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The Manhattan was cruising in an otherwise uncharted sector of space in the Delta quadrant. The mission? Chart the region of space and keep a virtual eye out for any indications of Vaadwaur presence. Clues from other star farers had hinted that that region had been where a Vaadwaur colony had once been bringing to mind the possibility of one of their subspace corridors, commonly named there the ‘Underspace’.

As of three weeks into the cruise all that was noted was that space was pretty empty in this and the adjacent sector. As it was there was a lot of space and not much for systems of spatial phenomenon. However, about mid day ship time, a chirp came to both the sensor/science and tactical displays.

Science: Energy spike coming from a ‘system’ composed of what appeared to be one planet in the vicinity of a twin system of white dwarf stars. The system looked to be the only one perhaps within the adjacent sector.
Tactical/Security: Energy readings narrow down to being energy weapons fire - the count of the energy spikes showing multiple vessels involved - or one big honking one with lots of guns.


Cochrane sat in the command chair and heard the alerts chirp, especially from the tactical console. Looking back at both officers, he said “Well that is certainly new. Report, please.”

Cochrane, CO

“I am reading an energy spike coming from a twin system of white darf stars, Captain,” Naim replied immediately. “It seems to be located close to the one planet within the system.” There was a small crease between her eyebrows as she studied the readings in front of her closely. Entering a few commands, she tried to get a more detailed reading; both of the system as a whole, the planet and of course the energy spike.

~Lt. Cmdr. Naim, CSO

“Systems show the energy readings are weapons fire. Unknow if it multiple vessels or one ship with a helluva honkin’ space howizter,” Celina reported. Her finger moved over the console trying to isolate more information about what was coming at them.

The system itself was quite simple. From this distance the sensors could detect it was a twin system of two stars, both white dwarf stars. Size wise they were, compared to the Earth, .93 of Earth and 1.13 of Earth size. Each had a small, thin, dense atmosphere. The maturity of the stars were such that they still retained some heat and luminosity but it was small, more a pale glow in space than a burning star. Surrounding the stars was a kind of dust cloud containing fine dust, rocks and asteroid like planetoids. Each, however, had a system of rings - think Saturn - that were at different planes from one another, though, with the gravity wells associated with the white dwarf’s there was a pull on the rings causing them to curve toward the other and create a kind of stellar tunnel in between.

There was a single planet in the system. It was large, some ten times the diameter of Earth. Thermal imagery showed that it was an unstable world with considerable volcanic activity and surface temperature was at best 150 centigrade. The atmosphere held a layer of soot; initial spectroscopic scans showed the world was metal rich not unlike Janus IV, though that was a much more stable world. Orbital projections showed that this planet would make a figure 8 rotation around the binary system. It’s current path had it just entering the area of space at the tunnel between the two rings.

For the most part the rings and dust field would not inhibit standard navigation.

Focusing on the energy spikes showed that they were artificial, weapons fire.
- Wookiee

“Raising shields,” Celina announced. She hoped the helmsman could maneuver them out of the path of the incoming weapons but if they didn’t get out of the way, the shields hopefully would protect them from impact. Looking at the sensors, Celina announced more of what she discovered. “Sir, energy spikes are registering as artificial. Best guess based on initial scans of the area is that they are possibly holograms…” she let her voice trail off as she ran more scans of the beam. The signature was what her uncle called hinky. It was just far enough away from the norm of what was expect to make someone say…hold up…wait a minute....something’s not right here.


“Helm, bring us around on an intercept course. Comms scan for any distress calls or communications. Commander Naim, try and isolate any scan data to try and identify vessels and types of weapons. Lieutenant Rodriguez, take us to yellow alert. Shields up, weapons on standby.” Cochrane activated the ship wide comms and said =/\= Yellow Alert. All hands to battle stations. Command staff to posts. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

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