Officer's Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

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Posted by James Sinclair in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Mission Specialist) in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd
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“Grandfather still around too? Holy crap.” and he shook his head. “But if he was like that, then no… of course not. It’s not fitting to to beat the crap out of the elderly at a wedding.” and he winked at Shara.


Shara smiled at Daggum. “Both Edward and I didn’t exactly have great parents. Well, my mom was great, but she died when I was fourteen and my father’s behaviour got worse after that. I have no idea what either him or my brother are like now. Maybe things have changed, maybe they haven’t, but when I left home I knew I needed to be anywhere but there. And then I met Edward and he was all the family I needed. And when we decided to move to Tracken we knew that we wanted something better for any children we had. We tried to give Faye a life where anything was possible and you were only limited by your imagination.” She tossed a grin at her daughter.

Faye smiled. “You did. I loved our life. Well, at least before things went to hell, but even after the DMZ became a thing, you and Dad and the other colonists were my family later one, even up until more recently, if someone was to ask if I had family, I’d say no. Because you and I hadn’t happened yet and the other family I do have alive weren’t people I thought worth knowing,” she said with a shrug.

Shara leaned towards Daggum. “I’m not going to pry where I’m not wanted but although you have a pretty good inkling at this point, you should know that Faye comes a long line of exceptionally unusual women. It’s quite possibly genetic,” she said with a wink. Faye just snorted.

~The Calloway Women

Daggum chuckled. “Gee… ya think?” he said sarcastically. “Trust me… I figured as much. But I think some family tree exploration may be in order. See what I’m really getting myself into.” and he grinned.


Shara chuckled as she sat back up. “Well, I can’t tell you much about Ed’s family other than vital stats. His parents were long dead when I met him, but did Faye ever tell you that my mother was a concert pianist? She played with a local orchestra when she wasn’t doing admin for our colony. And her mother was an artist who did a lot of painting and scuplting.”

“Yeah, somehow the artistic gene skipped a generation,” Faye said flatly, though her eyes held a gleam.

Shara laughed. “Says to one who designed, built and planted a garden with a hill, a pond, a glasshouse and a greenhouse before she even got around to planting her own garden bed.” Shara rolled her eyes in Daggum’s direction, giving him a Can you believe her?* sort of look.

~The Calloway Women

Daggum shook his bald, green head. “Don’t get me started. Calloway women underselling themselves seems to be genetic as well.” and he chuckled. He looked at Faye and said “You do know that the vast majority of people we invite will be for you, right? I mean, I’ll ask Paul to come. And maybe Admiral Hallsley. Other than that? I got nothing.” and he laughed again.


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