a smile crossed her face. The ball might be black and silver but she was wearing a blue evening gown because blue was the color Max loved best. He was the only one she wanted to stare at her all night plus she needed a way to remind him that all work and no play made Max a dull boy. If this dress didn’t capture his attention, the only other option was to be arrested for indecent exposure. The sheer bodice had diamond and sapphire-colored crystals that gave the illusion of only the crystals hiding what lay beneath. The ocean blue skirt at the bottom clung to her body and moved like the waves as she walked. Jasmine slid next to Max handing him a Lagavulin on the rocks. “You are going to need this,” she countered before he spoke. In her hand was an extra dirty martini from which she plucked one of the large green olives and popped it in her mouth.

“See this is the problem with you two....the invitation said silver and black. Black, black, black and silver, silver, black,” Bob pointed out each person in the room before stopping at Jack and Celina. Looking at her red dress he just shook his head. “Did you and Celina actually read the invitation or just walk into your closet saying ‘I feel bold…dashing. I wanna stand out in the crowd,’ ” Bob spoke in his characteristic flamboyant tone along with hand gestures.

“The latter and I am not sure it will help our marriage compatibility rating this quarter if Max here could lose me in the crowd. Section ten subsection twelve, paragraph six sub point nine. Do you want your partner to stand out or blend in?” Jasmine quoted the contract from the Ministry of Harmony. “I am sure Max chose stand out.” Reaching up she raised her hand waiting for Max’s high five in response.

Leaning against the wall he scrutinized the couple. “How it is you both seemed to have memorized the contract and each other’s answers but can’t seem to follow any of the other Mintaran traditions without a phaser to your heads?”

“Blind luck,” she shrugged with a half-smirk. Looking at Max she smiled. “So everything fine? We aren’t going to have a warp core meltdown for the next few hours because I have plans for you tonight that involve me, you, less clothes and a lot more booze,” she held her glass up for Max to finish her toast.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye cheered loudly for her friend (who knew she unexpectedly had so many!) and let out another round of wolf whistles for the diminutive engineer. So much had happened on the mission that Faye hadn’t been aware of until later and not for the first or last time did she feel so proud of the family she had attached herself to.

~Faye Calloway

Kaia coughed once or twice, glanced up at the Captain then down at the little box. She took it hesitantly, her surprise still on her face. She… She hadn’t done anything… She bowed. “Thank you, Captain,” she stammered while staring at the floor, then scurried back into the crowd, clutching the box to her chest. She was embarrassed. She wasn’t used to this much attention.

Kaia, Eng

Walker let out a snort at the Captain’s comments about the engineering teams. Even so, he turned and set his glass down on a nearby table as he applauded for Kaia.

CWO Darach - COO

Pretha smiled and applauded with the others. She knew engineering wasn’t an easy job and was glad they were getting recognized for their work. She set her empty glass on a nearby table a moment later and waited to hear who else would be called up to the spotlight. She just hoped it would be over soon so she could get back to the security office and work on next week’s rotation schedule.

CRIT Ldr/Sec

As the applause simmered down, Cochrane looked around and spied Oberon and smiled slightly. “Lieutenant Oberon, please join me on the stage if you would be so kind.”

As she climbed the steps up and stood near him Cochrane turned to the crowd and said “Lieutenant Oberon was part of the away team that made initial contact with the Graviens and was also instrumental in ensuring that the final resolution to their problem was handled quickly and expeditiously. For her service dedicated service, I am pleased to award Lieutenant Oberon with the Star Fleet Commendation for Exemplary Service.” and as people began to applaud he handed her a black box, in which was nestled a ribbon fo rher dress uniform. As he handed it to her he leaned in and whispered “Well done… but CRIT up and running immediately. We could have used them back there.” and he leaned back and winked and shook her hand.

Cochrane, CO

Ardashir took a sip from his drink as he smiled over at Oberon before looking back at Celina. “Look just admit the dolls are creepy and you can sell my entire wardrobe away and hand pick what you want me to wear.” he said as he leaned in to Celinas ear before briefly kissing her cheek playfully as he sat back into his seat.

Creed, XO/CIO

“Wait what was that?” In an action that was reminiscent of teen girl and not an adult woman, Celina made a small annoyed guttural sound in her throat as she moved her chair over two more inches, she looked at Jack. “You don’t get to kiss this right now,” she put up her finger in her trademark Latina fashion. The traditional fiesty was followed by an even more traditional fiesty Latina speech. “Don’t take my thats hula-larious red,” she lifted her perfectly manicured hand making sure one finger was pointed slightly more at him than the other four, “for me finding you irresistibly cute, charming, so that you can peck my cheek and think we have moved on. Oh no.” The more she spoke the more her hometown Puerto Rican accent slipped out.

“You exasperate me Ardashir. Next week when I see Brandon and he has me all laid on his bed I am going name every spot he touches as Jack, Ardashir, Creed,” she pointed to her neck, shoulder, and back. “He is not going to be any happier with you than I am.” Picking up the drink, she tried to hide the smirk threatening to spill over her face. The insanity of the argument, the way he was looking at her, or the tequila shots were making it hard for her to stay annoyed. The jury was out on which one it was.

“Here is the dear doll face, just remember when you ask who’s knocking your door it’s gonna be me. I’m gonna be there… make sure the hands stay north of the south.” Jack said with a teasing smirk as he took her hand as he kissed the back of it. “I’m always gonna be there, looking good as you get worked over.”

“I mean you have great taste…except for that monstrosity. I just don’t get why you try and get me all worked up. “

Celina Rodriguez

“Oh, you just wish you could pull it off. Fur makes you look frumpy. That’s the real reason you are jealous.” he said with a teasing smirk as he shook his head.

“You take that back,” she drew back with a shocked look on her face. “Fur does not make one look frumpy....except Uncle Pedro in that floor-length coat he has. Remember when you thought he was coming as Chewbacca to my cousin Marie’s wedding?” She could not hold back the laugh that was bubbling over. “When you leaned over and asked me if it was a theme wedding I nearly peed my pants,” she rolled her eyes with a smile. “I mean who throws a theme wedding like that? Wait…don’t answer that,” she held up a hand. “I forgot about cousin Maria’s wedding when she married Tito and we all had to come in elf wear. I looked like a deranged Tinkerbell,” she cringed at the memory of standing at the altar as a bridesmaid. “Green leather was so hot in a Puerto Rican summer,” she fanned herself slightly remembering sweltering in the heat as she threw back the third shot.

Creed, XO

Creed clapped loudly as he watched Oberon move to the front before leaning over at Celina. “It could have been worse… Azita wanted to get married in Tehran with a black-only wedding. I don’t know why she thought that was a good idea, but I think we had three guests pass out before the ceremony even began. Black in a desert is a very bad idea. You saw how big those fan people brought in the photo album.”

Oberon had been blown away with the award. She smiled and nodded next to the Captain and nodded her understanding at his order about the CRIT teams. “Thank you, Sir,” she said when he stood back once more to clasp her hand. She took the black box and smiled once more. It had been so unexpected she was left a bit shaken and shocked as she moved to step off the dais to allow someone else their moment of embarassment.

Moving back to her spot by the window, she lifted the box open once more to see the award. She was glad, now, that she had come. She wouldn’t have heard the end of it if she hadn’t.

(Speechless) lol

Celina clapped happily again for Pretha. The woman worked hard at her job just like all the rest of the crew that had received medals or promotions. “Congratulations Oberon,” she commented with a smile. While she did not often get to hang out with the woman, Pretha was fun to hang with in the times they had hung out in social situations.

Lt. Celina Rodriguez

Faye wolf whistled for Pretha, truly happy for the woman. As she gazed out over this group, she mused how much had changed since they had gathered in this same lush garden for her award ceremony. Bizarre. And wonderful too. Though there was a tiny irritating thought that came to mind, Faye just sipped on her sparkling juice and smiled at Walker, happy to be on the edge of the crowd and now right in the middle of it.

~Faye Calloway

Cochrane let the applause begin to fade before saying “And now, ladies and gentlemen, our next victim… er, I mean… awardee. Will Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez please step forward. Oh, wait… she probably can’t hear me over the XO’s coat.” and he spoke in a stage-yell “Lieutenant Rodriguez! To the stage please!”

The laughs at the coat’s expense were numerous.

Cochrane, CO

“See,” she gestured to the stage and the captains standing there as she set the shot glass down with a clink. “It’s not just me.” Looking over at him, Celina gave him a smile. “I had better hear you clap,” she gave him a wink before turning and heading up to the stage. Reaching the stage she paused a moment to look at Sinclair.

Jack was gonna do more than that as he stood up clapping, he was whistling but it was a very distinct tune as she sauntered to the stage. Anyone who could tell the tune would know it was from an old Earth song called Lady in Red as she approached the front. “No he fallado, simplemente he encontrado formas que no funcionan!” Jack shouted out to her, it was a phrase she always said to him whenever she felt like she needed a pick me up and right now he felt the night to shout it for all to stare at him wondering.

Celina felt a smile crossing her face as the first few bars of the song floated through the air. Tonight she fit the lyrics perfectly. She was literally the only person in red. As the to dancing cheek to cheek part…the vertical tango would come into play later. Hearing his Spanish inspirational quote she turned slightly winking at him before taking her place next to the captain.

“Lookin’ good cappy,” she said in a low whisper and then waited for the Captain to start his speech. Rarely if ever did someone actually say how nice men looked when they got dressed up. Sure it took women longer to get ready and men only had the three S’s in their routine but still, they did put forth the effort and times like this men needed to get a compliment.

Celina Rodriguez

“Someone has to.” he whispered. “You really let him walk out in public in that thing?” and he smiled before turning to the crowd.

“It’s like a bad Broadway play. One night showing and then the show is going to shut down,” she snickered.

“Ladies and gentlemen. As I am sure you are aware, we are dedicated science vessel and have… thankfully… had little recent issues that required us to flex our more forceful capabilities. That is a very good thing… but it also means that one particular member of the crew has not had to utilize her skills. Lieutenant Celina Rodriguez is our ship’s Chief Tactical Officer. And even though she has had little to do in that vein, she has still made herself an inextricable member of our crew. Off duty she is helpful, engaged, and always ready to assist wherever needed. On duty, though she is more than likely very bored -” and he smiled and some people chuckled softly, “- she is still professional, attentive, and prepared. For the consistent and unwavering attention she pays to the ship and her crew, I am happy to award Lieutenant Rodriguez a Commendation for Exemplary Performance. A round of applause, please, for the Lieutenant.” and the crowd clapped and cheered. He turned and handed her a black box with the ribbon for her ribbon board in it and shook her hand. He then leaned forward and said “Oh… and I saw a picture of the dolls. Get them off my ship. They’re creepy as hell.” and he smiled and winked.

Cochrane, CO

Creed, XO

“Not a chance Sinclair,” Celina laughed at the doll comment and rolled her eyes good-naturedly. Everyone thought they were creepy, including Celina but nothing was going to stop her abuela’s from bringing them so the best she could do was prep the crowd coming to the reception.

Looking at the commendation she gave Jack a side glance before addressing the Captain. “Thank you sir however if you could do me one favor? Order the XO to take two weeks leave so it can say Creed instead of Rodriguez. I need a legally binding document to control his wardrobe.”

“Only if there are no dolls.” Cochrane said with a grin.

Taking the commendation in one hand she gathered the hem of her dress in the other to make her way back to her seat.

Celina Rodriguez

“Thank you!” Creed said slapping his hand on the table loudly as he point toward the Captain could be heard from everyone.

Alex turned back to the crowd and said “And now will Lieutenant Commander and Lieutenant Wynter please come to the stage? I’m sure all of you know our illustrious Chief Engineer and Chief Medical Officer. The Manhattan is very fortunate to have not only two highly regarded experts in both of these positions, but also that they can get along well enough to actually be stationed on the same ship simultaneously.” and there was a ripple of laughter. As it died down, Alex added “We can only wish the same level of compatibility between the XO and his coat; because I’m pretty certain Lieutenant Rodriguez is gonna leave him over it… not that any of us would blame her.” and the crowd laughed heartily.

Cochrane, CO

Creed, XO

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