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Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Intergalactic Drama Llama

Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Scottish Lord) in Intergalactic Drama Llama


Mike watched her leave and when she was far enough away for it to be truly embarrassing yelled “I love you Revna! I had a great time being in the bath with you this morning! Have fun shopping for handcuffs and feathers!” and then he turned and almost ran before she could make it back and hit him.

Oh Revna was red, bright red, but there was no point in chasing after him, the man moved. “Aye Mike, I love you too, but if ya hadn’t broken the first set I wouldn’t be shopping for another!” Her laughter followed after him. She was truly and utterly embarrassed, but nothing she could do to change it. And she only had an hour so she had to get going. A older woman, of a species Revna did not recognize, laid a hand on her arm and grinned knowingly up at her. “Enjoy it dear, my dear Luobix was the same, embarrassed me no end. Best days of my life.” And she cackled as she walked away from Revna. Revna chuckled softly as she moved down a set of stairs.

He didn’t wander. Mike knew exactly where he was headed. He stepped into the doorway of the small shop. The Ferengi behind teh counter looked up and grinned. “Ah! Mr. Big Mike! I was starting to think you had forgotten little old Nefren.” Mike shook his head and said “Cut the crap, Nef. You said today, so its today. Did you get ‘em?” Nefren laughed and said “As if I wouldn’t, Mike.” and he reached under the counter and set two small red boxes on the counter between them. Mike opened them up and grinned. “Dude… they’re perfect.” Nefren grinned. “Thank you. I do appreciate it when my art is enjoyed by celebrities.” Mike shot him a look and said “Yeah, no kidding.” and then chuckled. He pocketed the two boxes and said “You did good. And yes, you will get credit in the next vid. But like I said… there may not be one, so don’t get your hopes up.” Nef just nodded his head. “Sure sure, Mike… whatever you say.” Mike just shook his head and went to the door. “Good to see ya, Nef.” and he walked out the door.

Mike ‘So do I’ McKenzie

At the bottom of the stairs she turned into a small shop, smiling at Krissy. “Hi Mrs McKenzie!” Revna smiled at the eager young girl. “Hi Krissy. I really appreciate this. So I need Pok Tar and Apple soup.” She handed Krissy a small PaDD containing the ingredients. “Ambassador S’Tek is coming for dinner. In Earth custom I am making him Pok Tar. But Vulcan custom is very clear that guests in the home prepare a meal, so just incase I will have the ingredients for the soup incase he insists.” Krissy nodded, filing the information away which was why Revna told her. Krissy was eager to do more than an internship. “I’ll make sure I get it all.” Revna thanked her again and slipped down a side corridor and a single private lift, swiped her ID marking her as a resident of the station and took the lift to its destination.

It didn’t take Revna long to find exactly what she was looking for and then she was back in the merchant area. She stepped into a small shop full of gadgets. A Ledosian woman walked over after a few minutes of Revna examining and discarding several items, “You are looking for something specific?” Revna turned to the woman, “Yes, and I’m hoping you have something for what I want.” She described the idea she had and the woman nodded, cultural barriers requiring some back and forth for clarification. Several minutes later, Revna was totally enraptured by the solution the woman was able to provide. “It will be ready tomorrow and I can have my assistant pick it up?” The woman nodded, Revna paid her and left Krissy’s name with her. “I will be sure to leave a review once I’ve seen the final product.” Revna met with Krissy again, exchanging the order form for the food, and with a conspiratorial shared smile with Krissy, she headed back up the stairs, found a table and waited for Mike.
Revna ‘I Am Up To Nothing’ McKenzie

Mike found her and took a seat. He looked at her and grinned and said “No really… don’t hit me.” and then laughed. “So… how’d the grocery shopping go?” and he casually pulled out the two red boxes and tapped them lightly on the edge of the table.

Mike ‘I Gots Tricks Yo’ McKenzie

Revna laughed and leaned over, “Why would I hit you when I can do this?” and she kissed him. “It went decently, it’s being delivered so we don’t have to carry it around while we finish shopping. Everything to make Pok Tar and, if he should insist on making something himself because he is our guest, Apple soup. It should offer a nice complimentary flavor to the Pok Tar. But I couldn’t find any cuffs. No one sells them here.” She grinned and winked at him. She saw the boxes of course, but the slight tapping told her Mike was slightly…nervous, not necessarily in a bad way. He’d get to whatever it was. “So when we are done I thought we could go to the officers’ mess on Manhattan to eat. I’ve been ordered by the chef to bring you, and honestly the man is a little scary. And since I have to rely on him for all formal occasions I don’t want to be on his bad side. You okay with me showing you off a little?”
Revna ‘You’re Arm Candy’ McKenzie

“Not with you dressed like that, I’m not. How dare you walk around in public in such a state of undress, woman! How dare you flaunt yourself like some unmarried tart! You are a married woman, Mrs. McKenzie… and it’s high time you dress like one.” and he set the boxes on the table and opened them.

‘Tart?’ He called her a tart? That was almost as good as him shushing her and telling her to enjoy the ride. Revna opened her mouth for some teasing remark but there was something serious about Mike’s body language and she remained silent, but smiled at him.

Inside each was a ring. Made of a silvery polished metal, each had two layers to it, and an arrow inlaid on the divide between the two. Mike said “Ok. This one here-” and he pointed to a section that was made of a white and rose colored material, “- is the antler of the Cxiter stag. Found only on one of the planets here in the Delta Quadrant. This one-” and he pointed to a duller and somewhat unfinished metal that looked rough and wiry, “- is made from a meteorite taken from the North Sea on Earth. The last thing is the metal itself. Its tritanium… but it’s tritanium from the hull of the Atlantis. The antler represents our first home, here, in the Delta Quadrant. The meteorite is where our people are from. And the Atlantis hull is where we met and where I fell in love with you. And the arrow means we will always fly true… together.”

Mike ‘Big Softy’ McKenzie

She watched him open the boxes…the rings were stunning, and thanks to her clan she knew superior craftmanship when she saw it. And then Mike began to explain. Revna was totally shocked, surprised, moved, speechless except for a softly breathed, “Mike....” and her gaze riveted to his. For the second time in a week Revna found herself on Mike’s lap, in public, kissing him like no one was watching.

She pulled back slightly, copper eyes shimmering with love and tears, “You’re wrong you know. It’s where we both fell in love.” She kissed him again, and then whispered in his ear, “If you want me dressed like a married woman you better do something about it, Mr McKenzie”
Revna ‘Moved to Tears’ McKenzie

Mike took her left hand in one of his hands, her ring in the other, and then slowly slid it on while whispering in her ear “With this ring… I thee wed.” He looked at the ring on her hand and said “There… finally get you dressed to go out in public!” and he laughed and then kissed her. “So… clothes maketh the man, right? So lets go see what you want to dress me up as, shall we?”

Mike ‘I’ll Be The Ken To Your Barbie’ McKenzie

Electric waves of warmth raced through her from where his hand held hers and he slipped his ring on her finger. Pure untainted happiness, peace, and Love, the kind they write about in fairy tales, settled in her core and spread outwards as they kissed. She took his ring from the box, she took his hand and kissed it. For the first time she could remember she was uncertain if she had the right words to convey what she was feeling. She stared for several long moments into his eyes, and then very slowly slid the ring onto his finger. “With this ring, in every lifetime, every reality, every possible universe…I thee wed.” She kissed him again. “Now you’re dressed too. I’m sure it will break a lot of hearts, but your all mine now.” The whole famous thing didn’t bother Revna at all. She was proud of Mike, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to tease him about it. “This just makes sure all those fan girls know it.” She kissed him again and stood up holding onto his hand. “I think we need to find the most punk rock thing possible. Apparently the Ambassador listens to your music every day. So this was his idea, it needs to be over the top.” And she had another piece of the surprise to pick up too.

Revna ‘We’re Off The Market’ McKenzie

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