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Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Scottish Lord) in Intergalactic Drama Llama

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But Mike wasn’t in the bedroom. The soft sound of him humming came from the spare room. Mike was humming away as he hung the pictures above the rack where his guitars sat lined up. “Punk Kids And Crayons… catchy title, yeah?” he said as he felt her eyes on him and he smiled as he hung up another picture. “This keeps up, I may have to open the Government Kills media accounts again. Let the lads know we have a new generation of fans to teach the ways of punk to.” and he laughed softly.

Mike ‘More Kids Need Mohawks’ McKenzie

Revna smiled as she stood in the doorway. “I love it. I think the kids will too, and the media accounts aren’t a bad idea.” She walked over, looking at each of the pictures. Some she could recognize who the child was based on how they drew, but most by their name written in the corner by Runa. She grinned, “I think, based on how many of these are Government Kills I think you already have a new generation of fans.” She looked at one and laughed, “It’s you.” It was a picture of a very big guy, from a child’s perspective, so stomach down wearing jeans and the main body of a guitar, and wearing a bar apron. “Lornak. He lives with his aunt on board. Lost his mom about a year ago.”

“When you’re done with the fan mail, how do you feel about going and shopping so it’s done?” Revna wasn’t in a hurry to end their time alone but it needed to be done and she didn’t want to have to rush later to get it done.
Revna ‘Our Kids Will Have Mohawks ‘ McKenzie

Mike nodded. “Shopping with my wife… I can think of worse ways to spend time.” he said as he moved past her towards the bedroom. A quick pinch on her hiney and he chuckled and said “I can think of better, too!” as he ran into the bedroom and out of arm’s reach of retaliation.

Mike ‘Especially Our Daughters’ McKenzie

Revna jumped just a bit as he pinched her and then laughed enjoying the show as he ran down the hallway. “Mike, Honey, you know that’s a dead end right?” She didn’t bother to run. Oh he was going to get payback, but Revna could wait. They still had days and days left. She made her way into the bedroom not a care in the world. Except to figure out where he went incase he was up to something. She moved over towards the dresser pulling out something he’d never seen her in: low rider skinny jeans and a ribbed knit to off the shoulder crop top that showed off just enough skin.
Revna ‘Retaliation Takes Many Forms’ McKenzie

The sound of running water came from the bathroom and Mike’s voice could be heard singing a refrain from some Klingon song of some sort. “Hey! If we are going out in public, we both need a shower! So get in here, wife, and make me regret agreeing to leave our home today!” and he laughed and went back to singing.

Mike ‘Klingon Opera Is High Class Punk Rock’ McKenzie

Revna tossed the clothes onto the bed and walked over to the bathroom door. She stood there a moment leaning against the frame watching his silhouette through the frosted glass and steam and listening to his voice. Life changed so quickly in a matter of seconds, mere moments. Revna knew that better than a lot of people. Just a week ago she’d boarded the station with the knowledge that Mike hadn’t answered her letter and the heart breaking realization she may never see him again. But there were larger forces than her own point of view at work in the universe, and Mike had already been here waiting for her, and now she was his wife. Out of all the things that defined her that was the one that mattered most to her, but she also knew, as much as she would ache without him, she had to take this chance. She had to find her identity again. It wasn’t good for either of them if she didn’t. Revna wasn’t going to go back to living a half life, not with Mike. He breathed life and love and passion into her.

He continued to sing and his voice pulled at her, insistent and firm. She stood up from the door way and walked across the tiles and slipped into the shower. “Doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do, as long as you are there, there will be no regrets.” One hand reached up around his shoulders to the back of his neck and pulled him down to her. She kissed him, cutting off the sound of his song. There was passion, but more there was Love deep, solid, smoldering, eternal. A claiming of him and a pledging of herself. It didn’t seem to end, the steam and water moving around them.
Revna ‘The Gods Blessed Me’ McKenzie

And end it didn’t… not for some time at least.

When they were finally spent, refreshed, spent again and refreshed again; then they got dressed and left the apartment. Mike looked at her and smiled as the entered the merchant and shopping area of the station and said “Ok, wife… what do we need?”

Mike ‘Who Knew Showers Could Be So Dirty’ McKenzie

Revna had her hand laced through Mike’s while they walked. She looked up at him and blushed. “Umm…I can’t remember....” She honestly couldn’t recall right off the top of her head, she was thinking about other things. She glanced around the merchant area, “Oh clothes. We both said we needed something more appropriate for official functions. And a jeweler.” She held up her left hand where the braided and twisted cord sat on her finger, “Before this frays. Oh and whatever we need for dinner for Ambassador S’Tek.”
Revna ‘Same with the Tub’ McKenzie

Mike chuckled and said “Mmm hmmm… I know what you were thinking about. Who knew I could hold my breath that long?” and he laughed. “Tell you what… you get the food, I’ll hit the jeweler, and then I’ll meet you back here in, say… an hour and go for clothes. Sound good?”

Mike ‘I Might Actually Like Shopping’ McKenzie

Revna blushed bright red....drawing the attention of a few nearby fellow shoppers. She didn’t care. “I mean you have to have the lung capacity to go with all the hulking Scottish masculinity, and I suppose all the singing helped, but still.....” her voice trailed off before she thought about it too much. “An hour? Sounds perfect.” That gave her time to look into something else. Reluctantly she let him slip the cord off her finger. “You better not lose that,” she teased, kissed him on the cheek and went in search of a grocer.
Revna ‘I Like Planning Surprises’ McKenzie

Mike watched her leave and when she was far enough away for it to be truly embarrassing yelled “I love you Revna! I had a great time being in the bath with you this morning! Have fun shopping for handcuffs and feathers!” and then he turned and almost ran before she could make it back and hit him.

Oh Revna was red, bright red, but there was no point in chasing after him, the man moved. “Aye Mike, I love you too, but if ya hadn’t broken the first set I wouldn’t be shopping for another!” Her laughter followed after him. She was truly and utterly embarrassed, but nothing she could do to change it. And she only had an hour so she had to get going. A older woman, of a species Revna did not recognize, laid a hand on her arm and grinned knowingly up at her. “Enjoy it dear, my dear Luobix was the same, embarrassed me no end. Best days of my life.” And she cackled as she walked away from Revna. Revna chuckled softly as she moved down a set of stairs.

He didn’t wander. Mike knew exactly where he was headed. He stepped into the doorway of the small shop. The Ferengi behind teh counter looked up and grinned. “Ah! Mr. Big Mike! I was starting to think you had forgotten little old Nefren.” Mike shook his head and said “Cut the crap, Nef. You said today, so its today. Did you get ‘em?” Nefren laughed and said “As if I wouldn’t, Mike.” and he reached under the counter and set two small red boxes on the counter between them. Mike opened them up and grinned. “Dude… they’re perfect.” Nefren grinned. “Thank you. I do appreciate it when my art is enjoyed by celebrities.” Mike shot him a look and said “Yeah, no kidding.” and then chuckled. He pocketed the two boxes and said “You did good. And yes, you will get credit in the next vid. But like I said… there may not be one, so don’t get your hopes up.” Nef just nodded his head. “Sure sure, Mike… whatever you say.” Mike just shook his head and went to the door. “Good to see ya, Nef.” and he walked out the door.

Mike ‘So do I’ McKenzie

At the bottom of the stairs she turned into a small shop, smiling at Krissy. “Hi Mrs McKenzie!” Revna smiled at the eager young girl. “Hi Krissy. I really appreciate this. So I need Pok Tar and Apple soup.” She handed Krissy a small PaDD containing the ingredients. “Ambassador S’Tek is coming for dinner. In Earth custom I am making him Pok Tar. But Vulcan custom is very clear that guests in the home prepare a meal, so just incase I will have the ingredients for the soup incase he insists.” Krissy nodded, filing the information away which was why Revna told her. Krissy was eager to do more than an internship. “I’ll make sure I get it all.” Revna thanked her again and slipped down a side corridor and a single private lift, swiped her ID marking her as a resident of the station and took the lift to its destination.

It didn’t take Revna long to find exactly what she was looking for and then she was back in the merchant area. She stepped into a small shop full of gadgets. A Ledosian woman walked over after a few minutes of Revna examining and discarding several items, “You are looking for something specific?” Revna turned to the woman, “Yes, and I’m hoping you have something for what I want.” She described the idea she had and the woman nodded, cultural barriers requiring some back and forth for clarification. Several minutes later, Revna was totally enraptured by the solution the woman was able to provide. “It will be ready tomorrow and I can have my assistant pick it up?” The woman nodded, Revna paid her and left Krissy’s name with her. “I will be sure to leave a review once I’ve seen the final product.” Revna met with Krissy again, exchanging the order form for the food, and with a conspiratorial shared smile with Krissy, she headed back up the stairs, found a table and waited for Mike.
Revna ‘I Am Up To Nothing’ McKenzie

Mike found her and took a seat. He looked at her and grinned and said “No really… don’t hit me.” and then laughed. “So… how’d the grocery shopping go?” and he casually pulled out the two red boxes and tapped them lightly on the edge of the table.

Mike ‘I Gots Tricks Yo’ McKenzie

Revna laughed and leaned over, “Why would I hit you when I can do this?” and she kissed him. “It went decently, it’s being delivered so we don’t have to carry it around while we finish shopping. Everything to make Pok Tar and, if he should insist on making something himself because he is our guest, Apple soup. It should offer a nice complimentary flavor to the Pok Tar. But I couldn’t find any cuffs. No one sells them here.” She grinned and winked at him. She saw the boxes of course, but the slight tapping told her Mike was slightly…nervous, not necessarily in a bad way. He’d get to whatever it was. “So when we are done I thought we could go to the officers’ mess on Manhattan to eat. I’ve been ordered by the chef to bring you, and honestly the man is a little scary. And since I have to rely on him for all formal occasions I don’t want to be on his bad side. You okay with me showing you off a little?”
Revna ‘You’re Arm Candy’ McKenzie

“Not with you dressed like that, I’m not. How dare you walk around in public in such a state of undress, woman! How dare you flaunt yourself like some unmarried tart! You are a married woman, Mrs. McKenzie… and it’s high time you dress like one.” and he set the boxes on the table and opened them.

Inside each was a ring. Made of a silvery polished metal, each had two layers to it, and an arrow inlaid on the divide between the two. Mike said “Ok. This one here-” and he pointed to a section that was made of a white and rose colored material, “- is the antler of the Cxiter stag. Foud only on one of the planets here in the Delta Quadrant. This one-” and he pointed toa duller and somewhat unfinished metal that looked rough and wiry, “- is made from a meteorite taken from the North Sea on Earth. The last thing i sthe metal itself. Its tritanium… but it’s tritanium from the hull of the Atlantis. The antler represents our first home, here, in the Delta Quadrant. The meteorite is where our people are from. And the Atlantis hull is where we met and where I fell in love with you. And the arrow means we will always fly true… together.”

Mike ‘Big Softy’ McKenzie

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