Naim's Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht (Medical Officer) in Naim’s Quarters - A Long Overdue Dinner
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During the ball Shon and she had made plans to meet for dinner and catch up. Something that was long overdue anyway. Dressed in a simple cream coloured v-neck blouse with a little lace along the collar and the hem of the elbow length sleeves and a cream coloured, knee-length skirt with large pale pink flowers and dark green leaves printed on it, she was finishing a few last preparations for dinner as she waited for her friend to arrive. Her dark curls were pulled back in two French braids and then pinned up at the nape of her neck. It had been too long that they had time to really talk at length and so she was very much looking forward to have dinner together and talk about everything that had happened and anything else that was on their mind.

OOC: This is the outfit she is wearing:

~Kiama Naim

The newly minted Lieutenant Junior Grade Shon Baht straightened his olive-green turtleneck before he reached out to press the chime to Kiama’s quarters. He held in his right hand a fresh candle of sea-salt scent, a bolian favorite. Shon hoped it wouldn’t offend Kiama’s senses, but really there was no knowing how other species would react to sensory experiences that bolians found pleasant, it seemed. He just hadn’t wanted to show up empty-handed, considering that Kiama had offered to host. Shon found himself smiling in anticipation of the door sliding open, eager to see his dear friend.

(Lt. Jg. Baht, Medical)

“Come on in,” Kiama called out as the door opened in front of Shon.

While most of the furniture and layout of the room were that of a typical senior officer’s quarter, it was obvious at first glance that Kiama had made it her own. On the wall next to the entrance door stood a bookshelf made of glass and grey metal. There were several actual books in there, but also photos and various objects. None of which seemed to go together. There was a piece of red rock, the model of a brain, a delicate glass vase, something that might be some sort of animal made of clay, an antique clock. The photos showed different people. A couple, from the look of them her parents, with a much younger Kiama. An older woman with the same dark complexion and a very stern expression. A photo each of her graduation from the University of Betazed and Starfleet Academy; both of them showing a group of people. One photo that looked fairly recent of herself with an auburn haired woman about 10 years older than Kiama. There were a few plants throughout the room, all of which looked a little sad for one reason or another. One of the standard armchairs had been replaced by a scarlet winged chair with matching footrest and a fluffy, navy blue blanket thrown a little carelessly over it’s back. There were a couple of pillows on the couch, matching the winged chair and blanket in colour, though not in shade. And the wall next the door to her bedroom was adorned with a large photograph of a beach on a stormy day with beams of sunshine breaking through the thick cloud cover.

Kiama was standing close to the dinning table, putting down a water jug. The table was set of two with cloth napkins and everything. There was also a bottle bottle of wine, large bowl of salad and one covered with a lid, so Shon wouldn’t be able to tell what was inside. Peering over her shoulder, she grinned at her friend and asked, “Hey Shon, how are you doing?”

~Kiama Naim

Shon broke into a smile instantly but faked a dramatic sigh. He plopped down in mock exhaustion on the standard armchair, careful not to so carelessly sit in the special one. “Oh Kiama, it’s just so hard getting promoted… all this crushing responsibility now on my shoulders…” He mimicked the classic ‘dying’ pose sometimes used in old-timey theater. Then he dropped the act and resumed his smile, bouncing back up from the chair to approach the dining table. “Of course I’m doing fabulous!” He leaned over to sniff the bowl inquisitively before remembering his manners and moving to offer Kiama a warm hug. “Thanks for hosting, thanks for the dinner… and wine! Oh, yes, this is why we’re friends,” he joked.

(Lt. J.g. Baht, Medical)

It took her quite some effort, but Kiama managed to hold back a laugh as she watched Shon flop theatrically onto her chair. Grinning, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. “It’s really good to have you.” Letting go she added, “So I guess it’s safe to assume you’d like some of the wine?”

As she opened the bottle she gave him a wink and said, “If you are overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities from being a Lieutenant junior grade, try being a department head and Lieutenant Commander!” Of course she was only joking and at the same time she was still struggling to wrap her head around the fact that she had just gotten promoted again!

~Kiama Naim

Shon’s eyes widened in genuine awe. “Oh I’m sure! Stars, Kiama, you’re on the fast track! Better watch out, you’ll be getting offers to transfer for executive officer positions by next week!” He gladly accepted the wine but waited until Kiama had a glass of her own to offer a soft clink of the rims. Shon was truly impressed by his friend’s accomplishments, and there was no hint of jealously at all… in fact, Shon’s humor about his promotion had been a deflection from some real doubts he had about his worthiness. He had imagined being a good ‘ol ensign for years. He would have been content with that, all he wanted to do was work in sickbay anyways and being out in the Delta quadrant was already an added plus.

“I hope not!” Kiama replied emphatically and rather seriously, despite the smile that was still playing across her dark face, while filling a glass of wine for herself as well.

“Just promise to consider me for Chief Medical Officer when you have your own ship someday.” He chuckled at the suggestion, knowing it was absurd. Not absurd that Kiama could be a captain, but absurd that… well, anyways.

(Lt. J.g. Baht, Medical)

Raising her wine glass to Shon, Kiama laughed, “It’ll be a while till I make the Captain’s chair, if I ever do, but I will try and poach you from wherever you’re assigned at the time to be my Chief Medical Officer. Or maybe even my First Officer, if Command is something you’d be interested in.” She could, of course, tell that her friend didn’t believe he’d be a Chief Medical Officer one day. And while she could definitely see him in that position and thrive, she decided not to try and convince him outright, but to show him instead that she believed in him and had faith that he could reach whatever goal he sat for himself.

~Kiama Naim

The angst Shon had felt dissipated with Kiama’s encouraging response. “You flatter me,” he said as he settled into one of the chairs at the table. “Although, I’d have to trade in my blue uniform for a red one and… I don’t know, I just like the way medical colors look against my skin.” He pretended to admire his hand’s complexion. Then he sighed and leaned back, a thoughtful expression passing over his face for just a moment. “What’s for dinner,” if you don’t mind my asking?”

(Lt. J.g. Baht, Medical)

“Medical blue certainly suits you, but I think command red would as well,” Kiama grinned as she sat down at the table as well. “Why would I mind? This is a dinner invitation after all,” she laughed good-naturedly and lifted over of the bowl. The smell of rice and mushrooms started to fill the air and she said, “Risotto with different types of mushrooms. The rice is replicated, but the mushrooms are from the Arboretum and Chef Harv allowed me to use his kitchen again.” A wide smile played across her face as she pushed the serving spoon towards Shon.

~Kiama Naim

“Ooooh,” Shon breathed as he eagerly scooped the dish onto his plate, “well that’s undoubtedly delicious.” He remembered his manners well enough to at least wait for Kiama to be served before digging in. His eyes almost rolled back as he enjoyed the first few bites, not quite managing to stop himself from speaking with his mouth partially full. “So good. You know, mushrooms kinda just seem like plant diseases to me. I mean they taste good, but they’re a fungus, y’know? We’re kinda eating a parasite.” He paused, not sure this was good dinner conversation. “But it’s great, really!”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)


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