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Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Intergalactic Drama Llama

Posted by Civilian Michael ‘Big Mike’ McKenzie (Scottish Lord) in Intergalactic Drama Llama

“And their politeness didn’t offend your punk sensibilities?” She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, eyes twinkling. “Cochrane told me that S’Tek describes your music as ‘unceremoniously honest.’ So I figure if he’s such a fan and wants you hosting parties. Why not play to that. You get your jeans and t-shirts, and he gets a representative of a unique culture from Earth. Unless you want to play up the Scottish Lord. But I will have to insist on pants. The idea of you running around in a kilt without me around, is devastating.” Revna turned into a shop, full of clothes and a very eager tailor and his assistant. In short order they had both Mike and Revna in dressing rooms with a seemingly endless trail of clothes for each. Revna was miserable.
Revna ‘You’ll Find Out in a Few Days’ McKenzie

“How a Scottish Punk Lord?” he called out from the dressing room. He emerged in a ‘suit’… charcoal gray pinstripe, black and white checkered shirt with a skull-shaped bolo tie with red gems inset in eye sockets, and combat boots. “I can bring back my mohawk, too. Whatdya think?” he said with a grin.

Mike ‘I Make This Look Good‘ McKenzie

“Give me a second…or more…” and then muttered descriptive curses could be heard issuing from his wife’s mouth. “I’m a diplomat not a call girl. Oh my gods no....” Then her voice trailed off in a flurry Norwegian that was all to full of frustration. Finally the room went quiet and there was an audible sigh and a mumbled “might do.” Revna stepped out and gave Mike a thorough twice over, her eyes full of laughter and heat. “Oh yeah, I like that.” She was wearing brown suede lace up sandals to her calves; an asymmetrical dress that ended just below her knees in front but floor length in the back. It wrapped across the front creating a soft v-neck collar and tunic like sleeves, in a deep shade of wine.
Revna ‘Why is This So Hard?’ McKenzie

Mike nodded appreciatively and then grinned. “That looks amazing, Rev… really. But uh… can you show me the call girl one? you know… for comparison purposes.” and he wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively.

Mike ‘Thats What She Said’ McKenzie

The tailor nodded enthusiastically, “Yes he must see it. I am sure your husband will like it.” Revna turned an ice cold glare at the man. “I’m sure he will and I am also sure I’m NOT walking around in that…that…whatever it is you called that. I asked for outfits for official diplomatic functions. That does not fit the requirements.” The man shrugged, he was certain it would be lovely. Difficult customers were the core of his business. She just had to understand he knew better than her. Revna went back into the dressing room and tossed a small black and red thing at Mike. “I am not putting that on and coming out of this room.” Holding it up would show the shape of a halter top mini dress all in sheer black with two strategically placed red satin bands and that was it.
Revna ‘That Doesn’t Even Count As Something Comfortable’ McKenzie

Mike held it up, looked at it, looked at the dressing room door, back at the dress, back at the door, and then at the tailor. “Swap the red for green and we’ll take it. Oh also… my wife is a Diplomatic Attache to the Federation Ambassador on this station. So you can either start showing her appropriate dress for formal functions or…” and he moved close to the man and looked down at him, “… I can not only have the shop made off-limits to all Federation personnel; but I can also show you how I handle people trying to suggest my wife dress for guests the way she dresses for me.” and he leaned in and added with a tone of finality “It involves a twenty minute drum solo on your forehead.” and then he stood up and said normally “Oh! maybe something floor length with a small train? Navy blue? Silk, perhaps?”

Mike ‘I Can Suggest That, No One Else’ McKenzie

The tailor looked up…and up at the man who had seemed to be so…charming just a moment ago. He swallowed hard, nodded, took the offensive piece and disappeared into the back to ‘fix’ it and giving instructions to his assistant who, a few minutes later, with a mount of navy blue silk and politely passed them to Revna. Revna, on the other side of the door didn’t know if she wanted to keep cursing or laugh, having heard Mike threaten the tailor. She flushed hotly at his suggestion to change that things colors and they’d take it home. She thought about arguing but it would ruin the effect of his menacing behavior, and truth be told Revna found Mike’s reaction hot.

The assistant opened the door and handed her a mountain of navy blue silk. She sighed, she really hated shopping for clothes. “I suppose since you suggested this you get to see them all?” Revna dutifully tried each of them on, and appeared from the dressing room walked a short distance and turning, feeling silly and wishing she had her ‘princess gear’ instead.

They were all floor length, all with a slight sweeping train to them, and all navy blue. The first one was an A-line silhouette with a sweetheart neckline, with two inch strap sleeves and then another set of straps sweeping around her upper arm, the back bare to the middle of her back, and the skirt flaring out from the small of her waist.

The second was a v-neck with full length sleeves, an open back with only the lace buttoned across her shoulder blades. The waist was tucked in leading to a full skirt. The whole thing was over laid with lace with full length lace sleeves.

The third was a mermaid silhouette leading to a small frilled train, one single over the shoulder strap, the bodice covered in lace and sequins.

The fourth was a deep v neckline in a straight skirt. The waist had a rhinestone belt and the skirt was covered in lace. Then a silk over skirt was attached giving the dress a fuller look along with the requested train. The straps led over her shoulders and met for a full back midway down.

Revna ‘Your Personal Runway Show’ McKenzie

Once she was done, Mike said “Enough torture for the day. The second and third ones. Classy, elegant, and will keep eyes on you but not on you. Sound good?”

Mike ‘Too Publuc To Be Private’ McKenzie

Revna laughed, coming back out in her jeans and knit shirt. “Oh yeah, that sounds good to me.” She handed the dresses he picked to the the assistant and pressed her thumb to the PaDD the tailor produced and then turned, taking Mike’s arm again, and walked out of the shop, it would all be delivered later. “Alright do you want to go have lunch, go home, or is there something else you want to do?”
Revna ‘Leaving Before the Tailor Starts Talking Again’ McKenzie

Mike stopped and put his arms around her and pulled her into him. “I want to make today last forever so you never have to leave.” he said quietly. “I also want you to be so successful that you are made an Ambassador somewhere as well. So since I can’t have one without the other… let’s go eat and then go home.” and he leaned down and kissed her softly before pulling back slowly and saying “I love you, Rev…”

Mike ‘I Hate Time’ McKenzie

Revna put her arms around him and looked up into his face and fell into those amazing green eyes. She didn’t say what she was thinking, that’s she’d walk away from this job if he wanted her to. It was simple but complicated. She may find she was wildly unhappy with the job, but she wouldn’t know that until she tried. Or she might find she really enjoyed and as Mike said become an Ambassador in her own right, but again she wouldn’t know until she tried. She softened in his arms as he kissed her, savoring the moment, and honestly didn’t care if someone was taking a vid or not. Every moment with Mike was perfect and precious and she wasn’t going to waste a single second. “And I love you, Mike…I didn’t know I could love someone as much as I love you.” She kissed him again, several soft quick kisses in a row. “I wish you were coming with me.”

After another moment Revna led the way across the station and to the airlock. She waited while the security officer checked her ID and cleared them both to board and then led the way to the officer’s mess, where she keyed the door and found a table for them to sit.
Revna ‘Make Each Moment Count’ McKenzie

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