Officer's Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted June 16, 2021, 4:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by James Sinclair in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted by Lieutenant Faye Calloway (Counter-Intelligence Officer) in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd

Posted by James Sinclair in Officer’s Mess Kitchen- Food for a Crowd
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Shara chuckled as she sat back up. “Well, I can’t tell you much about Ed’s family other than vital stats. His parents were long dead when I met him, but did Faye ever tell you that my mother was a concert pianist? She played with a local orchestra when she wasn’t doing admin for our colony. And her mother was an artist who did a lot of painting and scuplting.”

“Yeah, somehow the artistic gene skipped a generation,” Faye said flatly, though her eyes held a gleam.

Shara laughed. “Says the one who designed, built and planted a garden with a hill, a pond, a glasshouse and a greenhouse before she even got around to planting her own garden bed.” Shara rolled her eyes in Daggum’s direction, giving him a Can you believe her? sort of look.

~The Calloway Women

Daggum shook his bald, green head. “Don’t get me started. Calloway women underselling themselves seems to be genetic as well.” and he chuckled. He looked at Faye and said “You do know that the vast majority of people we invite will be for you, right? I mean, I’ll ask Paul to come. And maybe Admiral Hallsley. Other than that? I got nothing.” and he laughed again.


“Small ceremony it is!” Faye declared. “I mean, there are a few people here I’d want to be there, but other than that, even if I was inclined to invite the odd other person, the ones that matter are parts of old pieces of my life. Hell, the freighter captain who encouraged me to not whittle myself away as a deckhand doesn’t even know my real name. To him I was Abagail Blair. He knew it was a fake name but they were fine with it.”

“Abagail… fifth alias, wasn’t it?” Shara said, her eyes gleaming.

Faye gave her a withering glare. “You know too much,” she said and promptly turned her attention back to Daggum. “Small ceremony, just a few friends and family. And… maybe, if you’re okay with it, we can get Alex to officiate? That or your Admiral friend.” She almost made a quip about the uncle she’d never met, but that might be stretching it. Besides, it should be someone who mattered to them. And she could already tell this wasn’t a quiet elopement scenario. They deserved a party after all they’d been through, even if it was small.

~The Calloway Woman

“I’d be honored to have Captain Cochrane officiate. Hallsley would surely do it, but you don’t know him and that’s fine. Small ceremony it is. But before we go too far down this rabbit hole of wedding planning… we have a wake to cook for, right?”


Faye laughed. “I know you’re just getting to see it in action properly for the first in person, but you do know my brain actually percolates multiple trains of thought at the same time, which is supposed to technically not be possible, but… yeah.” She shrugged and grinned. “Don’t you worry, I haven’t forgotten about the wake. And speaking of, let’s go finish off that hasperat and get going.”

“Sounds good to me,” Shara said, smiling at the pair. Yep, she’d spoken truly to Micah- she wouldn’t change a damn thing about her life because it brought her to this moment with Faye and to see her daughter so happy and at ease in her life finally was worth everything else.

~The Calloway Women

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