Stabilizing Common Ground

Posted June 18, 2021, 9:44 a.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Stabilizing Common Ground


“Well let’s see that would take us all the way back to 2375, and the Breen attack on Earth. I wasn’t the only one, but I lost someone essential to my life. Shauwn was a Cadet, but was assigned as a fighter pilot assigned to the Earth Defense Force. The plan had always been that he would join Star Fleet and I would get my degree in psychology and then I would join him on whatever ship he was stationed to. I was young and lost in my grief. I got my degree and then not knowing what to do after that, I joined Star Fleet in his place. That’s why I’m a trained fighter pilot in addition to my counseling service. This will all be important later. So fast forward to a year and a half ago. I was assigned to the Centurion as their leading trauma counselor. It was a front line hospital ship. I was injured in the line of duty; there was a patient, he had a psychotic break. I got between him and another patient.” There was a pause and a far away look, and then a blink returning to the present. “By passing the gory details for now, my lungs were damaged. I needed new ones but it wasn’t possible at the time, so the doctors did the best they could. Which was a lot, obvious because I’m still here. There is a reason a counselor should never be their own confidant or a friends. The new lungs were ready a few days later, but I wasn’t recovered enough for more surgery. By the time I was I had it in my head that my lungs were recovering just fine and I didn’t need the surgery. Rather than butt heads directly with my stubbornness, my CO transferred me to a ship where I would have, comparatively, a light duty work load, a doctor he knew could handle any complications, and then ambushed me with my twin sister. And unbeknownst to him, my oath brother. I served on board Atlantis almost 9 months recovering well. Until I woke up one night unable to breath, and was in sickbay in a forced high oxygen environment for several hours. The scar tissue had turned to fibroids, and the decision was effectively taken from me. My surgery was scheduled and a medical transfer back to Centurion was put into place for two weeks from then.”

Revna smiled then, “One week before my transfer I met Mike. He dared me to two dates; we had one. Centurion arrived just over a week early, I gave him a raincheck and I had to leave. The surgery went exceptionally well. I stayed on Centurion for 3 months during my recovery. During that time, I got ambushed by my twin and my former CO. Years ago I was sent a the final recordings from Shauwn’s fighter. I could never bring myself to watch it, and my CO took it and kept it; they made me watch it.” She sipped at her drink wishing it was something stronger. “It was very personal and very heartbreaking. But exactly what he said I would do, I did. I joined Star Fleet, I lived his life instead of my own, exactly what his last words told me not to do. It was as effective as being doused in the North Sea in the middle of February. I needed to decide what my life was supposed to be. Mike and I talked a lot about it. He was with me through it all, even if he couldn’t be on the Centurion with me.” She didn’t get into them not talking, the bourbon, or her letter that Mike never read. “My CO on Centurion heard about an opening with the Diplomatic Corp and recommended me for it. It was a change but was a good fit with my skills, so I went to the interview, impressed them, and ended up here working for Ambassador S’Tek.”

“I ended up married because Mike decided he was going to cash in that raincheck and showed up on Event Horizon to surprise me. He told me he loved me, that he was going to marry me, so I’d always know he was waiting, where ever I went.” Now that wasn’t exactly what Mike said or exactly how it happened, but some details were personal, intimate between a couple and Revna was keeping those close to her heart, not sharing them with a man that she barely knew. “And that is how I went from Star Fleet Counselor to a married diplomat.”
McKenzie, DA

Cochrane smiled a knowing smile and said “I appreciate the tale… edited though it was. Because you completely left out the bar at the hotel and the fact the S’Tek gave you his aide’s quarters.” and he laughed. “But its okay. I understand the desire to not spill everything to a new colleague.”

Cochrane, CO

“I said he surprised me, and everyone knows about the bar by now. Seriously watch the vids because those people didn’t miss a thing. No need to repeat what you know unless you want a recap,” Revna grinned. “Now this thing about his aide and the quarters is news to me. The Ambassador’s note said congratulations on our marriage and he was upgrading our quarters, and as the quarters are designed for the entertainment and mingling of potential dignitaries, it is expected that I will plan and host events in the space at times. As my duties will have me spending much time off-station it is approved that my husband will do the same in my absences. But I get the feeling that the Ambassador is a fan.” She chuckled that giving her no end of amusement at her and Mike’s expense. But,” and she eyed Cochrane, “I am interested to know how you knew my quarters on the station were changed.” She supposed it was easy enough for him to know, but she was curious how information made its way around the station and docked ships.
McKenzie, DA

Cochrane shrugged and said “S’Tek told me he was going to do it. And since he doesn’t technically have an aide, it makes sense. Oh, and he listens to Government Kills everyday. He described them ‘unceremoniously honest’. I tried to listen… to much for me. I tend to the more symphony style of music, maybe some opera.”

Cochrane, CO

“Punk is definitely an acquired taste. One I haven’t quite mastered, yet. Mike enjoys all kinds of opera, though. He calls Klingon opera, high class punk. My own tastes…my sister tells me, is frivolous. I have no preferences. If it’s good I like it, and if it’s bad I don’t. It drives me sister crazy. But then if I couldn’t drive her crazy my life would loose half it’s purpose,” and she laughed.
McKenzie, DA

Cochrane chuckled. “Then you are the Racheal in your sibling dynamic. That woman always tries to give me the business… always. She stood up at my graduation form the Klingon War College and tried to get the class to do something called ‘The Hustle’… I thought we were both going to get stabbed.”

Cochrane, CO

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