Holodeck 1- Songs for Old Friends (A Wake)

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OOC: Invite & Setting:


Alex patted her hand and said “Okay, I get it Faye. And I am really happy for you. And him too. If he’s worth it.” and he gave her a wink. Letting go he said “Hey, Hammor! Screw this up and I use your green head for a hood ornament on my ship! Congratulations!” and then made his way to the music area.


Shara chuckled slightly and smirked at Daggum. “Well, looks like you got the Cochrane seal of approval, which is a good thing because those two are thick as thieves.”

It was in that moment that the doors to the holodeck swished open again and the dark skinned Chief Science Officer walked in. She was dressed in an ivory coloured, lace-trimmed Musselin summer dress; a matching scarf folded over one arm. Her hair was pulled up in one of her usual, neatly braided updos. Slung over her shoulder was what appeared to be the case of a small-ish instrument. With her right hand she carried a large serving plate filled with an assortment of sliced vegetables fresh from the Arboretum and a dip to go with them. With her left hand she held tightly onto the cat carrier she had brought as well. She still wasn’t entirely sure what had made her do this, but on her way to the holodeck she had stopped by Faye’s quarters and picked up Tess.

Walking over to Faye, one eyebrow raised, Kiama asked her friend in a whisper, “Do I want to know why the Captain might use Daggum’s head as a hood ornament?”

~Kiama Naim

Faye leaned in and said with a grin, “Because he’s being protective.” She lifted her hand and fiddled with the ring on her finger. “Kiama, we’re engaged!” And though Faye was still slightly surprised by that fact, she was bursting with happiness.

Tess let out a mew and Faye chuckled as dropped to one knee and opened the carrier. She held out her arms. “Tess, up!” The white and grey young cat leapt up to her shoulder and Faye Carefully rose to her feet as Tess snuggled down in the crook of her neck. “Hey, Sweetheart. Bet you’re all weirded out but what’s going on, yeah? But all your friends are here.” Tess just purred. “Thanks for bringing her. It’s actually a great idea. And she can go hunt holographic bugs and stop trying to kill my socks!” she said with a mock stern look at the empathic cat.

~Faye & Shara Calloway

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